Miami in top 3 for Georgia Safety Neal

Miami in top 3 for Georgia Safety Neal

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
Buford High School (Ga.) Safety Tre Neal (6-3, 185) is coming down the stretch towards making his college decision and Miami has made the final cut.

“I have about 24 offers with my top 3 being Miami, UCF, and Vanderbilt. I narrowed to that list a couple of weeks ago so now I’m going to take my visits and then make my decision,” said Neal.

The lengthy prospect described how his Canes offer came about.

“They had been recruiting me earlier in the summer, but didn’t offer me at the time. Then they got ahold of my senior film in about early October and I talked to Coach Barrow and he told one of my coaches that they offered me.”

The Miami staff thinks highly enough of Neal to compare him to a budding star already in the program.

“They said that I remind them a lot of Deon Bush, who plays for them right now.”

Next up for Neal is setting the date for his official, which will probably take place next month.

“They are trying to get me to set up my official. I’m still in the state playoffs so I’ll probably wait until January.”

What is Neal looking forward to on his visit to Miami?

“I want to see the football facilities and spend a lot of time with the coaches because I’m going to be there for the next 4-5 years possibly, so I definitely want to like where I’m going and be comfortable with the lifestyle I’ll be living. Football doesn’t last forever and Miami is a great school academically so I want to maybe follow a student around for a day and see how he’s living his life academic-wise. It’s a private school, so that’s a great opportunity.”

Of his three finalists, Miami is the farthest distance from his home. That won’t negatively affect the Canes chances.

“At one point, I was getting recruited by Stanford and my mom told me if I could go there, to go, and that’s on the other side of the country. My mom knows it’s kind of time for me to get out of here anyways in a couple of months so she’s not worried about how far away I’ll be.”

Neal won’t be rushing into a choice.

“As of right now, I don’t think I’ll be making an early decision. I’m going to Central Florida next weekend on my official, and then Vanderbilt on the first weekend of January, and probably Miami the week after that. Once I see everywhere I need to go, I’ll commit.”

When asked to describe the type of safety he is, Neal says he is a balanced prospect.

“I definitely think I have good ball skills, but I’m physical enough so that I’m not afraid of contact. I love to high point the ball in the air and go up with the receiver to make a play. I can bring a physical presence to the run game too.”

**Neal is looking to get into the pre-med program at Miami if he chooses the Canes.

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This is a failure by Golden and staff if he doesn't sign here.
PreMed....I get UM, Vandy, Stanford, etc. But UCF for a Georgia kid?
I like him, very smart. With all of these safeties we are in the running for, I would expect us to end up with a good one either way.
PreMed....I get UM, Vandy, Stanford, etc. But UCF for a Georgia kid?

UCF just opened their med school a few years back. They on the up and up....obviously not on the level of the other schools, but no slouch either.
What has college football come to when we are compared to the likes of UCF and Vandy wow how the mighty has fallen.
Just to compare..

Johnson closes space much faster, gets to the football quicker, and arrives like he really doesn't care about his future health.
Looks like a player to me. The kind of guy the goes to VT and ends up making us cry.

edit. His junior highlights look better than his senior highlights to me.
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you know who else was doing pre med for a bit at Miami?

our QB.