OL Coach Searels has familiarity with App. State

OL Coach Searels has familiarity with App. State

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
Some notes from a chat with Canes OL coach Stacy Searels following Miami's Tuesday practice on Appalachian State game week.

**Coach Searels worked at Appalachian State for seven years in the mid-90s, so he has a good grasp on the community and fan base. Searels told us what to expect on Saturday.

“People there are very passionate about their football team,” Searels said. “It’s really grown because a lot of the success the school has had is because of the success the football team has had.”

“They’ll be on top of you. It will be very, very loud and they will be very excited. It will be an electric atmosphere,” Searels said. “We’ve got to do a really good job of communicating.”

**Searels has some familiarity with App. State’s coaching staff as well.

“They’re really good coaches – I know all of them and a couple of them were players when I coached there. A couple of them were coaches on the team (when Searels was there).”

**Tyree St. Louis took snaps at both right and left tackle last Saturday night against FAU. It seems like Searels’ focus now is to build the depth as the season progresses and injuries become inevitable.

“I think Tyree did a good job. We played 7 guys in this game. The week before, we played maybe 14 or 15, I forget,” he said. What we want to have is a minimum of three tackles, where one can swing if something happens, and a minimum of four guys on the interior, which Alex Gall and Tyler Gauthier are playing right now.”

“You’re looking for depth and competition and if somebody isn’t playing well, or one guy is winded or dinged up a little bit, the other guy can go in.”

**Miami’s run game has powered them to victory in the first two weeks.

“I like the way our running backs are running. They are very physical. We’ve got to clean some thing up up front, but I like that guys are playing hard.”

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