Jahmar Brown- "The University of Miami has one of the best football teams in the country."

Jahmar Brown- "The University of Miami has one of the best football teams in the country."

The University of Miami has always had speed. Team speed on defense is a hallmark of a Hurricanes’ defense. Someone who has the speed to fit right into that role is Jahmar Brown. Brown is a 6’1’’ 198 pound linebacker from St. Thomas Aquinas. Brown has the speed that Miami is looking for on defense, as well as great size for an outside linebacker. Brown is in the middle of spring football right now and is enjoying the opportunity to get better.

“It's going well I can’t really complain. A lot of stuff that I’ve been trying to progress on and get better at. A lot of stuff the team has been trying to progress on and get better at. All in all its been a pretty productive spring so far.”

Wherever Brown goes to college he will likely add weight. As for now, however, he is happy with his current size.

“Nobody really tells me to get bigger. Everyone really says try to maintain where I'm at right now. If I can then get up to 205 or 210 but they (college coaches) are not really concerned about that.”

St. Thomas expects to win the State Championship every year. In 2017, they fell short.

“Last season was pretty odd. Stuff didn’t go the way we envisioned it to go. Things should have went a lot different. A lot more should have been changed. A lot more should have happened. Unfortunately, we fell short. Fortunately, we know what we can’t do this year.”

As for the upcoming 2018 season, Jahmar Brown is focusing on the team's success, not his own personal gain.

“I don’t really have personal goals. As long as the team is doing good, as long as we are winning football games, as long as we are doing what we need to do on the field, that’s what satisfies me. I don’t really have personal goals.”

Brown does have one game in mind for the 2018 season, Miami Central.

“It’s probably Central. I live in Dade and all the time there is a lot of trash talk. Finally, for my last year I get to play one of the Dade teams.”

College coaches see Brown playing multiple positions. Brown does not care where he plays in college, he just wants a chance to play and contribute to the team.

“(I’ll play) Wherever coaches plan to put me. I’ve heard DB, I've heard safety, I've heard nickel, I've heard sam linebacker, I’ve heard will linebacker. I've heard some coaches say mike. Not many but… its really wherever coaches put me. I plan on playing my best wherever they put me.”

Brown was very excited when he got an offer from the Hurricanes.

“It was kinda crazy. I was growing up watching Miami. Growing up hearing about how good Miami was back then and Miami’s downfall. Now listening to how they are on the come up. Just watching everything transpire. It was a little surreal.”

Brown was extremely impressed by Miami’s 2017 season and wants to see where the team goes from here. He even predicted the Canes would finish top 5 or 6 in the country when it is all said and done.

“They really improved to say the least. They got a lot better. Ever since he (Coach Richt) took over the program there is an obvious incline in the program. There is an obvious incline in player development. Everything is obviously getting better. I was really impressed by Miami’s 2017 season and I am really excited about this 2018 season.”

Brown talked a little bit about recent Miami linebacker commit Anthony Solomon.

“Someone who is pressing me is Solomon.”

Does Brown see Solomon ever possibly wavering on his commitment?

“Not at all. If he backs out of that then God may have to strike me down. I highly doubt he will back out of that commitment.”

Along with Anthony Solomon, Brown will play alongside Avery Huff in 2018. Could this be a group that sticks together at the collegiate level?

“Solomon is not going anywhere so mainly it’s just me and Avery. He (Huff) says he likes Miami. I like Miami. We both like a crop of the same schools. It's not too far fetched that we end up in the same place.”

Brown’s recruitment is being led by defensive coordinator Manny Diaz. Diaz already has a great relationship with Brown.

“He talks to me like I was his son.”

Brown was down in Coral Gables for a Junior Day unofficial visit. How did that visit go?

“It was nice. I've been down there two or three times before the Junior Day. I am yet to have a bad Miami visit. Even during paradise camp I’ve never had a bad visit. I’ve never been there and something stupid happen or something crazy happen. Everytime I go down there it’s beautiful. I love it down there.”

As for paradise camp this upcoming summer?

“Yea I’ll definitely be down there for paradise camp. I don’t know if I’ll participate yet, but I’ll definitely be down there to watch.”

Along with his Junior Day visit to Miami, Brown has also taken unofficial spring visits to Georgia and South Carolina. Brown will be making his way out to Stanford next week for an unofficial visit. Brown also plans to be in Georgia and South Carolina again during the first few weeks of June.

Brown respects the history and tradition at Miami. He also understands the weight that the “U” carries.

“The University of Miami sells itself. He (Diaz) tells me just make the best decision for me. The University of Miami has one of the best educations in the country. The University of Miami has one of the best football teams in the country. Definitely has the best defensive coordinator in the country.”

Brown does not have a commitment date set, but he plans on committing this summer. So when Brown does commit, what will he be making his decision based on?

“What school has the best education and what school is best for me. I don't want to be another number. I don't want to go somewhere and wait. I want to actually be developed during my freshman year.”

When Brown does make a decision, he will be locked in with that school. Also, Brown will be taking advantage of the early signing period in December. Brown made it clear that he wants no part of the “nonsense” that happens between December and National Signing Day in February.

Brown did not want to come out and name a public leader, but he named a top group.

“Miami, Stanford, South Carolina. Also Oklahoma and Ohio State.”

What is one message that Jahmar Brown wants to give to Canes fans out there?

“Be on the lookout cause one is coming soon.”

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Would imagine that Huff and Davis are higher priorities than him since he's a bit similar to Solomon.
Drop pierre and add brown. Will say that I like Huff over brown.
It will be interesting to see what Diaz has planned for Brown. Striker?

He is great in space and always under control.
You think Keontra Smith is a pure safety or more of a striker?
No way I drop Pierre.

6’2, 225, 4.80 (all verified) and he covered well at the camps. Big upside as inside backer.
Flirts with uf too much and I dont Think he’s as solid as he says he is.
The top 3 lbs we are after Imo

1. Rian Davis(A plus size and best athlete with really good tape
2. Avery huff(best film of all the linebackers)
3. Nate brooks ( love his film with elite speed and athleticism)
4.Anthony solomon( best coverage linebacker and is really fast on film)
5. Jahmar Brown (fast)
6. Jessiah pierre( solid film with legit size)
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We should strike now with LBs while the getting is good. So long as all 5 are Miami caliber LBs I wouldn’t mind taking 5.

The threat of losing both shaq and Pinckney to the nfl is real (whether you agree with it or not). We will be too far into the Richt era for lack of depth to be an issue.
It will be interesting to see what Diaz has planned for Brown. Striker?

He is great in space and always under control.
He definitely looks light in the ***, but his closing speed is great. He also plays violent ( or at least tries too) for that size. He looks more like 180-185 imo.
He’s definitely a take, you need these types of kids with all the spread offenses.