Ladarius Gunter ready to contribute

Ladarius Gunter ready to contribute

he will arrive January 16th (the day all early enrolles report)
Says what he has to work on the most is consistency and just wants to get better everyday
By arriving early he will get an edge on learning the system before the guys arriving in June
His goal is to play right away
Didn't play organized football till 7th grade
Didn't have any offers coming out of high school so he went to Juco and ended up with 5 offers
He grew up a FSU fan but Miami was always his dream school because that's where all the greats came from
Growing up thats all he saw on tv was cane's great and now wants to be a part of it

Notes on early enrolls:

Gray Crow
Josh Witt
James Burgess (if he sticks with the Canes)
Taylor Gadbois
Ereck Flowers
Preston Dewey
Raphael Kirby
Larry Hope (if finishes 4 virtual classes in time)
Aaron Boesch (if he gets a UM offer)
Cameron Cole (if he is cleared through NCAA)
Robert Lockhart if he chooses the Canes
Vernon Davis (if he finishes online classes in time).

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Thanks a lot for that post. Love that we are going to have Dewey, Flowers, Witt and Gadbois as EE, along with the others.
Dewey coming in early to get in the playbook is huge.
Flowers and Gadbois coming in early to get a head start in S&C is great.
Kirby coming early is huge because I expect him to have an early impact next season.
Hope, Davis and Gunter all coming in early is huge because well...our secondary is awful.
We need him to man one of the CB spots next year IMO, and be an upgrade over what we had this year.
This is very interesting class. A ton of 3 star kids, a handful of 4 stars and one 10 star kid. I have to say that I'm a bit unsure. In the end, if the 4 and 5 star kids all deliver, and one of the QBs ends up being the goods the class will be fine. We will need 10 or so of those 3 star kids to be good players for us. Other than Witt, I don't see any big sleepers in this class. Hopefully we'll be very surprised in the Spring and Fall with some others. Witt's film shows a 4/5 star LB. He can run, he can can cover, and most of all he creates cartoon like impact on the opposing players. He's not a huge kid, so he must generate an incredible amount of momentum at impact.
BTW, on Gunter. Does he have 2 or 3 years eligibility? He's obviously got great size for a CB.
Sadly, we need them all to be contributors right away...good read
Gunter finished his senior year with 29 tackles, two interceptions (both returned for touchdowns), two forced fumbles and six passes broken up.