Notre Dame Gameday - Week 6

Notre Dame Gameday - Week 6

Dan E. Dangerously
Dan E. Dangerously

If this game had any additional hype it would explode. The Canes hate the Irish. The Irish hate the Canes. After days of talk tonight is the time for action. The overall series between the two schools means nothing. Notre Dame fans who still think "Catholics vs. Convicts" is witty mean nothing. All that matters is that there is a game to be won tonight.

Tonight is a night for the Canes to make a statement. A few months ago no one thought we would be in the position we are currently in. But we are. Fans of every other school across the nation were licking their lips at the thought of a monumental disaster of a season for the Hurricanes. They haven't gotten one. Now it's time to show them what we can do. Now we need to get one more win to get all the people in the media to commit Hari-Kari. There isn't much anyone needs to say at this point. If you don't know what the journey will be like from here on, you only started watching college football last week.

I've been listening to a "We Ballin' Boy" on a loop for 5 days straight.

Irish fans can make this about 'Thug U' or them 'being back' all they want. Canes fans know the action on the field is what matters. And lucky for us, we're getting some much needed reinforcements:



Where: Soldier Field

Who: Miami Hurricanes (4-1) vs Notre Dame Fighting Irish (4-0)

W​hen: 7:30pm/et

How: TV

4 storylines for UM in this game:

1. Can Morris take advantage of Notre Dame's secondary?
2. Will the offense continue to make big plays?
3. Can the offensive line hold up against Notre Dame's front seven?
Will the team perform under the bright lights?

Morris had another career day last week. Now we're facing a top 10 team with stout front seven. He'll need time to throw, and if he gets it, he should be able to pick apart Notre Dame's secondary. The last time we played a big game at night & away from home, was against Florida State in 2009. We won a shootout that night.

Last time they met: December 31, 2010. Notre Dame won 33-17

Just a horrible game. Tough to pick out the most embarrassing part, but it was probably when Golden joined Verne Lundquist in the booth. Golden started talking about how the team was starting to get something going with the run game. As soon as the words left his mouth, Jacory immediately throws his 43rd pick of the game. The look on Lundquist's face made me want to punch him so bad.

What people were saying during the subsequent meltdown:

We weren't around 2 years ago, so I turned to CanesOverHere again for reference.

MCaneRich said:
I for sure am not saying that Morris is our savior but what I am saying is if you can not see the difference in the 2 QB's throwing ability and the ability to see the field well what can I say. Morris can be real good. Needs the spring and all of the summer throwing knowing he will be the guy. I like what I saw , cheer leading and all . Just a team player. I could be wrong but we are not going to get 2 quality QBs coming in . Numbers can be misleading ,as we all know Morris is just plain better right now and forever.

I like all you wanted more from Shannon and then the hire, but we did not get that. You can blame whomever you want for that but this is what we got. I hope it gets better cause I do know if it really can get worse. I thought that we were Cokerized for good, than Shannon came in and again we are 5 years down the road and really no better except we do have talent. All they need is to be coached. Golden better be Golden or they will be broke. I have been through many down years of teams going 4-6 and so but after you have lived the great teams of the 80's and 90's you care less about what was but more about what is, and as The General would say "It ain't Pretty". So I am hoping that this is the start of a new age in U football, but like most it may take this regime 2 years or more to rebuild and can I wait, who knows.....

This makes me wonder how last year might have gone had Morris won the job the previous season. And where he'd be now in his development.

Know your enemy:
Slap The Sign

What they're saying:

Nick Combs said:
Overall, this is an average defense that is playing with a lot of young guys and they continue to improve each week. Miami likes to bring pressure from the linebacker on the weak side especially when they are in the 4-3 under defense, which can cause a big hit on the quarterback. They did this multiple times against NC State and recorded 2 fumbles, because of the backside blitzes. Notre Dame should be able to get their offense going against Miami, but they needed to improve a lot over the bye week.

Slap the sign? ******* jokes.


Miami Notes:

UM isn't back, but is getting there.
2. This game is personal for Mike James.
3. This defense might be the worst in school history.

Notre Dame

1. Brian Kelly wants his team to enjoy success.

2. Te'o's decision to stay for his senior year is paying off.
3. Notre Dame is wearing some ****** uniforms for this game.


Favorite Notre Dame related Image, Photoshop, Gif, and Video




Suck It!!!

There's a whole thread of even more anti-Notre Dame stuff here. Give it a look if you haven't already.


Miami 2-deep depth chart


Miami Hurricanes
PlayerInjury Status/UpdatedNotes
Olsen PierreDLUndisclosed Out - 9/30/12Starting defensive lineman Olsen Pierre is expected to miss the Notre Dame game in Chicago this weekend. He has 13 tackles, with 2.5 TFL.
Ben JonesOLFootOut - 9/30/12Reserve offensive lineman Ben Jones is doubtful for the game against Notre Dame.
Jermaine JohnsonOLPersonal Out - 9/30/12Jermaine Johnson has not been with the team for a few weeks now due to personal reasons and there is no timetable for when he'll be back.
Curtis PorterDLAppendixOut - 9/30/12 Porter missed every game this season because he is recovering from an appendectomy. There is no timetable for his return.
Malcolm LewisWRAnkleOut for season - 9/23/12Freshman wideout Malcom Lewis went down with a dislocated ankle on Saturday against Georgia Tech. He is out for the year. He caught 8 passes for 73 yards and one touchdown this season before the injury.
Sean McNally LS Knee Out for season - 9/17/12Junior Sean McNally is expected to miss the remainder of the season with an undisclosed injury.
Ramon BuchananLBLeg Out for season - 9/10/12Buchanan will miss the rest of the season with a right knee injury he suffered during the Kansas State game. The fifth-year senior was also injured last season after starting only 4 games.

Notre Dame
2-deep depth chart(pdf)


Notre Dame Fighting Irish

PlayerInjury Status/UpdatedNotes
Amir CarlisleRBAnkleQuestionable - 9/30/12 Carlisle hasn't played this season due to his continuing recovery from a broken ankle suffered in spring camp.
Nick TauschKGroin Questionable - 9/30/12Tausch injured his groin after the Navy game and has not played since. The senior was the starting kicker for the season opener. Sophomore Kyle Brindza has handled the extra points and field goals for the Irish with Tausch sidelined.
Jamoris SlaughterSSAchillesOut for season - 9/16/12Slaughter tore his Achilles tendon in the 3rd quarter against Michigan State and will miss the rest of the season. Coach Brian Kelly said redshirt freshman and converted wide receiver Matthias Farley will likely start in Slaughter's place. Slaughter is the third member of the secondary to suffer a season ending injury.
Lo WoodCBAchillesOut for season - 8/21/12Wood ruptured his Achilles tendon during practice and will miss the entire season. Wood was the most experienced cornerback on the Irish's roster even though he has never started a game. He had 10 tackles and one interception in two seasons at Notre Dame. A huge blow to an already very thin position for the Irish.

Gameday Character:

Okay, boys, let's give Mr. Morris some cover.
Gentlemen! Let's plow the road!

I'm a combat pilot, Canes fans. I belong in the air.


Bow Bow

Lets Go Canes!

Comments (17)

Lol first time i saw that rudys offsides one. Love it.
I'm so emotionally invested at this point IDK if I can handle a loss.
I love the Indepence Day at the end. After we beat them, maybe we can get Robert Lozier to say: "Get on the horn and tell em how to bring those ******** down!"
great Senor Chang reference. Another great gameday post Dan.
Thoughts on game....

*Concerned about Pierre Injury,he shows a lot of heart for us on that d-line.
*Notre Dame backs find small creases easily
*But their receivers continue to hold ball in wrong hand,so look for us to strip it or try to
*Game is way overhyped.#9 team in country basically playing at home against young team

goal for this team tonight for me is to play hard,play physical,not worried about it too much because it's out of conference.