Kam Kinchens Talks Upcoming Showdown Against Texas A&M, Team's Mindset and More

Kam Kinchens Talks Upcoming Showdown Against Texas A&M, Team's Mindset and More

Peter Ariz

As the anticipation builds for this weekend's marquee matchup between the Miami Hurricanes and the Texas A&M Aggies, standout safety Kam Kinchens took some time to address the media about the challenges and opportunities the game presents.

Analyzing Texas A&M's Offensive Prowess​

"They take a lot of shots – it doesn’t matter if it’s in the red zone, midfield, or if they’re backed up. They're taking a lot of shots going against the DBs," he said, indicating that Texas A&M's pass attack will be a primary focus for the Hurricanes' defense.

"Next Game" Mentality​

While many are calling it a "big game," Kinchens maintained a balanced perspective. "It's the next game. We're gonna put emphasis on all our games; you can't take nothing lightly. There's a little more added pressure, but that's all just more hard work and more time in the film room," he remarked.

No Room for Revenge​

Miami native and A&M defensive lineman Shemar Stewart said this week that he knows Miami will be looking for “revenge” after last year’s defeat in College Station, but Kinchens downplayed it when asked if that word had crossed his mind, "Not really, it's a new season. We lost last year, but every game we're trying to go out and win – whether we played that team before or not, we’ve got our eyes set on winning."

On New Blood​

Jaden Harris and Markeith Williams are two of the young safeties that the Hurricanes need to step up as depth in the room. Both got some playtime last Friday and Kinchens gave his thoughts.

"It was good, you know, just to get out there and get their feet wet," Kinchens stated. "They were communicating real good. Everybody leaves some plays out on the field, and we get back into it; it's game one, so nobody's gonna be perfect."

Trust in Defensive Coordinator​

When asked about his confidence in the defensive game plan for Texas A&M, Kinchens didn't mince words. "Very confident. He’s our DC and he’s got all my trust, and whatever he tells us to do, we're gonna go out and do it to the best of our ability."

Challenge Awaits​

Kinchens on Texas A&M's quarterback Conner Weigman and their receiving corps, Evan Stewart and Noah Thomas amongst others. "It's gonna be very challenging," he said, acknowledging Weigman's mobility and arm strength as well as the receiving core’s ability. "Both of them are very good receivers, and they got more talent with others as well, so it's gonna be a challenge to get ready for."

New Season, New Team​

Reflecting on the close game against Texas A&M last year, Kinchens concluded, "We have a new team, so it's kind of like everybody's kind of new, and we're just going out there earning our win."

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