Miami extends offer to 2015 WR

Miami extends offer to 2015 WR

Peter Ariz
Miami dipped into SEC country today to hand out their latest 2015 offer.

Junior WR Dontea Jones (6-5, 215) of Louisville, Mississippi received a call from ‘Canes wide receivers coach Brennan Carroll today with some good news.

“Coach Carroll had been looking at my highlights on Hudl and he said he likes how I am able to make big plays. He wants me to come down there after the football season or maybe in the summer so they could check me out. He said he wanted to offer me, but that he couldn’t give any official letters right now since I’m a junior, so I told him ‘thank you’. He seemed like a very nice guy,” said Jones.

Jones holds offers from Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Texas State, Louisiana-Lafayette. He broke down his game.

“I’m tall, I can run, I can jump, and in the open field I’m pretty hard to catch. I’m a good person off the field too. I don’t get in trouble and you don’t have to worry about that stuff with me.”

A home state school has caught his eye early, but Jones is trying to keep his options open.

“Ole Miss is sticking out a little bit, but I’m staying pretty open right now. I’m still waiting for some more schools to come in and all that so I’m staying open.”

What did the Miami offer mean to him?

“It felt great because it lets me know that I’m working hard and doing big things. I’m glad I’m able to become nationally known, not just in the state. I’ve been trying to get like that since I was young so I’m just really proud of myself. I can’t forget about academics either like I can’t get my head in all this stuff and I have to keep my grades up.”

The big receiving target watched Miami’s big win over Florida last weekend and was impressed.

“I was at home watching it. I think it was a big win because I know they’re trying to rebuild. One of my favorite safeties, Kenny Phillips, went to school there so that’s cool too. I love watching college football and I really like what Miami is doing right now so I have my eye on them.”

Despite being in the heart of SEC country, Jones isn’t strapping himself to the conference.

“I’m staying open and giving other schools an opportunity right now. It’s really about wherever is the best fit for me, who I’ll be playing with, and academic-wise. It’s not about SEC or ACC, it’s just going to be the best team for me.”

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This can be a kid we really watch out for next year but it's still going to hard to take him away from the SEc
What we should be encourage about is the fact The U is becoming "seriously" more appealing with recruits across the country. My concern with the NCAA and their controllers (SEC), is that they recognize the appeal of a "championship contending" Miami teams with recruits. The U is the center of the most talent rich area in all of America, the most popular city with young adults, pro sports, entertainment, beaches, females and the 47th best University in all of America and #1 in Florida. A higher graduation rate than any SEC school (Vandy? not certain). Point is all those schools (SEC) can offer is football and overall conference perception. On its merits alone no SEC school can compare to The U in all relevant aspects to recruits.