Jean-Baptiste prepared for JuCo journey

Jean-Baptiste prepared for JuCo journey

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz

Andy Jean-Baptiste’s path to Division-1 football is a little different than most 6-5, 240-pound athletes his age. The 2015 Edison defensive end has signed with Arizona Western JC and plans on playing there for the next two years. How did a prospect with his skillset wind up in this spot?

After playing his freshman year at Krop, Jean-Baptiste sat out the next two years. He told his side of the story.

“I stopped playing because of my academics and GPA. I knew I messed up, but I couldn’t stay down and I got myself situated to be able to play another year,” Jean-Baptiste said.

In his first year back, Jean-Baptiste flashed the potential to emerge as an elite prospect within the next couple years. Some have even compared him to fellow Haitian Jason Pierre-Paul, who started playing football his junior year of high school before doing two years at the junior college level.

“We have some things in common, but him and J.J. Watt are the best right now so I can’t really put myself there. I look up to him though.”

Jean-Baptiste’s transition back to the football field this past season was tough initially, but he felt like he got back into the swing of things.

“It had been a while since I played so I lost a lot, but once I got back into it my coaches really motivated me. I got bigger, faster, and stronger. My coaches made the best of me this year.”

This one season back has motivated him to make right on his immaturity back in his early high school years.

“I’m going Junior College because I messed up in the past. I’m going that route and I hope I can continue to get better. It really did change my mindset.”

The athletic specimen is not focused on recruiting right now.

“I just want to be able to go to school and get an education. If I make it to the next level, then I’ll make it.”

One program that has caught his attention though, is the hometown Miami Hurricanes.

“It’s home so it’s a really beautiful place. I see myself coming back here maybe.”


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Great size and length. This kid is already 240 I can only imagine how big he could be by the 2017 class after juco. 270-280 range?
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Kid looks to have potential. Def someone to keep an eye on in the future along with Frank Newman.
Great size and length. This kid is already 240 I can only imagine how big he could be by the 2017 class after juco. 270-280 range?

If i was king Hurricane i would stay on this kid even while he is in Az... 1 to be encouragement for him and 2 having a stud De for us in 2 years
Great size and length. This kid is already 240 I can only imagine how big he could be by the 2017 class after juco. 270-280 range?

Very disruptive player.
Once he gets to Arizona, he'll play on the West Coast...USC-UCLA-and Arizona will have this guy committed before Al can begin one of those legendary 7000 mile jaunts, to sign a player who once said he liked the Hurricanes

Did Baptiste consider the Prep School route such as Milford Academy or Fork Union Military which would allow him to preserve his 4 years of playing at the FBS level. An this will also keep him on the east Coast, which improves Miami's chances of landing this kid down the road.

An if it his test scores that are holding him back tell him to check out this website It is a FREE ACT/SAT/GRE test prep site that is adaptive and will gear the testing toward improving your a students area of weakness. **** the site even tells the student why an incorrect answer was wrong and what they were most likely thinking. The site will also allow for someone to be set up as a proxy which will allow for emailed progress reports on the student.

The founders of the even write some of the actual questions used by the College Board on the ACT/SAT tests. Hope this is helpful, because I like the young man's potential to Play SDE but more so DT.

Go Canes
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Hope he puts it all together and ends up here in 2 years