Miami in Front for 2016 CB Richardson

Miami in Front for 2016 CB Richardson

Tito Benach
2016 Atlantic (Fla.) cornerback Antwaine Richardson plays many different forms of coverage whether that be zone or man. To no surprise, Richardson’s favorite form of locking down a receiver is pressing up.

“My press coverage, I do a lot of training with that and I try to get my skills up to date. I’m always trying to stay on top of my coverage skills.”

Richardson is preparing for his teams spring game against highly touted Hallandale (Fla.) and is eagerly awaiting the opportunity to show the growth his team has made.

“We’ve been working hard, been in the weight room every day and the coaches have been on us hard. Hallandale in our spring game this year is the team we want to beat because they have a lot of recruits, if we do what we have to do we can attract schools to look at our players.”

The 6’0 178 pound corner only holds offers from Miami and South Alabama for the moment, but schools such as Central Florida, Florida State, Florida and Notre Dame are showing him interest.

The Hurricanes seem to be the school to beat for Richardson as he list them as his leader. The Hurricanes have had quite the tradition of sending their players to the NFL, which is what catches Richardson’s eye.

“Right now, Miami is number one because I don’t really have that much, but they’ll stay number one because they put a lot of people in the NFL and they’re a good school.”

Richardson has taken notice of the Hurricanes highly ranked 2016 recruiting class and feels that this could be the class that helps Miami return to their once dominant ways.

“I’ve seen some of their 2016 commits and they look pretty good, so I think it will help Miami get back on top.”

In terms of summer plans, the Atlantic high school product has intentions of participating in the Miami camp and the Florida State camp.

Richardson is planning to make a decision prior to his senior season, but despite football being a main focus; the academics will play a very big part as well.

“I want to see how the education is first, how many people graduate with what I’m majoring in. I want to see how the coaching staff is and if they are loyal.”

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1st to say something about corners not playing press, scheme etc.
I really want thia kid a cane. He can play. I think he is waiting for more offers though from the sound of it. I also think hw could be a kid that gets offered late and backs out of his commitment. So i think he should wait.
An offer from us has no meaning anymore. His best offer is south Alabama.
This young man needs to work on Zone Skills as well because with a 11.67 100m time his long speed leaves somethings to be desired, but I am thinking his short area quickness and ball skills makes up for his lack of speed. I am glad UM is infront for a local Palm Beach county kid, but UM has not faired well with the PBC kids when it comes to signing day, so lets see what happens.

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Go Canes
An offer from us has no meaning anymore. His best offer is south Alabama.

Why do people say stupid stuff like this?

Stupid? If a new Miami Coach Butch Davis offered, it WOULD have meaning, but Fataweenie Al is a hot seat coach who can't win. Not stupid at all.

So if the offers start poring in, Which happens a lot, is he still a bad take?

We took that kid Uche and he's starting to get looks from the other big names
any news on this kid. i dont know how many DBs we are taking but i would like to add him to our class.
Any kid with "RUMORED INTEREST" from FAU is a must have