Moten Ready For Columbus

Moten Ready For Columbus

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
2014 DT Anthony Moten from St. Thomas Aquinas already has a Miami offer. This week, his team will face the Columbus Exlporers in a showdown at Sun Life Stadium. The Raiders defeated Dillard last week in their kickoff classic game.

“We won 30-7. The defense did a good job, we got to the ball a lot. It was an all-around good performance.”

This week’s game will be a lot bigger, as it will be televised on FoxSports.

“The game plan is to stop the run and hopefully we can come away with a W. I’ve heard they have a good running back core and I’ve heard a lot about the new quarterback they have and they have a good O-Line.”

It’s not very often that a high school game is played in a professional stadium.

“It’s going to be a great experience. I don’t get nervous at all because I’ve played on TV before. We played at Alabama last year.”

His teammate, Ohio State commit Joey Bosa, is somebody that Moten has learned from.

“It’s a great experience to play next to him. We are good buddies on and off the field and he has helped me a lot with my moves and pass rush.”

Moten has called Miami his leader in the past and nothing has really changed according to him.

“Everything has been the same, it’s still Miami and a couple other schools. Wake Forest has been showing me a lot of love. I’m trying to get to the first Miami game if my parents let me.”

St. Thomas had a “down” year last season compared to their usual standards, as they fell in the third round of the playoffs to Dwyer.

“It has motivated us a lot. We’re always talking about it and it has motivated us. Everybody is focused in the weight room to get that last rep in.”

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The coaches were all over this guy at camp. Would love to see him and Khairi Clark solidifying that DL.
Ivory, Moore, Bryant, Bain, Bostwick, Clark, Moten in 3 classes. RocknRoll.

DEFENSIVE ENDS. Go out and get one from JC, please.
I want speed rush DE's...This guy is more in the 3-4 DE mold.
I want speed rush DE's...This guy is more in the 3-4 DE mold.

Whatever the coaches WANT for their schemes is what we need. Wether that's speed rushers or 3-4 ends is up to them.