Miami Mentions: 2020 Top247 March Update

Miami Mentions: 2020 Top247 March Update

Stefan Adams
The newest update of the 247Sports Top247 for the 2020 class was just released today.

And there was plenty of movement in the most recent version of the rankings, as there were tons of movers and shakers after another round of camps and evaluations revealed new insight on the rising junior class.

How did Miami and Category20 do? Well, all seven of Miami’s class of 2020 commitments saw movement, either within, rising up, or falling out of the newest Top247. Miami had six 2020 commits in the Top247, up from five in the previous update.

247Sports previously did not have any 5-stars in the 2020 class, but handed out six of the coveted 5-star designations today. Vanguard (FL) WR Leonard Manuel was previously right in that range at #7 overall, but just missed gaining his fifth star, sliding a few spots to #13 overall. Manuel did, however, hang on to his designation as the #1 player in the state of Florida. Deland (FL) ATH Avantae Williams was also previously near that range, but ended up not even close, instead taking a tumble from #13 to #80 overall in the new rankings.

Champagnat-Catholic (FL) ATH Marc Britt experienced the biggest jump in the class, going from completely unranked to a 4-star at #124 overall. Classmate and most recent 2020 commit Chaminade-Madonna (FL) DT Willie Moise also joined him in gaining a fourth star and crashing the Top247 party, just sneaking in at #247 overall. However, IMG Academy (FL) DE Tre’von Riggins slid pretty far from his previously snug perch of #61 overall to unranked in the new update. Riggins also lost his fourth star.

There were also plenty of Hurricanes' targets that made an appearance on the Top247, reflecting yet another deep pool of talent in Florida this year.

Without further delay, here's a handy, dandy list of the Miami commits and targets in the newest Top247.

Miami Commits (New Rank/Old Rank/Change)

WR Leonard Manuel
: 13 <-- 7 (-6)

ATH Avantae Williams: 80 <-- 13 (-67)

ATH Marc Britt: 124 <-- NR (N/A)

WR Jermaine Burton: 168 <-- 101 (-67)

DE Samuel Anaele: 171 <-- 71 (-100)

DT Willie Moise: 247 <-- NR (N/A)

DE Tre'von Riggins: NR <-- 61 (N/A)

Miami Targets (New Rank/Old Rank/Change)

OT Paris Johnson Jr.
: 7 <-- 92 (+85)

RB Don Chaney Jr.: 36 <-- 14 (-22)

OT Jalen Rivers: 44 <-- 58 (+14)

TE Dominic Mammarelli: 47 <-- NR (N/A)

RB Demarkcus Bowman: 63 <-- NR (N/A)

ATH Fred Davis: 67 <-- NR (N/A)

QB Harrison Bailey: 68 <-- 48 (-20)

QB Max Johnson: 69 <-- 67 (-2)

CB Henry Gray: 71 <-- NR (N/A)

WR Bryan Robinson: 86 <-- NR (N/A)

OT Jake Wray: 90 <-- 98 (+8)

OT Miller Merriweather-Lewis: 98 <-- 90 (-8)

DE Chantz Williams: 119 <-- 62 (-57)

RB Jaylan Knighton: 122 <-- NR (N/A)

DT Tim Smith: 123 <-- NR (N/A)

OT Marcus Dumervil: 179 <-- NR (N/A)

QB Drew Pyne: 221 <-- 73 (-148)


**Britt’s ascent was a long-time coming
, as many were surprised he was not already ranked. He crushed Paradise Camp last July and put himself on the map, then followed that up by putting some electric plays on tape in his sophomore season at Champagnat-Catholic. Britt can fly, but he’s not just some slot speedster: the kid can go up and over any DB and is elite at high-pointing the ball in the air. The bump to 4-star status and #124 overall was well-deserved and it wouldn’t surprise me if he was able to push that even higher in the next 2 years.

**I wish I could say I was surprised at the Riggins fall, but it wasn’t too crazy. The IMG D-Lineman showed up at the Opening Miami Regional and measured in at a disappointing 6’1.5”, way under his previously listed 6’4” measurables, which is a big deal to some. I didn't foresee him falling all the way to 3-star status, but a drop was inevitable, and he wasn't a standout at the camp either. Obviously, it’s still early: Riggins has time to grow and if his move to DT becomes permanent, that height isn’t as big of a deal. But it seems like he needs a big season on the field to regain that lost luster and fourth star.

**Miami has spent the beginning part of the new year sending out a flurry of offers for the 2020 class and a lot of recent offerees made the Top247. Some were: Dominic Mammarelli, Fred Davis, and Henry Gray. Of those, I think the Canes are in the best position with Davis at this point. While it’s still early, Davis grew up a fan of the Canes and speaks very highly of the coaching staff at The U. He also took a recent campus visit. It’s a great sign that Miami is on him so vigorously in the early-going, and Davis will be a name to watch out for in the future.

Comments (18)

That's very impressive to have 6 of our 7 2020 commits ranked in the top247 rankings prior to their junior season film. Storm18 was a top 5 class, Surge19 is shaping up to be top 5 as well, and Category 20 is looks early favorites for the 1 spot.
Get the best talent from SoFl, the State and cherry pick the country and we'll show them what their rankings mean.
These rankings so fake... so Avantae Williams was the #1 athlete 13 best player in the country before today. Now he's "not that good" after re-evaluating what??
Basically. They rank future classes, like '20 and '21, by offers and word of mouth. Until the kids actually start working out at camps where the reporters can actually see them, no one knows how good they really are.
once they commit to UM, their ranking drops .... makes sense. it's what the recruiting services typically do.
It happens year after year!! Once a recruit commits or says Miami is his top school, all of a sudden his rankings begin to drop!! Every so often we have a few recruits that get a jump, and IF that's the case it takes all year before that player gets the jump they deserve.. I guarantee the recruit's that got the big jumps are committed to Bama, Clemson, OSU and etc...
Get the best talent from SoFl, the State and cherry pick the country and we'll show them what their rankings mean.

I agree.. It's all about what a recruit can do on the field, all these rankings don't mean **** once these kid's have signed!! It's all for hype and to keep certain school's names hot, BUT for Miami it's all about getting the best kid's from the state of FL on one team..

247 sports hate The U, so they do anything to make Miami look bad!! This has been happening for years and years, maybe one day it might change BUT I won't hold my breathe...
Your bullshit tunnel vision opinion is irrelevant. The person I quoted, as well as the OP in this thread reference 247 sports as a metric. According to that metric, the quoted poster is wrong.
People on this board love to think that we're singled out. There are still so many unranked kids that many of the current top 247 are bound to drop as the unranked earn their stars. If all of our kids are under ranked just because they have Miami by their name, why aren't we better? Every year this board acts like they **** us over and then we suck. We've finally had some better classes and we had a decent year. Maybe the recruiting services are right after all.
So the #1 player in the nation is a SDE from Maryland?

And the #1 player in FL with crazy measurables for a WR isn't even a 5star and is ranked 13th lmao.

247's list is a joke.
So the #1 player in the nation is a SDE from Maryland?

And the #1 player in FL with crazy measurables for a WR isn't even a 5star and is ranked 13th lmao.

247's list is a joke.

Not only is he from MD, but he's from a small town (parts of it are dry) that plays suspect comp/.

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