Hurricanes' Jacolby George Shines as ACC Receiver of the Week

Hurricanes' Jacolby George Shines as ACC Receiver of the Week

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
University of Miami's dynamic wide receiver Jacolby George is in the spotlight after being named the ACC Receiver of the Week for the second time this season. His remarkable performance against FSU last weekend earned him the nod.

George, in a conversation with the media today, expressed his gratitude for the recognition. "It means a lot being recognized for how I play. It's a testament to the hard work and effort I put in," he said.

This season, George has been a standout player for the Hurricanes. When asked about his improvements, he credited his rigorous practice regimen. "Just working and studying the details of everything, from watching film to being a better football player, it all helps," he explained.

His journey hasn't been without challenges. George highlighted his recovery from a hand injury sustained last year. "In the offseason, I had to work extra hard to get my strength back in my hand. It's been big for me to just be able to grab the ball," he shared.

A significant factor in George's performance is his synergy with the team, especially the quarterbacks. Discussing the team's confidence in quarterback Tyler Van Dyke, George emphasized the collective trust. "We trust all our quarterbacks. Whoever's up, we're ready to roll with them," he stated, showcasing the team's unity and adaptability.

Looking ahead, George is mindful of the challenges posed by upcoming opponents like Louisville. "They're a great team with a lot of good DBs. We just have to come to play and fall back on the details," he noted.

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If we could somehow get him 98 a game over the next 2 and the bowl, 1000 yard receiver Jacolby George.