Herndon Focusing on Playoffs

Herndon Focusing on Playoffs

Tito Benach
2014 Norcross (Ga.) tight end Chris Herndon admits that the season his team has gone through hasn’t been perfect, but does believe the team can fully turn it around for the post-season.

“Other than the two losses we took earlier in the season, it’s been going good now. All of our players have been dragging it out to now get to the state championship.”

Herndon has now turned his attention completely to helping his team make it to the state title and is tuning out all distractions.

“ I deleted my twitter app and connections to social network so I can stay focused and not let anything from the outside world get into my head so I can be there for my team.”

The 6’4 225 pound tight end has been used in a multitude of ways this year on offense for his team.

“I really don’t know my stats this year, but I know I have a lot of catches for a lot of yards and I’ve set a lot of blocks for touchdowns. I’ve been on the line and than I get spread out occasionally.”

While the Georgia native has no preference for where he lines up in the offense, he does feel he is a threat when split out wide.

“I like to be spread out more because I feel like I can do more, but either one is fine with me.”

Herndon committed to Miami back in the summer and has stayed solid throughout the process and remains in constant contact with the staff.

“I’m fully committed to Miami. I talk to coach (Larry) Scott, my position coach, at least once a week.”

The Norcross product has been watching the Hurricanes play and despite the recent losses, still feels the team can finish the season strong.

“From what I’ve seen it’s been going pretty good, any team is gonna have those games where they have no control or just slip a couple times. They just have to bounce back.”

The athletic tight end is planning to see Miami play in their last home game against Virginia and follow that up with an official visit in January.

“I think I’m gonna come down for the last home game against Virginia I think and then my official will be some time in January.”

Comments (11)

Going to see a lot of empty seats. Looks like a great athlete.
I like this kid as a WR. Hope he stays on offense.
Really like this kid...underrated I think. Looks very athletic to me for his size.
I went to their game against Booker T, this kid didn't do much but he sure looks the part, impressive looking athlete
Good looking athlete, heard rumors on here that we make look at him at DE as well.
Seems athletic. We need TE's that can stretch the field. He won't have a problem learning the few plays Coley's offense has. Maybe by next year Coley will add 5 more plays so we'll have 15.
Really like this kid...underrated I think. Looks very athletic to me for his size.

Him and Young are both kids that the staff got on early and it paid off. Young was big because the SEC was interested but were concerned about grades. Georgia people really like Herndon, he is gonna be a contributor here.