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How will the deep ball look in 2021?

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This is essentially how we beat Bama IMO. Or at least put up points. They're going to load the box, spy King and take away the run and the short passing/RPO game. WRs HAVE to beat the jam - if we can steal a few deep balls early we can loosen up that front 7 and open the playbook.
My takeaway is for the most part he is slightly underthrowing the deep ball to the sidelines and underestimating the speed of our WR....would have been ok if our guys were good and going up and winning 1 on 1's but that is certainly not the strength of our WR's....Harley/Rambo/Smith/Wiggins/Pope all have great speed and can get separation but need to be hit in stride. This is not a Cager/Langham/Njoku group that can go up over the DB and get the ball. Know what you have and play to that strength. I suspect this can and will be a big improvement given a second year of knowing the system and your WR speed. We were missing that speed for awhile so at least we have turned that around.