McCrary Opens Up Recruitment

McCrary Opens Up Recruitment

Tito Benach
2014 Coral Reef Wide Receiver Jacob McCrary originally committed to FSU during the summer. His recruitment has now been re-opened, as McCrary de-committed from FSU on Thursday night.

“The de-commitment from FSU came from a lack of communication. I understand how the coaching staff is busy, but I haven’t talked to them in two months.”

McCrary has been speaking to several schools including Clemson, Florida, and Notre Dame.

One school that piques McCrary’s interest is Miami.

“I am a Miami fan, I grew up a Miami fan so I like them. Coach Golden plays his freshman early so I like that about them.”

While the 2014 receiver is interest in the Canes, he doesn’t hold an offer and hopes he can land one in the future.

“I would like an offer, but there is no telling what will happen in the next year. It’s something that will have to work itself out. I hope Miami see’s that my talent is good enough for me to go there.”

McCrary does happen to know two current Hurricanes

“I know Herb Waters and Deon Bush. I played on a travel team with Herb Waters and I worked out with Deon Bush,they tell me that Miami is great school.”

McCrary speaks with Miami Linebackers Coach Michael Barrow and has built a great bond with him.

“He is a great guy, no matter who you are he will really get to know you and create a bond that makes you feel comfortable which I like a lot.”

McCrary will be in attendance for the Miami-USF game.

When McCrary chooses his school he does know what he will be looking for.

“Great coaching staff that cares about the kids because football isn’t the only thing, a great program along with great academics.”

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I would've thought he'd be the number2 priority at wr after lane but I guess I need to take a closer look at Brady and dixon
I went against him one on one this year I did not think he was as good as Carter, Lane, Debo