Miami Hurricanes QB Tyler Van Dyke Talks Leadership, Execution, and the Importance of Staying Grounded

Miami Hurricanes QB Tyler Van Dyke Talks Leadership, Execution, and the Importance of Staying Grounded

Peter Ariz

After an emotional win against Texas A&M, Miami Hurricanes quarterback Tyler Van Dyke opened up about the team's mindset and his personal aspirations for the season ahead. Van Dyke emphasized the significance of leadership, meticulous planning, and unshakeable focus.

Relying on Leadership and a Business-like Approach​

When asked about the importance of leadership, especially ahead of a game against Bethune-Cookman—a team the Hurricanes routed by 57 points last year—Van Dyke said, "We have to practice like professionals. We got to take it one day at a time, one practice at a time, one game at a time. We've moved on from the A&M game; it was obviously a big win for us and the program, but we have to focus on the present."

The Challenge of a Short Week​

The Hurricanes face the challenge of a short week, which naturally impacts preparation. Van Dyke didn't seem phased. "Obviously, the week has changed our practice schedule, but we're just going to go into this game and play as hard as we can, execute at a high level, and just play a great game altogether," he stated.

Offensive Line: The Unsung Heroes​

In his recent performance against Texas A&M, Van Dyke had a clean pocket, and he credited his offensive line for the game's success. "Those guys played a **** of a game, keeping me clean all night, allowing me to be precise and accurate. All the credit goes to them when it comes to my stats" he said, avoiding any direct comparison to last year's lineup but acknowledging their pivotal role.

Evolving the Big-Play Threat​

Tyler discussed how the team has been focusing on reintroducing the deep ball and how the wide receivers have been instrumental in getting more yards after the catch. "I have 100% trust in every single receiver. Not only have they been a deep threat, but their ability to gain yards after catches was extraordinary on Saturday," he elaborated.

Finding a Rhythm in the New Offensive Scheme​

Awarded the conference quarterback of the week, Van Dyke spoke highly of the new offensive coordinator, Coach Shannon Dawson, particularly appreciating his aggressive play-calling. "I like his aggressiveness, especially later in the game. You never want to get too comfortable; you want to ice the game."

Areas for Improvement​

Even after a stellar performance, Van Dyke was quick to pinpoint areas he wants to improve upon. "Obviously, execution at the highest level is always the goal. I missed a couple of reads in the Texas A&M game. My goal every week is for my completion percentage to be over 70%, and for that, you need consistency," he shared.

Communication is Key​

Tyler praised the team's improved communication, citing it as a critical factor for the smooth transition into the new offensive scheme. "We've been practicing signaling and huddle stuff the whole offseason. The communication improved from the first game to the second, especially in terms of getting the plays in fast," he said.

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