PODCAST: Austin Pfenninger talks to D$ about summer workouts

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No complaints at all, much appreciate, one observation- audio last two to three times have not been good, love the insight! #canes
Not from Indy originally, but sporting the U on my ride up here now.
Good job boys. Solid podcast.

Was disappointed D$ didn't ask Austin if he stands or sits while whipping.
Listened on the road. Super inside view and much appreciated. Shows why coaches aren’t only recruiting athletes but also high character and high maturity kids. That schedule is intense. Full time job to go along with school. These are impressive young men.
Good content guys - great topic to keep us fed during the summer. Hilarious hearing Austin call himself heady and a high iq player. Not sure if Lincoln Rd was ready to hear about his relentless motor or his lunch pail.
It's funny how few posts there are on this. There's some good meat in here. I was especially psyched about the Travis Homer and Robert Burns discussion. Homer best back in ACC (better than Akers?). Robert Burns will make a splash this year? This is incredible news.

On a related note, D$, how good (or bad) is this OL? They were toasted by our DEs all Spring. But I've been arguing we'll be better than last season because I believe:

1. Donaldson will get the weight down and make a good tackle tandem with St Louis
2. Gauthier and Boulware are reliable interior guys,
3. Jones, Mahoney (who also has a couple starts under his belt) and Gaynor are more than adequate to cover that fifth spot and rotate in as needed.
4. Lots of depth for first time in 15 years, with some talented freshmen coming in to support, as well

How do you feel about that? A good OL and RB will go a longggg way to making whoever we have at QB look a lot better.