Hurricanes land at #8 in the Pre-Season Coaches Poll

Hurricanes land at #8 in the Pre-Season Coaches Poll

Stefan Adams
In our first glimpse of a pecking order in terms of how the nation views college football this season, the initial Amway/USA Today Coaches Poll for the 2018 season was released today.

While pre-season rankings don't always mean much, a higher ranking early on can be favorable when jockeying for position at the end of the season. Considering the last impression anyone had of the Canes was losing three straight to end last season, putting a damper on Mark Richt's electric second year with UM, Miami made out pretty favorably in the pre-season rankings, slotting in at #8 overall. It's Miami's first top 10 ranking to start the season since 2006, when Larry Coker was at the reigns on the program. Here's how USA Today summarized Miami's season outlook after giving them a spot in their top 10 teams in the country:

"The Hurricanes had a dream start last season with 10 consecutive wins before ending with a thud. LB Shaq Quarterman is part of an athletic defense that should be improved. The question is if the offense can do its part. Better play from QB Malik Rosier is pivotal."

This also means Miami's first matchup of the season is set and they will officially be playing a ranked opponent. #8 Miami will square off against #24 LSU on Sept. 2nd in Arlington, Texas. The game will be shown on ABC at 7:30 ET.

Miami at #8 would make them the presumptive favorites to win the ACC Coastal according to the coaches, as Virginia Tech is the next highest divisional opponent at #17. However, the coaches have chosen the Clemson Tigers as the favorites to win the ACC overall, slotting them at #2 in the nation. The coaches see Clemson facing off with Alabama yet again in the playoffs for a 4th straight year, with the placing of the defending champion Crimson Tide at #1 as expected.

Coming off a 7-6 season, Miami's arch-rival Florida State nabbed a #19 ranking in new head coach Willie Taggart's first season at the helm. They were the final ACC team to be ranked, bringing the ACC's total to 4. UCF was the next highest in-state team at #23 and also sport a new head coach in Josh Heupel. The coaches also gave a lot of respect to another new head coach, Dan Mullen and the Florida Gators. Even though UF ended last season at 4-7, the Gators are only the second team out of the rankings and are technically considered #27 in the country.

By conference, the SEC, the Big 10, and the Big 12 actually lead the way in ranked teams to start the year in a three-way tie with 5, followed by the ACC (4), Pac 12 (3), AAC (1), Moutain West (1), and Independents (1).

2018 Pre-Season Coaches Poll Results

1. Alabama (61)
2. Clemson (3)
3. Ohio St (1)
4. Georgia
5. Oklahoma
6. Washington
7. Wisconsin
8. Miami
9. Penn State
10. Auburn
11. Notre Dame
12. Michigan State
13. Stanford
14. Michigan
15. USC
16. TCU
17. Virginia Tech
18. Mississippi State
19. Florida State
20. West Virginia
21. Texas
22. Boise State
23. UCF
24. LSU
25. Oklahoma State

Other receiving votes: South Carolina (9-4) 138; Florida (4-7) 135; Oregon (7-6) 105; Utah (7-6) 81; Northwestern (10-3) 67; Texas A&M (7-6) 67; Kansas State (8-5) 35; Florida Atlantic (11-3) 27; Boston College (7-6) 23; Memphis (10-3) 23; North Carolina State (9-4) 22; Arkansas State (7-5) 19; Troy (11-2) 19; Appalachian State (9-4) 16; San Diego State (10-3) 15; Iowa (8-5) 8; Iowa State (8-5) 8; Kentucky (7-6) 8; Washington State (9-4) 7; South Florida (10-2) 6; Duke (7-6) 5; Fresno State (10-4) 4; Louisville (8-5) 3; Arizona (7-6) 2; Houston (7-5) 2; Army (10-3) 1; Northern Illinois (8-5) 1.

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The hilarious thing here is Florida is unranked. Hopefully they finish that way. As always, great friggin job Stefan. Now go use your insider infiltrating techniques to raid ohio states commits.
Good to see that it's now no longer a requirement to put half of the SEC in the preseason poll.

Funny. Just noticed that USCe and uF are 26th and 27th.
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They must've made that poll prior to yesterday. Bet O$U will drop
From where we come from to be considered a top 10 team is getting there. It's our homeboys not coming that's really holding us out of the top 5.
I think number 8 is pretty accurate. I think we are a dark horse on the fringes of being a contender.
Good spot to start and being looked as a top 10 team is really something special that hopefully we can built up from their.
It's amazing how fast Pedo state recovered from what should have been a death penalty.

******* disgusting that they are even around anymore.
With this ranking we gotta beat LSU at #24. Contrary to popular belief the media does and has ranked Miami highly several times but it's us who drops the ball with losses that shouldn't happen (losing to teams we are easily ranked ahead of).

Gotta hold a top ten ranking imo. We have a competent coaching staff and I feel a QB who can make it happen. Obviously our offensive weapons and defense is more than capable.
I still remember people on here trying to convince me that we wouldn't be preseason top 10.
It's amazing how fast Pedo state recovered from what should have been a death penalty.

******* disgusting that they are even around anymore.
Literally arguing about it the other day I’m sure the old pony express of smu is rolling in their graves rn
It's amazing how fast Pedo state recovered from what should have been a death penalty.

******* disgusting that they are even around anymore.

The school and administration love the football program and supported it completely. PSU was always beloved.

Our Administration always looked for a reason to throw the program under the bus. It makes a difference. Our new President seems to care for the football program more than any I've seen -- two years in and we were one game away from playoffs and rocking football again.
It's amazing how fast Pedo state recovered from what should have been a death penalty.

******* disgusting that they are even around anymore.

Don't worry. When/If I get diagnosed with a terminal illness I'm taking as many of those mother ****ers as I can with me.
Urban Myers vote for OSU should be rescinded.

8 is right where we should be. We gotta hold that spot. In previous years we’d get love but the team never had the right leaders to hold it. I think with JJ & Shaq and Ahmon we have the guys in the place bring that intensity. But as it says there it really comes down to Rosier, bottle line question: is he going to be more accurate and consistent over the course of the entire game? If the answer is yes we at least make the playoffs.