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Lewis III Could Play RB

Lewis III Could Play RB

Peter Ariz
Miami commitment Ray Lewis III was one of the first commitments for the 'Canes in their 2013 class. It's a big week for Lewis III, as his 10-0 Lake Mary Prep team begins their playoff run on Friday.

"Right now, we're taking it one game at a time, not getting ahead of ourselves. We have some injuries right now so people are just gonna have to step up. We have a lot of weapons and assets so we just have to come out fighting and ready."

Lewis III has broken multiple central Florida rushing records this season, but he says that isn't his priority.

"Honestly, it's an accomplishment, but wins for my team is the ultimate goal. I could care less about my individual stats, it's all about getting wins. I could have had double my stats now, but I know that I can lead my team without having to score 17 touchdowns a game. All these individual accomplishments are great, but I don't even know half of them. My coach will tell me about them sometimes after practice or something like that, but I'm just going out there and playing football."

Lake Mary Prep plays at the 2A level (8A is highest level in Florida), and some have criticized Lewis III's ability because of this. He has a lot to say about these doubters.

"The thing about those people is that a lot of them are sports analysts and that's their job. That's their job, they have to evaluate things like that. It's something that's gonna come out because there's 8A, there's 2A and all that. I would never say anything to those people because that's out of my character. People are gonna talk. Some will be supportive, some won't. I don't feel like I need to get involved in stuff like that, I just use it as ammo to show them how good I can be. Last year, we played the number one team in the state and I had 2 touchdowns and 280 yards on them and you can't say that's not competition. Then last year I was invited to the junior Army combine with the top 500 athletes in the nation and I balled. A great athlete will be a great athlete no matter where you put him, whether it be 8A, 7A, 6A. What makes a great a player great is his ability to play up to competition, not the fact that they're playing on a lower level and dominating. Great players dominate at any level and the way they respond to competition is what makes them great and that's what a lot of people don't understand, but they'll get to see it at the next level."

Ray updated the latest on his relationship with the Miami coaching staff.

"I'm talking to Coach Terry Richardson, but all of the coaches are showing love, sending me mail and all that. I'm taking my official visit there on January 18th, we talked about that. They're really just making me feel a sense of the Miami environment and family. It's really welcoming and they keep staying involved with my season and other activities. There's no other visits I have planned or anything like that."

While Lewis III is open to play any position, he acknowledges that the recent de-commitment of Alex Collins could ultimately impact that situation.

"It definitely could change my position. I know I've talked about DB, but Miami has always liked me as an athlete. If they need me at receiver, running back, DB, kick returner, I'll do anything. This de-commitment (Collins) could open it up for me, that's something we've talked about."

If he does in fact end up playing running back at Miami, what should fans be expecting from him?

"I wouldn't say I'm the fastest, the strongest, or anything like that, but I would say my football IQ is off the charts. The first thing that people say about me is my determination and my will and how I can lead my team to the goal-line. It doesn't matter about all this combine stuff because there's guys out there with 45-inch verticals and run 4.3 40s. That's fine and well, but when it comes down to it I wanna see you play football. When it comes down to getting me to the ground, not many people have success doing it."

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How can anyone not want this kid in a Cane uni? Love the attitude.
Gotta think his dad wants him playing D - longer career, less wear and tear than a RB
I could have sworn I was talking to his dad at points of the interview...seriously. It's funny how much he sounds like his dad with some of the stuff he says
why aren't there a billion threadss about Wisconsin possibly stealing this dude?

Kid is a football player for sure

His highlights are nice
why aren't there a billion threadss about Wisconsin possibly stealing this dude?


He said Wisconsin didn't contact him, it was just a reporter asking him about his interest
Amazing maturity for a kid his age. Can't wait for him to get here.
why aren't there a billion threadss about Wisconsin possibly stealing this dude?


He said Wisconsin didn't contact him, it was just a reporter asking him about his interest

A writer for Badger 247 said:

Wisconsin has reached out to #Miami commit Ray Lewis III to see of he'll take an official visit.

I asked him specifically about this and he said it wasn't true

I didn't know that LMP moved up to 2A. We were only 1A when I went (and unfortunately played) there. The program was only a year old at that time, we only had 11 players, everyone played D,O, and ST, and the darkest kid we had was from South America lol
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There have been a lot of detractors for Ray Lewis III. Not this guy though. Sign that MF'r up. He will go to war.
Great interview Pete, he does sound like Big Ray.. The kid is gonna work as hard as he can and has the right mindset to succeed.