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Pinckney, Richards back at practice; Bruce sits out

Pinckney, Richards back at practice; Bruce sits out

Peter Ariz
Two key Hurricanes players who were dealing with nagging injuries for more than a week have returned to practice – and both are freshman.

Weak side linebacker Michael Pinckney (hamstring) and wide receiver Ahmmon Richards (turf toe) were back in action this morning in Coral Gables after having missed some time over the last week.

Pinckney is expected to start at WILL, but had not been participating in contact drills until yesterday due to his hamstring issue that has lingered.

"Michael was going full yesterday and today. He's back in it,” Richt said.

Richards, on the other had, does not appear like he is completely back to full strength just yet. Fellow receiver Dayall Harris said that Richards still looked a bit “tentative”, but it is a positive sign that Richards was a participant in contact drills today. Richt updated Richards’ status.

"He's not full speed yet, in my opinion - partially because he missed some practices, and the other part is because it's still bothering him some. Overall, I see him better than he was four or five days ago, so hopefully it keeps moving in the right direction,” he said.

In a bit of a trade-off, freshman receiver Sam Bruce missed practice today with what is being characterized as an “allergic reaction”.

"I just saw him - I think he's fine. He had an allergic reaction to something and was just kind of getting swelled up in the mouth and throat areas, so we wanted to be sure he's okay,” Richt said.

“He's fine. It was not a medical emergency, but anytime a guy starts swelling up from some kind of allergic reaction, you have to be careful."

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Word is they sat Sam because he was demoralizing the DBs. They used to do the same thing with Sapp.
Owens must not be ready to play. God damn shame.
Ahmmon Richards should be sitting. Turf toe lingers worse than herpes

Don't ask me how I know that
Yea lil bruh may have to sit out the first couple of games just to try and let it heal. Turf toe aint no *****.
Ahmmon Richards should be sitting. Turf toe lingers worse than herpes

Don't ask me how I know that

I thought the same. 2 weeks left before game time sit up until its fully healed. before it becomes a nagging injury all year.
Richards can recover and it'll heal even with him playing on it. The team Doctors in consultation with Orthopedic and foot specialist know what's the right plan based on the degree of his injury. Typically a full tear is the one requiring surgery.
Not all camel toe is created equal.

Grade 1 toe is a: Mild sprain, localized pain, little swelling or bruising.

Maybe some less restrictive panties or maybe a cuchini.

He should be able to play through it.
It's not a bad idea of letting Richards slowly work his back into the lineup. If you have small tears in the tendons of the toe working it out a little can promote healing because it breaks up some of the scar tissue that forms. It takes a skilled staff to know when to push and when to pull back from training. I'm sure UM has competent people over seeing his rehab.
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Ahmmon Richards should be sitting. Turf toe lingers worse than herpes

Don't ask me how I know that

so your leaving us to our imagination.....no bueno
If your turf toe stills gives way it'll only get worse if you keep playing on it. The tape solution only helps slightly. You can't cut, push off hard or stop hard with turf toe. It can also lead to knee and ankle injuries when a player is hesitant or overcompensates. If he isn't feeling 95% then sit that man.
Returning to sports activities while the turf toe is still painful can aggravate the injury and prolong or prevent the injury from healing. I don't get having him practice if it is still hurting him.