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Miami Heating Up for Cronkrite

Miami Heating Up for Cronkrite

Tito Benach
2015 Westminister (Fla.) Athlete Jordan Cronkrite is one of the key names to watch for his class and expects to be a big name in South Florida soon.

Cronkrite was one of the many participants at the Miami NFTC and talked about his experience.

“I thought it was a good combine, there was a lot of competition and it gave me an opportunity to compete with other good athletes.”

One of the Westminister’s product’s main goals at the camp was not only to compete but also show off his skills despite his young age.

“I went there to compete and also show that I can play with everybody no matter what class or division they are in.”

Cronkrite is already being recruited by many schools including Georgia Tech, Mississippi State, Tennessee, Michigan State and Miami

“(The recruiting process) is going good, I have three offers and a lot of other schools are showing interest. UM is showing a lot more interest and Tennessee and Michigan State has also been talking to me.”

The Miami staff has been speaking with the 2015 athlete lately and he described their recruiting efforts as of late.

“They have been coming by my school more often, and they have been inviting me to their junior days, unfortunately I haven’t been able to make it.”

Defensive backs coach Paul Williams is headlining Cronkrite’s recruitment and he talked about what he thinks about him.

“I think he is a cool guy, an honest figure, but he is all about business when it comes down to it though.”

One school that is recruiting Cronkrite intensely as well is Florida and talked about what he likes about them.

“When I went for their football game during the season, I liked it a lot.”

One interesting factor for Cronkrite is the possibility of him playing with his current teammate Tim Irvin at the next level.

“I feel like it would be good because we have been playing with each other since pop warner and we have chemistry on and off the field, so that would be nice.”

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I can tell you that the biggest question that coaches have about him is what position he is going to play at the next level.
I can tell you that the biggest question that coaches have about him is what position he is going to play at the next level.

You want the best players! You address the position when you get the "best players"! Always amazes me when so overthinker comes on with this, "what position will he play" crap. I can tell you as a former coach the easiest thing to do when you get a very skilled and talented player is to put him into the position where he helps you most. Probably only two positions for a guy described as an "athlete", receiver or d back. Is it so hard to determine where he can best fit?

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