CanesInSight - Podcast #50 - Mark Pope and Will Mallory
  • Podcast #50 - Mark Pope and Will Mallory



    In the 50th edition of the CanesInSight podcast presented by CanesWear, Storm 18 commits Mark Pope and Will Mallory join the show.

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    1. IndayArtHauz's Avatar
      IndayArtHauz -
      Congrats on 50 eps, plug.
    1. kryptonite's Avatar
      kryptonite -
      Cheers to 50, I'll give it a listen as soon as the dryer stops.
    1. JgDaCane's Avatar
      JgDaCane -
      Congrats on fiddy Pete. You're an animal. Will be listening after work.
    1. KWConch's Avatar
      KWConch -
      Congrats on 50 pete...when you get to 100 you can go into
    1. canefordays's Avatar
      canefordays -
      "Put On" Instrumental for Pope, love that. Saw this kid live at paradise last year for the first time and my jaw dropped, glad we got our guy.
    1. grover's Avatar
      grover -
      Good work. These two kids are going to destroy defenses.
    1. FSisco7's Avatar
      FSisco7 -
      50 and stronger than ever

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    1. grover's Avatar
      grover -
      Pete, who's the 18th commit you referee to? Blades or someone else? ... Mallory sounds like a surfer dude. Good kid. Love how he is excited to pair up with Jordan to dominate.
    1. Liberty City El's Avatar
      Liberty City El -
      Mark Pope was great!

      Amazing to hear how he really looks up to Stacy Coley & I agree with him on his opinion on the DB.
    1. Dwinstitles's Avatar
      Dwinstitles -
      @Peter Ariz

      U doing DA damn thing my boy
    1. skitzo_freud's Avatar
      skitzo_freud -
      My man Petey coming strong again. Great mix of surfer "dude" and savage life. Pope was especially impressive as you can tell he has no interest in hype and spotlight. He is an all business guy.

      My question for some of us guys from the "bottom" (Goulds, Perrine, Homestead, Florida City), can we officially categorize the way guys from down here talk as dialect? Not great orators but, the message is the same, see enemy-kill enemy.

      Last but not least, how about Petey giving Pope a great set up question (which included praise for Alabama) and Pope completely ignoring Alabama in the answer.

      Love it!
    1. Sigma_Cane_7's Avatar
      Sigma_Cane_7 -
      Great podcast once again. One thing I've notice about the commits that appear is that they all seem very respectful and not full of themselves. Confidence is one thing but there's that feeling they know how to conduct themselves in public which is huge especially in a city like Miami. The

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    1. Umh34's Avatar
      Umh34 -
      It was a little hard to hear the Pope interview but overall loved it as always. Great work.
    1. WestEndzone's Avatar
      WestEndzone -
      I think episode 58 will be the real milestone.
    1. Ohio_Cane's Avatar
      Ohio_Cane -
      My man using my intro!! Jeezy and Akon!
    1. pfallstars's Avatar
      pfallstars -
      Will Mallory - sharp kid. He's going to do big things here. Sitting in on Jags TE meetings? What an advantage. Kid just gets it.
    1. Gator Hatar's Avatar
      Gator Hatar -
      I wish all kids were able to articulate the proper response to questions. Hope the college experience and having to respond to media will improve their diction.
    1. STORM_FRONT 1964's Avatar
      STORM_FRONT 1964 -
      Can't say enough how much I look forward to your podcasts Pete. Always bringing it. Thank you.
    1. Cribby's Avatar
      Cribby -
      WestEndzone said: View Post
      I think episode 58 will be the real milestone.
      My money is on episode 69
    1. Peter Ariz's Avatar
      Peter Ariz -
      Shoutout to Sallah, Astarita, and Cox by the way.