National Signing Day Preview

National Signing Day Preview

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz will have complete coverage of signing day tomorrow. We will have the stories on each player as the LOIs are faxed in, as well as live coverage from Booker T. Washington for the Matthew Thomas/Denver Kirkland announcement and Northeast for Stacy Coley.

Here are some “projections” for tomorrow.

Jermaine Grace-- Wednesday, Feb 6th, 2PM, ESPNU
This isn’t the lock that it once was, as Charlie Strong has made a big push over the past couple weeks to get Louisville squarely in the race with Miami. In the end, I would be surprised to see him choose over the hometown school. Two of his closest friends in Tracy Howard and Malcolm Lewis also play for the ‘Canes. Miami—Peter Ariz

I feel as if Miami was always his leader and thought he made his decision to attend Miami earlier in the process. Miami—Tito Benach

Denver Kirkland-- Wednesday, Feb 6th, 9:20AM, ESPNU
The Kirkland saga will come to an end tomorrow at Booker T. Washington High School. While I’m told Miami is technically alive here, I just don’t see him picking the ‘Canes with everything that has happened over the last week. We may never know what really happened behind-the-scenes, but it didn’t end as smoothly as Miami had hoped. I believe his decision will come down to either FSU or Arkansas. Florida State—Peter

The fact that Miami was his leader prior to the incident and he actually waited for Miami to re-offer again shows me he really doesn't want to leave, strangely enough. Miami—Tito

Matthew Thomas-- Wednesday, Feb 6th, 9:15AM, ESPNU
One of the most highly recruited players in recent history, the Miami staff recruited Thomas as hard as they possibly could. If he doesn’t pick Miami, it isn’t for a lack of effort on Miami’s side. FSU has the upper hand heading into tomorrow, but that’s not to say he couldn’t wake up tomorrow and pick the ‘Canes. Florida State—Peter

While FSU had the lead, I don't see Thomas passing up the opportunity it to play close to home and with friends. Miami—Tito

Jaynard Bostwick-- Wednesday, Feb 6th, 8AM
Miami had led for almost a year and a half for Bostwick until recently when UF made a strong surge. The DT prospect took a visit to Gainesville this past weekend and the Gators believe they have pulled even with Miami down the stretch. Miami has two major things in their direction with early playing time availability and family connection with his cousin, Thurston Armbrister. Miami—Peter

Bostwick has family at Miami and I don't see him passing that up. Miami—Tito

Keith Bryant-- Wednesday, Feb 6th, 1:30PM, ESPNU
Bryant’s family wants him close to home, but there’s been too much smoke between him and FSU over the past few months for me to believe that Miami will be the choice. His relationship with FSU DL coach Odell Haggins has a lot to do with why I expect it to be Florida State. Haggins has been recruiting Bryant back to his freshman year in high school. Florida State—Peter

While Miami tried to gain momentum at the end, I see him ending up in Tallahassee. Florida State—Tito

Rashard Robinson-- Wednesday, Feb 6th, 9AM
Miami came on strong in the end, but it was too little too late. Robinson even took two unofficial visits to Miami, but his commitment to LSU was too strong. LSU—Peter

Miami showed up too late for him. Might have had a shot had they offered a lot earlier. LSU—Tito

Stacy Coley-- Wednesday, Feb 6th, 11:05AM, ESPNU
Next to Matthew Thomas, this is also one that can truly go either way between Miami and Florida State. The Florida State side seems to be very confident, while Miami positioned itself very well after having ground to make up for a few months. In the end, I think his coach wanting him at Miami has an affect and he chooses the ‘Canes. Miami—Peter

Can't see Coley passing up the opportunity to play close to home and also feel as if His coach played a big factor. Miami—Tito

Augustus Edwards-- Wednesday, Feb 6th, 7AM
Edwards was on campus this past weekend and it went well. Miami and FSU have been fairly even over the past week or so, but with Miami losing out on Alex Collins last night, he becomes even more of a priority. With the opportunity to get a good amount of touches in Miami’s offense next season, I believe Edwards chooses Miami. Miami—Peter

Think FSU reels him in due to his interest in the campus. Florida State—Tito

Other Chatter
**Don’t rule out the possibility of Quinton Powell joining this class tomorrow. I believe he is the contingency plan to either Thomas or Grace and I’m not sure if USC would accept his commitment with such limited spots.

**I exchanged messages with former Miramar OC Tyrell Conyers (now at MNW), who is very close to Jermaine Grace. Conyers told me that as of now, it is a “toss up” between Louisville and Miami for Grace.

**I spoke to a local high school coach today who follows Miami recruiting closely, and he told me that based on people he’s talked to, the recruit he feels most confident about is Keith Bryant. He says that those in Bryant’s inner-circle adamantly want him to stay home.

**This may seem like a vague statement, but I’m told the staff feels very good about tomorrow. This can be evidenced by the fact that there aren’t necessarily a lot of back-up plans being mentioned at this point, especially with so many available spots.

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I'm in. Here's to a good finish tomorrow, and either way, knowing it's over for another year so we can get to playing some football.
Great stuff. Your work is appreciated.
**** Yeah Pete and Tito...back on the horse

Needed I'm ready to roll and get my heart stomped on tomorrow lol
Oh great, Grace a toss-up. Reassuring. Thanks for the info.

Tomorrow can't be over with soon enough.
That was much more positive than I thought it would be. Don't know what to make of it. I hope you guys are right.

Anyways, thanks for the work put in this cycle fellas. Whether predictions were/are correct or not, you guys provided a ton of good info and write-ups on players and all for free.

Good luck everyone.
Thanks Peter and Tito. Collins hurt but I firmly believe he was a commodity compared with Grace and especially Thomas. The offense should continue to improve without Thomas but we can use all the help we can get on defense. Hopefully some of these DL make some big strides this offseason
iiiiiiiiiiiii donnnnnnnt knowwwww.........okay
Manny N from The Miami Herald just posted some info on Terrell Brooks from JUCO, who the **** is he and what's the word on him? He is down to Baylor and The U.
The staff felt very good about Collins too.....
If we finish with that ill be happy but ill play the wait and see game .......
Manny N from The Miami Herald just posted some info on Terrell Brooks from JUCO, who the **** is he and what's the word on him? He is down to Baylor and The U.

JUCO DT from Texas. u can call him a backup plan for either bostwick or bryant
Alright well we will see how it shakes out. Thank you both very much for your efforts.