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Georgia DE Jones talks Miami trip

Georgia DE Jones talks Miami trip

Peter Ariz
2014 South Cobb (Ga.) DE Justin Jones was in Coral Gables last weekend for an unofficial visit, as he watched the Al Golden Football Camp as well as tour the campus.

“It was great. Going around the campus, thinking about the Miami life, looking at palm trees, everything. Coach Barrow took me and Juwon Young around on a tour in the rain, which showed he really cared about us. Not many coaches would actually take recruits around campus in the rain, you know what I’m saying? So that was big. They were telling me some good and bad things to look out for,” said Jones.

Although Jones did not participate in the camp, he was able to get a good feel for the coaching style.

“I saw the coaches at the camp. A lot of coaches can say what they’re about, but you don’t really get the full picture until you see it in person.”

One of the highlights of the trip for Jones was his meeting with Coach Golden.

“My mom and I spoke to Al Golden one-on-one. He said all the schools I was looking at were good and to make the decision with my heart. That was big for my mom because he wasn’t in a rush to get me to commit.”

Jones’ mother was also impressed on the trip.

“She loved it. She thought it would be different, but we found out it’s like a small school with a big name. The class size is 11 to 1 so the teachers can know my name and I wouldn’t just be a number.”

So where do the ‘Canes stand after this visit?

“This pushed them up definitely. I don’t have a leader, but they’re up there.”

An interesting twist developed for Miami’s chances with Jones when his friend, Juwon Young, committed to the ‘Canes.

“We played at the Junior Bowl together. We were on the same team and the same side of the hotel so we spent a lot of time together. We knew the type of people each of us were so when he committed to Miami it was even better because it is somebody you know.”

**Jones spent a lot of time with fellow Georgia native Tyrone Cornileus.
**He will be visiting Wake Forest and NC State this weekend and hopes to make a final decision before his senior season begins.

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Haven't seen the kids film, so is he flying WAY under the radar because his offers are Louisville, Duke, Marshall, Middle Tennessee, Old Dominion and South Alabama.

Edit- Just saw his camp video on scout and god damn does he use his hands well
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Our coaches seem to be usin the 11:1 student to teacher ratio to make an impression on the kids & parents. Working to our advantage
Looks impressive. A bit slow off the line but in D'Nofrio's scheme the linemen play read and react so explosion off the line isn't a necessary quality
Glad Young pulled the trigger while here. That should weigh heavily for Jones, like he said, now there is someone he knows going to the U.
Looks impressive. A bit slow off the line but in D'Nofrio's scheme the linemen play read and react so explosion off the line isn't a necessary quality

If god is good he won't be playing for D'onofrio
Looks impressive. A bit slow off the line but in D'Nofrio's scheme the linemen play read and react so explosion off the line isn't a necessary quality

If god is good he won't be playing for D'onofrio

That would mean our defense sucked again.

Which would mean our season went terribly wrong.

So no, if God is good he will be playing for D'onofrio.
I am seeing a dline class of (juco) DT stuckley, NT Jenkins, NT Gailard, NT Clark, NT Sawyer, (JUCO ) DT Cory Johnson (possibly 2013), DT Chris Nelson ( projected offer and commit), SDE Bronson, WDE Brooks, WDE Smith, and SDE Jones.

So for 2014 that is 8 solid players, 1 projected prospect player, and 2 juco's that counts back to 2013, with 1 possibly available for Fall. Notice I did not include Valentine I am projecting him to a full year of prep school which makes him a solid 2015 Prospect.

BTW's 2014 WDE Chad Thomas is a wildcard right now, UM wants him badly but he seems to be in the beginning stages of playing the recruiting game unfortunately based on recent Threads on here regarding his tweeting. I would like him in this class if not then we have to move on.

Go Canes.
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i want this kid...he fits perfectly next to Jenkins who we signed as a nose.
Just fucking root for coach D to do a good job. For fucks sake. Do you want our D to suck this year just so you can say "I told you so" on the internet? Get over yourself.

At the very least, you should hope our players are good enough and even smarter this year so any DC can get it done.

I'm done trying to explain to people the mess we were left in when this staff came in. We're still in the mess. The NCAA is making top kids want to go elsewhere. And unfortunately, the majority of those kids scared off were at one position which is crucial.

I am hoping the staff can turn kids like Earl Moore, Pierre and Porter into the next Muhhammed Wilkerson like they did at Temple. It takes some patience. This staff didn't dig the hole we're in but they're trying hard to get us out of it. Some support would be nice. It's not 2003 in case you didn't notice. It's 20 fucking 13.
You gained alot of rep over the past few weeks, Paranos. But dont get too ahead of urself, fam. That is a VERY bold prediction you got there. Jesus if we pulled that class we could REALLY be on to something National scene wise in 1-2 years. Noticed you dont have Julio Desierar (sp?) You given up on him or are you not impressed?

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