Phillips Delays Decision

Phillips Delays Decision

Tito Benach
2015 Receiver Da’Vante Phillips is considered by many to be one of the top receivers in Dade county for next year. Despite that, Phillips is mostly concerned with helping his team win, as well tutoring the young players on the team.

“We’ve been working out, running on the track, competing against each other and just staying disciplined and focusing on the main goal. I’ll tell the other guys on the team it isn’t easy, just come out here work hard and compete and you will be on the team,” said Phillips.

Phillips got the chance to compete with the South Florida Express last weekend in the National IMG 7-on-7 tournament.

“That went good. We lost the last one because we made some mistakes, but it’s still our fault because we shouldn’t have been in that situation. I think I did good though. I got our team where we needed to be.”

Phillips recently attended one of the Al Golden Football camps and truly enjoyed his time while there.

“Miami, they are a good school. They show a lot of love. They tell you how it’s gonna be when you go there. It was a good camp and I got MVP while I was there.”

Phillips speaks mostly with receivers coach Brennan Carroll.

“He is a good coach and he treats you like family.”

The other Florida school battling for the Miami Central product is the Florida Gators

“It’s a good school. It’s one of the schools I grew up liking and I just gotta get familiar with it and take visits.”

The 6’3", 180-pound receiver originally had plans of making a decision this summer, but has now held back those plans until his senior year.

“I’m trying to take a couple of the visits this summer to all the schools, and I’m not gonna make the decision this summer. I’m gonna make the decision my senior year.”

When looking through all the schools, Phillips will be looking for one specific factor for all of them.

“Home. I have to feel like home and how familiar with the school do I feel.”

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Like Campbell a lot too. I'm just a Phillips homer lol, love dudes skillset
Easily? Shawn Burgess-Becker would like a word with you also..
Yes, imo de'vante is the best wr in fl and i didnt have to think twice about it. Not to say others arent really good, that ok everyone?
When MIAMI kids say they looking for home, want to be close to home, home environment, or a family environment, & end up going elsewhere..... SMH. Nevertheless. i hope he picks #TheU
Alright, easily was probably not the best choice of words. Phillips homer, you get the drift
How big is Campbel... Dude looked big at first and then there was that clip of him w his hand in the dirt on defense
camble is scary good but i dont think we have a chance with him so ill go phillips