McCarthy vs Champagnat (T.Valentine) Wrap-Up

McCarthy vs Champagnat (T.Valentine) Wrap-Up

Kyle Liburd
What a role reversal by two programs in just a few years. Champagnat was a program that couldn't even compete on the football field with lower level schools. On the other hand, Archbishop McCarthy was one or two plays away from beating eventual state champions Norland (2010). Now, Archbishop McCarthy struggles to put points on the board, while Champagnat is aiming to make a deep playoff run.

Archbishop McCarthy Mavericks

After a coaching change in spring 2011 at Archbishop McCarthy, most of their top players left for other Broward schools. Michael Deeb, Carter Jacobs, Bryant Gross, Marshall Morgan, Justin Sibole, and many more left to American Heritage. Emmanuel Soto and Nick Jeanty stayed one more year before eventually leaving to University School and Miramar respectively. On top of that, other top players went to North Broward Prep, Western, and Dade Christian to name a few destinations.

With good coaching, McCarthy was able to maintain a winning record in the 2011 and 2012 seasons. After losing 10+ senior starters, the McCarthy team is in a rebuilding mode this year.

Champagnat Lions

Champagnat Catholic high school has never been known for possessing a good football program. Things are quickly changing in Hialeah. Last year the lions boasted a 2-9 record. With Coach Tunsil leading the charge, the lions have already toped their win total of last year (3-0). After an early loss to Eastern Christian Academy in Delaware, (kickoff classic doesn't count towards record) CC pulled off a victories against Doral Academy & Westminster Christian (22-7). As many know, WC is loaded with potential D1 recruits.

Game Notes

• Champagnat lost to Archbishop 31-14 last year.

• Michael Johnson (2014 - S) did not play with a shoulder injury. He is currently committed to Louisville. LSU looks to be the frontrunner if he decommits.

• Starters Matthew Aguiar (OLB) and Sean Pratt (QB) were both out with injuries for the mavericks.

• Champagnat gives the ball to their playmakers and lets them, well make plays. (Steven Claude, Darnell Solomon, and Franklin Labady). A decent amount of WR screens to Solomon and Claude. Both wide receivers capitalized when they received the ball in space.

• Mitch Marrero was McCarthy's go to player on offense. McCarthy utilized their best offensive player with a variety of screen passes.

• Champagnat might have a small roster, but they have plenty of athleticism and size.
- Moses Rivera 6' 290 DT
- Eric Armstrong 6'3 245
- Jason Wilkiams 6'3 170 ATH
• W. Kentucky commit
- Gerald Robinson Jr 5'10 170 DB
• UK & UCF offers

• Kato Nelson (2016 - Qb) is your stereotypical south Florida qb. Good dual threat guy. He has a good arm and can sling it deep. However, he struggles with accuracy and consistency. He is about 6' 170, so he has a lot of room to grow. Him and Solomon will tear up south florida defenses their senior year. He may not be a miami level qb, but I see him playing d1 football down the road.

• It was a one sided game, Champagnat dominated from the jump. Once McCarthy fumbled on their first possession, it looked as if it might be a blowout.

• Once the season is over and the camp circuit starts up again, Steven Claude is going to blow up. Claude is electric with the ball in his hands. I saw a good trait that he posses which is his hands. He catches the ball cleanly with his hands, and runs hard routes. Has good concentration on the deep ball and no corner on McCarthy could keep up with him. I'm not sure if he always starts safety (MJ was injured), but Claude played both ways for the Lions and was always on the field. Claude is prospect to keep our eyes on as the season progresses. He wants to attend an upper echelon academic program, which would bode well for Miami if they decide to pursue.

McCarthy player on Claude: "He was the best receiver they had, and maybe the best player. Once he had the ball in his hands we couldn't stop him."

• Justin Foreman and Alec Bavaro did a good job of getting into the backfield for McCarthy. Both brought pressure on the Champagnat Oline & had TFLs.

• Darnell "Megatron" Solomon is real deal. He will be a big time prospect. Even though the talent level of champagnat's receivers was a lot higher than that of McCarthy's dbs, Solomon still showed flashes of a top bcs level player. He's a physical WR for a sophomore. He uses his physicality to pick up yards after the catch. Solomon also has good speed. He is the complete package at WR. One critique of Solomon is his hands. He dropped two passes in the game. He is only a sophomore, I'm positive that his game will continue to get better. That notion is scary in itself for opposing south Florida coordinators.

Final Score Champagnat wins, 40-0.

My final thoughts
- McCarthy is well coached and tough team. I believe they will bounce back and make noise in their district.

- Champagnat will surprise teams this year. They have a great opportunity to make a playoff run in their 2A classification.

• Archbishop McCarthy plays @ Boyton Beach (3-0) next week.
• Champagnat plays @ Dade Christian (1-2) next week.

Top performers

Archbishop McCarthy

- Alec Bavaro 6'1 230 (2014 - DE)
- Justin Foreman 5'10 210 (2014 - DT/OG)
- Mitch Marrero 5'8 165 (2014 - RB, WR, DB)

No D1 offers

Champagnat Lions

- Darnell Solomon (2016 - WR)
• LSU offer
• 6'2 175
- Travonte Valentine
• Miami commit

Best player on the field
- Steven Claude (2015 - WR)
• Offers: Duke, UCF
• 6'2 180
• 4.54 40, 35.3 Vertical Jump.

Travonte Valentine

- First thing you notice about Valentine is how enormous he is compared to everyone else on the field.

- Plays LT at times for the lions.

- Valentine had a couple of TFLs. He was providing good penetration for his team. Deflected a pass early.

- Looked disinterested at times. At this point of time, he's not a DT with a non stop motor. Rare to find those type of players. He needs to get into Miami to raise his conditioning level and get into better shape.

- Valentine has the talent to be a major impact guy by his second year at Miami. If he works for it, he can achieve that.

- Valentine has great pure strength. At times he would push a McCarthy guard or center a few yards back right off the snap.

- A source from UM told me that the coaches are planning to use the 1 technique for trey valentine.

- The rest of my thoughts on Valentine were reiterated by the quotes from mccarthy players.

Quotes from McCarthy players

"Valentine was just lazy he's huge but he's not that fast on pursuit."

"He's just big like he can get through the line quick but once he has to pursure the qb then its hard for him to get to it."

"He's big. Once he gets into college they're gonna kick his ass into shape and he will become a beast."

Comments (17)

"He's big. Once he gets into college they're gonna kick his ass into shape and he will become a beast."

Thats funny as hell right there... Was that game today?
That's a hell of a game report. Lots of nuggets in there, including Valentine playing nose.

Excited to watch Claude and Solomon.
That's a hell of a game report. Lots of nuggets in there, including Valentine playing nose.

Excited to watch Claude and Solomon.
Thanks. This Champagnat team is big & athletic. They've been bringing in a lot of quality players.
Even our greatest DTs from in the day took plays off. Want this kid and trust Goldenization.
Valentine will be a far better collegiate player with conditioning, Strength training and better technique. Combined with his size and natural he will be a force in the middle, in the face of the QB and disrupting the run. He will free up our DE's and Linebackers to use their natural speed and athleticism. Trevonte will be fine, we just need to hold on to him till Feb.
When Champagnat played Westminster I noticed that Valentine seemed lazy and often resembled Bain to me by the ability to manhandle anyone when he wants to but just didn't do it. It scares me to think he is not a guy who competes on every possession or has that self motivation. Maybe getting around good coaches will fix that.
With the great S&C that UM has he will be fine plus honestly against a bad team I can understand anybody not giving it their all
With the great S&C that UM has he will be fine plus honestly against a bad team I can understand anybody not giving it their all
knocking on wood here.... But thats when injuries seem to happen when you take plays off... Ijs
People forget Valentine plays over 100 plays a game due to playing both ways. If Valentine only played defense it will be a major problem. Also, Archbishop McCarthy turned the sprinklers on before the game so it was very muddy and that stoped Valentine from showing off any change of direction. What people don't know when Valentine came to Champagnat he was 349lbs now he's 319lbs. Conditioning isn't an issue try playing over 100 plays at 320lbs full speed.
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That's a hell of a game report. Lots of nuggets in there, including Valentine playing nose.

Excited to watch Claude and Solomon.
I like it. We are going to have to patchwork that spot for a few years until Valentine and Jenkins are ready. Hopefully Stuckey can man that spot next year.
I see some serious competition here. Pete and Cameron are going to be fighting for second string reps. Tito may need to redshirt.
Red Flags. We need two more DT's in this class.

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