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Matchup of the Week: CMR/UM Offense vs. Inconsistency

Matchup of the Week: CMR/UM Offense vs. Inconsistency

Cory Grimes
Matchup of the Week

CMR/Miami Offense vs. Inconsistency

The Hurricanes have had an extra week to let a disappointing L from Charlottesville marinate on their psyche. It is a little over half way through the year, and it is a turning point for the Canes. The team came into the season with championship expectations and hasn’t come close to putting that kind of product on the field this year. Teams who have underachieved in the first part of the year can handle it one of two ways. They can either stick their tail between their legs, cash their chips in and feel sorry for themselves because they feel that the season is lost. Or they can use the poor start as motivation to take their game to another level and ultimately, have the chance to return to the ACC championship. Tonight, it will be known which path the Hurricanes are taking into the second half of the year.

Miami’s biggest opponent in the first half of the year has been themselves. Unforced errors, poor execution and lack of discipline, especially on the part of the offense, has held the Canes back from being as successful as their talent suggests they could be. Until the Hurricanes can get past themselves, they will continue to lose games to inferior opponents like UVA a couple weeks ago. Going up against a BC team on the road that is well-coached, the execution and discipline will be that much more important. I present you the Matchup of the Week, CMR and the Hurricane Offense versus their own inconsistency.

Miami is 2nd in overall defense and one of the most disruptive units in the country. The truth of the matter is that the Hurricane offense doesn’t have to be world beaters, but they do have to find some kind of rhythm and move the ball. The idea of this Miami offense lighting up the scoreboard all night is pretty much dead. They just have to play complimentary football and keep the defense off the field for more than 3 plays. I am not one to usually question a coach’s play calling, but it’s gotten to a point with where I have no choice. It’s a lack of creativity, especially in the run game. A lack of effort to get playmakers the ball. Playing musical chairs with the QB’s and O-line. It just an overall lazy effort to call plays from CMR. This offense has no identity. CMR says he’s been running these plays for the past 30 years, and he knows they can work if they are executed properly. I am sure that is true, but my thing is, they aren’t working. They aren’t being executed properly. So I don’t know, maybe try something else?

Miami has had an extra week to prepare for BC. Offenses usually come out with new wrinkles when they come off a bye week. I have to imagine there will be some new looks on the first couple drives that may have not been seen yet from this Hurricane offense. I talked about a lack of diversity in our run game. Whether it’s the Wildcat, counters, designed QB runs, jet sweeps, reverses, etc., it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that CMR gives the defense more to think about because right now the UM offense is extremely predictable. I find myself being able to call out the UM plays before they happen. If I, little ole freshman football coach and staff writer for CanesInSight, can call out the plays. Then you can bet your ass that these defensive coordinators knows what’s coming too.

One stat that particularly has my head spinning is that Jeff Thomas has touched the ball 18 times on offense this entire season. That’s criminal. There ought to be at least 5 plays each game that are simply put in place to get JT4 the ball. Bubbles, screens, jet sweep, short crossing routes, whatever it takes to get this man in space. For whoever the QB is, those kind of plays just make their job easier. Yes, he’s a deep threat, but he can do so much more. CMR only seems to use JT on deep posts and fly routes. JT4 is a guy that strikes fear in the defense, but not if he isn’t being utilized. I expect to see some plays early on to get the ball in Thomas’ hands early on tonight and provide a spark for this offense.

This Boston College defense is not an overly aggressive bunch schematically. They aren’t going to throw too many exotic looks at the Canes offense. However, they do line up and play sound football. They play fundamental football and wait for the opportunity to take advantage of the other team’s mistakes. Their front 7 is no slouch, and I don’t think Miami will be able to just line up and pound the football on the ground against the Eagles from the start. I mean, let’s be honest, the Canes just don’t have the guys on the O-line at this point to do that on anyone. I think they’ll need to use some early play action to get some chunk plays, and then the running lanes may start to open up for Dallas and Homer. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see a trick play from Miami possibly on the first drive. I know there has been a lot of moving parts, but this o-line has to step up and play as a unit. It always seems to be one guy that can’t hold their weight on a given play, and the play gets ruined. For an O-line to be successful, they have to play as one. Hopefully, the bye week helped add some cohesiveness to Searels unit.

CMR is right though. The play calling is only part of the story. The players have to execute, and they just simply haven’t for consistent stretches. There has been moments of Dallas getting big runs, Brevin Jordan running free, Jeff Thomas streaking down the field, but then there are times where the offense has no pulse and goes completely stagnant (i.e. last week at UVA). That cannot happen against this BC team. Coach Steve Addazio is similar to Bronco Mendenhall with their hard-nosed mindset that their teams feed off of. Addazio’s units are often overachievers and greater than the sum of their parts. They don’t do what the Canes have been doing a lot of this year. Beat themselves. Bonafide every down back AJ Dillon is itching to get back on the field in his return from injury and provide a boost for the Eagles. The red bandannas will be out in full force. It is going to be chilly night in the 30s. While I have tremendous respect for BC and Addazio, tonight isn’t about them. It’s about what kind of Hurricane team shows up in Chestnut Hill. CMR has to dig deeper into his bag and bring some new looks. They’ve got to be in there somewhere. There’s no doubt Manny Diaz and the boys are going to come out swinging, but can the offense help them out and dodge those lulls of inconsistency?

Tune in tonight at 7.

Miami 23 BC 19

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Great post ! I think your dead on about Thomas. Unfortunately I am pretty sure i remember a post practice interview with CMR in year one when he was addressing a member of the media about designing plays for specific playmakers. I think CMR replied, "I am not a big fan of him plays, as in get the ball to him." I hope to God he has reconsidered, but I have this feling of dread that he hasn't.
“Jeff Thomas has touched the ball 18 times on offense this entire season. That’s criminal....”

Downright criminal. Should be a firable violation.
“Jeff Thomas has touched the ball 18 times on offense this entire season. That’s criminal....”

Downright criminal. Should be a firable violation.

This, they should've given him nearly that many touches on jet sweeps alone.
I would be shocked if Richt makes any adjustments to his playcalling. He’ll run the same vanilla offense and expect his players to execute it perfectly. When they invariably don’t, he’ll
scapegoat them like he did last game.
I would be shocked if Richt makes any adjustments to his playcalling. He’ll run the same vanilla offense and expect his players to execute it perfectly. When they invariably don’t, he’ll
scapegoat them like he did last game.
Al Golden all over again

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