Peter and D$ discuss Canes hoops win at Syracuse and Duke game

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Why do we have a hard time getting a quality rim protector.... even off the transfer portal?
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We have to get more consistency from Miller and Pack down the stretch. We need to stop turning it over as much and get more disciplined. Play good D all the time.
Skilled and athletic bigs are the most in-demand recruits… and we’re just not a blue blood yet. Diamond in the rough bigs are generally low probability gambles simply because of how rare and valuable big men are in CBB (so, generally, the diamond in the rough prospects are really rough).

Think about how few NBA bigs you see coming out of mid majors as compared to guards and wings.

Fortunately, we are finally finding our footing in recruiting after the Adidas scandal… so Aire should fill that role next year.
I actually think Omier would project better as a DE than a TE. His physicality, balance, and explosiveness would work well as a pass rusher.
Kentucky got Wagner Jr's teammate. Kid has gotten exponentially better every year since his FR year. The more he gets used to his size the more dominant he is becoming. 7'0 shot blocker but has a nice hook with both hands and can step out a few feet. He will be interesting to watch in the coming years...if he can start stepping out to 3pt land he could be special.

Omier reminds me of a kid that would have been an All American back when Huggins was at UC and they were pumping out tough and strong as **** kids.