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Payton working hard to see the field

Payton working hard to see the field

Stefan Adams
As one of only three freshmen to early enroll this spring, WR Jeremiah Payton got a head start on most of his classmates in getting used to what it means to be a college athlete.

“I feel like the transition has been pretty good,” Payton told CIS on media day. “I’ve gotten settled in, I haven’t been home sick much. Just taking it one day at a time, everything’s been pretty good and just been balancing school and football.”

South Florida is a hot bed for skill position talent and that has led to Miami stacking highly-rated recruits at the WR spot over the years. Although that means it will be that much more difficult to climb the depth chart, Payton is excited by what he’s seen in practice from his fellow receivers and sees a high ceiling for the group this year.

“The receiver group is going to be amazing honestly,” Payton said. “I feel like at any time you could put any of us in and we could go out there and make big plays for the quarterback and the team. We’ve got so much talent – we’ve got vertical threats, deep threats, big bodies. We’ve got explosive players, and I actually feel like any one of us can be that explosive player, that home-run threat. So, I just feel like we got a lot of talent in that room.”

Does he have any goal set for his first year of college ball?

“Kind of but not really,” Payton said. “Whatever happens this year happens, but I feel like I can go in and make plays and keep that standard of playmaking ability high. When the ball is thrown to me, make that play, when my name is called, make that play.”

When Payton originally signed with Miami in December 2018, Ron Dugans was still the WR coach in Coral Gables. Just one month later, head coach Manny Diaz brought in Taylor Stubblefield to replace Dugans at the position, so Payton had to start from scratch in developing a relationship with his position coach all over again.

“It’s been a pretty good transition – he keeps it 100 with us, we keep it 100 with him,” Payton said of Stubblefield. “He’s been teaching us a lot, definitely a lot more technical than high school when it comes to running routes. Running routes in high school was a totally different aspect to what it is now. He’s got us square cutting… it’s been normal stuff, but it’s way more technical. Just knowing the technique of your routes and knowing when to get your hands on the DB, it makes your routes that much better.”

Payton has mostly switched back and forth working with the second team and the third team this fall, but did not see any playing time in Miami’s first game against UF over the weekend. To eventually get on the field, Stubblefield communicates with Payton what he must do to earn his trust.

“Just me, he’s been on me about the top of my route, rounding my routes at the top,” Payton said. “He just wants me to listen to him and pay attention because he believes I can be that type of guy.”

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I really think the hiring of Coach Stubblefield will pay huge dividends as the season goes on. Coach is very technical with his coaching and knows how to get these kids to the next level.
Who decides the rotations of the WR and who goes in the game and when? Enos or Stubblefield?
I really think the hiring of Coach Stubblefield will pay huge dividends as the season goes on. Coach is very technical with his coaching and knows how to get these kids to the next level.
I agree. If the kids he's coaching now show massive improvement it will help. I just hope he is relatable enough to the kids he is recruiting or we'll be rolling with a bunch of technically sound overachieving 3 stars in the near future.
He has the goods. We must some how get him on the field when he gets it together. Especially if we have Wr's dropping catches. Still not sold on Our Wr Coach Stubbs TBH Family but we still have way more games left to prove me otherwise.

Go Canes! :stormwarningflag-sm:
Someone please teach him that some passes are more important than others and absolutely MUST be caught or you are just another guy. We some guys who make the plays that others missed against the gator.
Not sure why he refuses to listen and round out his routes?

I don’t think it’s a refusal to listen. Stubblefield is a task master, who as a player overcame physical short comings by mastering running his routes to near perfection. We have tremendous talent in the WR group, but the still need to learn and emphasize the “little things”. I thought Duggans was a solid coach, but a little to old school. If Stubbs can relate to the kids and teach them what set him apart he’ll be a great hire. Potential to be as effective as CJ was back in the day. I’m a believer in this staff as teachers/coaches. I’m a believer in our players as young men that want to be coached hard. It’s a mix that we have lacked since Butch and staff. My $0.02.

Go Canes!
On a side note. The loss of Ahmmon Richards can’t be qualified/quantified. He’s a special athlete who makes everyone around him better. He would have eaten what Stubbs is teaching like a beast and been an early round 1 pick. Like Dre early. Poor kid dealt a **** hand. He’ll succeed in life, but man would it have been fun to watch him for 3years with that U on his helmet.

Go Canes!
Who decides the rotations of the WR and who goes in the game and when? Enos or Stubblefield?
Wish someone would ask this question in a presser. So we can finally stop the guessing.
Don’t matter how hard he works...he can be a hybrid version of Jerry Rice Randy Moss...Tate will get those snaps.

I kid, I kid. Lol
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