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PODCAST: Bright Lights, Big City ft. DMoney

PODCAST: Bright Lights, Big City ft. DMoney

Peter Ariz

DMoney joins the show.


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D-Money: Malik couldn't hit Tim Reynolds azz

Pete: Thats a big target...

Lmao Legend!
Great job Pete!
Cleanest podcast yet.
1 request, can we have D$ give the boyz the pre-game speech this weekend? Plz!
Awesome show Pete and D$. Thanks for making this site a gem. Couldn’t agree more on our season being Saturday night!!! Think a lot of fans are still trying to get the Golden stench knocked off. That’s why they think our season ended last week. its like PTSD. We are playing w house money and can let it rip big time Saturday night. Losing the stars has made the team become more of a team. Evidently the turds floated to the top, ie. The Linders, Odogwoos, and pretender Edwards. They were self entitled attitudes dragging the team down. Love the guys we have, young Dogs that will stick it to Clemson. Will turn into another feeding frenzy, like hyenas ripping apart a zebra. Like I proclaimed in other thread, I beleive in this team and we will win 31-17.
Does anyone know if DJ Johnson is back?
Props for that music selection! GENIUS!! Wu Tang!
"they got their 4th choice. Mullen applied at Miami and they told him to go f himself." hahahahahaha
Great podcast! Soft shouldered fans on here needed to hear this podcast. Biggest game for this program in years.
Good comparison of the first Nebraska /Miami game that started our NC run where is was David versus Goliath.This years Clemson game will be an epic win for the program.