PODCAST: D$ and Peter break down the class on Early Signing Day

PODCAST: D$ and Peter break down the class on Early Signing Day


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No doubt this will be the best signing day analysis you've ever done, D$. What an awesome class...especially after a rough season.
just tell me where you talk cromani on the time stamp. oh and the couch is back but the roles are reserved. lil petey on the right side now.
Nice job. Appreciate what you do for the site D$. @DMoney what are your grades for each position group? Assuming Cormani sticks. I ask because I thought Lake from ITU was way off on some of his grades.
Best class in 18-20 years.

I honestly cannot believe this OL group. Especially with Cohen added. Insanely great.

We rightfully all talk about Maui and Honcho. But just think about Tinilau and Kinsler relative to our top 2 OL in the 10 years prior to Mirabal and Cristobal:
2013: Sunny Odogwu and Alex Gall (who?)
2014: KC McDermott and Darling
2015: Bar Milo and Tyree St Louis
2016: Tre Johnson (who?) was our only recruit
2017: Donaldson and Herbert
2018: Scaife and Reed
2019: Traore and El Gammal
2020: Rivers and Chris Washington
2021: Big Baby and McLaughlin

Without 20/20 hindsight, I would have taken McDermott, Darling, St Louis, Donaldson and Rivers over these two... maybe Scaife
With 20/20 hindsight, I would only have taken St Louis and Rives over them.

And there are 3 more linemen who are unquestionably better than them in this class, including Cohen. Un-friggin-believable!

And I know he's rarely mentioned because he's (literally) overshadowed by the others. But Tripp is unquestionable a Miami kid and will be an excellent Center. Super happy to have him. Love his passion.
This is the best class Miami has signed in the 247 era, and in maybe 20 years?

The size and physicality from this group jumps out.

If you took a freshman team and lined them up against our starting returning lineup first fall practice, the freshman team would be bigger than the returning players in many spots. Obviously not at WR, but in a lot of spots. The size of this team will get bigger with Mario, that is obvious.

QB-Emory Williams-6'4 210
RB-Mark Fletcher-6'1 225
TE-Riley Williams-6'6 240
TE-Jackson C.-6'6 220
WR-Robby-5'10 170
WR-Ray Ray-5'8 170
OL-Samson O.-6'5 300
OL-Frank T.-6'5 315
OL-A. Tripp-6'3 300
OL-Tommie K.-6'6 330
OL-Francis M.-6'5 320

DE-Jayden Wayne-6'5 245
DL-Collins A. -6'7 250
DT-Joshua Horton-6'4 290
DE-Rueben Bain-6'2 250
LB-M. Bryant-6'2 230
LB-M. Pulliam-6'3 220
LB-Popo Aguirre-6'2 220
LB-B. Washington-6'3 215
CB-D. Brown-6'2 185
CB-C. McClain-6'2 170
CB-R. Stafford-5'11 170
S-K. Spencer-6'3 200