Jordan working with starters, gives thoughts on UM tight end tradition, LSU

Jordan working with starters, gives thoughts on UM tight end tradition, LSU

Stefan Adams
Coming out of high school in the class of 2018, Brevin Jordan was considered the consensus #1 tight end prospect in the country. Now? He’s the #1 tight end on the Miami Hurricanes depth chart. After Michael Irvin II’s injury, and a big performance in the first scrimmage, it’s Jordan that’s running with the first team offense and catching passes from Malik Rosier after just over a week of fall camp.

“I mean it’s really just following coach Hartley’s plan and being an overall tight end,” Jordan said on his rise to TE1. “A guy that can pass block, a guy that can run block, and make plays down the field.”

As long as Jordan can handle the physical requirements of the position, he has more than enough talent to make an impact as a freshman. Even though he attended a highly-regarded prep school in Bishop Gordan to prepare for the next level, Jordan feels he’s already taken his game to the next level in his first few months on campus as a summer enrollee.

“I feel like in practice I’ve done really good, making a lot of plays,” Jordan said. “My connection with Malik (Rosier) is really there already it seems like. I don’t know, I just feel like I’ve elevated my game to another level going against such a high-level of competition every day. I’ve improved my strength, weight-lifting, everything. It’s been crazy since I got here.”

Many freshmen tight ends struggle as blockers in their first season at the college level due to the jump in the pure strength of their opposition. That’s something Jordan has definitely noticed in the first few weeks of fall camp and says that’s the biggest aspect of his game he needs to work on.

“Running the routes properly, that’s going to come. But the biggest thing is adjusting to run game,” Jordan said. “The run blocking is kind of difficult because I just came from high school and I’m trying to block dudes that have been in college for 4 years. So that’s the biggest thing, but overall, I think I’m doing pretty good.”

Has he had any freshmen moments in the first few weeks of practice?

“There’s been plenty of times, forgetting the plays or things like that,” Jordan said. “The coaches help me out and get me lined up and stuff. But, in team meetings, they have a short film segment that’s called ‘Welcome to College Football’ for all the freshman, like bloopers, and I had one where Scott Patchan just drove me back 5 yards behind the line of scrimmage.”

Tight ends coach Todd Hartley is known to be a very vocal guy and is not afraid to get on guys verbally in practice. Jordan appreciates the passion in his coach and says he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Coach Hartley is very fiery,” Jordan said. “I wouldn’t ask for another coach, that dude is going to elevate my game to a whole other level. I just appreciate him a lot. You guys should see him in the film room. Mainly he’s just critiquing us, but he’s trying to get us to be better football players.”

Bubba Franks. Jeremy Shockey. Kellen Winslow II. Greg Olsen. David Njoku. All were first round picks coming out of Miami and have made an impact in the NFL. (EDIT) And add in Jimmy Graham for good measure. Jordan knows it’s his job to keep that tradition of “Tight End U” going and will stay working to get there.

“That’s the goal, but I’ve got to keep working,” Jordan said on being the next Miami great TE. “If I just keep following coach Hartley’s plan and coach Richt’s plan and stay humble, it can definitely happen.”

The #8 Canes open up against #24 LSU in Dallas to start the season in a little over two weeks and, after watching some tape on the Tigers’ defense, Jordan is confident that his abilities will be able to shine in the big game.

“They’re big. A lot of big dudes,” Jordan said on LSU’s defense. “They run man, but if a linebacker is guarding me one-on-one, it’s over, I think it’s a wrap.”

And his prediction for how the LSU game will turn out?

“My prediction, I’d probably say 31-14. Miami, of course.”

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Completely different era, but there’s a clip of a Texas DB claiming that “real men play man” in an interview before the infamous Cotton Bowl in 1991. They cut next to Thrill Hill, who tried to calmly state that he thought such a philosophy would translate to a big game for him. Two-six shooters later, we know the cost of playing man against elite athletes. Brevin’s comments just brought me back. Hope the results against LSU are the same!

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