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PODCAST: Going Clear ft. DMoney

PODCAST: Going Clear ft. DMoney

Peter Ariz

DMoney joins the show.


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Thanks [MENTION=4648]Pete[/MENTION]
Good stuff.

Interesting points from DMoney about Deejay Dallas. Catching passes and not getting exposed blocking the VT blitz could be huge.
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D's a pretty funny dude
Good **** tonight. Chip Kelly has how many wins at ND??

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Manny knows people in the crowd are committing crimes!!!! Your best yet DMoney. Well done sir.
[MENTION=2]DMoney[/MENTION] is the GOAT podcast guest
Chip Kelly was not good at ND, love the bravado, hopefully Malik plays up to snuff.
I would've killed it at ND [MENTION=2]DMoney[/MENTION] [MENTION=3894]Peter Ariz[/MENTION]
“Notes Dame hasn’t won anything since segregation ended”....Mic dropped!