From the Perch: UVA

From the Perch: UVA

Roman Marciante
From the Perch will probably read more like pushed off the perch this week and for good reason. The quarterback play was abysmal. Both N'Kosi Perry and Malik Rosier saw action this week and combined to throw three interceptions with no passing touchdowns. Rain or shine InSight is committed to bring you it's best, even when the team left its best in Coral Gables.

First 3rd and 2 of the game and I do not particularly like the call here. This is a 3x1 set with trips to the field. You can see that UVA is already not respecting the QB keep capacity from Perry. This seems to be an overcorrection from the LSU game when Richt thought the quarterback kept the ball too much that opening night. Miami needs to have the QB keep again. Because this offense runs similarly to Kaaya right now when defensive ends do not respect the QB keep capacity.

I also do not like the numbers. Yes. "Technically" this is 7 vs 7 but when the free safety is so close and the #1 db can factor and has his eyes into the play, I just know they will factor if you let them. You have 9 defenders in close proximity to the box. This was the same call vs FSU I criticized last week. I felt that Miami needed to have a "plus 2" philosophy and not just run the call for the sake of running it.

This was a 4th down call immediately following the failed third down attempt. It is the same formation. That is not exactly putting a defense in any pre snap confusion state. The call is essentially a stick from the #1 WR Wiggins, and two outs at the first down marker by the #2 and #3. Perry is looking at the outs and I feel he misses the stick in front of him for the first down. He runs and is stopped for a turnover on downs.

On third and long you can anticipate Richt to call an all vertical concept. The problem here was that the DB leverage is simply not going to let you complete the first over top. I have been an advocate that you need to run options based off the defensive look. If not, you will have to hit the check down and live another day. This is another simplistic call on third down that is in now way confusing for a defense.

A 2nd and 10 and Miami runs all verticals. The DB leverage is again not allowing you to really get over the top. Perry is disjointed rhythmically and the initial seam aspect to Harley is covered. UVA is running a delayed DB blitz and ultimately Perry straight up loses sight of the single high safety. This was a very poor decision and quarterbacking by Perry.

He was predetermined to hit Harley. You have to learn to hit the check down if it is covered. Of note it is a great play by Homer to come across the formation for the block. That allowed Perry plenty of time.

Here is exactly a team who scouted you an knows what you weren't good at. At the beginning of the frame you see Harley from the slot signaling that a late DB blitz is coming. Miami struggled week one on this look and threw 2 interceptions vs LSU under the same pretenses.

Miami does absolutely nothing to bend the route or to run it "Hot." Perry throws this into the teeth of the defense and once again he's rhythmically disjointed. The ball sails and is an easy interception. As much as I blame the quarterback here, he should have ran or took a sack. You simply can not fall victimized to similar concepts week to week without adaptation.

Rosier was promptly interjected into the game shortly after. But I do want to make a comparison on similar concepts before we move onto Rosier's performance. These are two out breaking concepts. Perry is much more adept on these throws. You can see that Perry from the wide side of the field is better at this than Rosier from the short side. Mechanically Rosier just does not do what a high level quarterback is supposed to do on a consistent basis. Nor does he even have the arm to attempt a wide side out with authority or consistency.

Your eyes are not deceiving you. That is a crossing route by Jeff Thomas underneath. The problem is when he was open early in the concept Thomas is not looking for the ball. The pocket breaks down and Mahoney is legitimately pushed 5 yards into the back field. I never particularly felt Rosier and Thomas were ever on the same page to begin with and this once again substantiates that notion.

It would have taken some wicked off platforming, back footed anticipatory magic to make this play work when the pocket collapsed down main street. Or if the two can see this open early they hit it NOW. But one thing with Rosier, he has to be in rhythm to be accurate and anything else essentially is not part of his game.

Rosier also stares down receivers and predetermines many times on throws. I felt Perry would manipulate a DB with shoulders and looks. This is not the case here from Rosier. He undressed Harley from the start with his eyes and the DB promptly turns into the receiver. The X stop into the boundary was open for a first down. But that is not a particularly well thrown ball by Rosier as he decides on the corner route.

This is **** poor. The alignment from UVA will simply not allow this fullback dive work. The defensive end slants and the defensive line gets lower and blow up the play. The problem I had was this was the fourth time you have run this concept in this game. This is also probably the tenth time you have run it this year. You simply cannot believe a modern defense will not adjust to it. I formation with Chocolate cannot always be this vanilla.

The QB keep, if you decided to do so, was the easiest touchdown you would have scored all year. You simply cannot be that rigid in your play calling and base it off a 30 year practice. No way should Rosier let this play happen. Take the bullet. Call a timeout. Change the play. Something. This was doomed for failure.

Guess what play Mark Richt calls on third and 13 here? Yes. ALL VERTICALS. The mechanics by Rosier here are putrid. You need to plant the front food get the backside through and follow through in line with the direction of the throw. This is none of those things. There is a reason why this ball is a day late and a dollar short. Also if you note Jeff Thomas's body language. It is very poor. I understand Jeff. I really do but you have to keep running your route young man.

Ugh. That was rough. I want to come on record and say that Perry should have not been pulled from this game. He had two particularly bad interceptions but he just needed to be told to take what the defense gives you and to settle down. This was Perry's first road start and I understand why he could have had some jitters. I ultimately believe you needed to be a little more patient with the young man. He opens up the offense in more ways that Rosier simply cannot.

This offense needs an overhaul. It is too pedestrian. It creates ZERO pre-snap confusion. The DB cushion was all that was needed to take the wind out of the sails of the passing offense. Virginia could have been exploited underneath all game but simply was not. Once again the run game was very simplistic and creates no real conflict for the defense. On and on I could go.

Richt simply has no clue how to get his playmakers the ball. Thomas was a non factor and you simply cannot just be content to run verticals and outs with the young man. I was taught a long time ago to get your playmakers the ball and they will make you look really good as a coordinator. This is just a plug and play offense right now. Does not matter who is at QB, WR, TE, HB, Richt is simply too content to call his plays to **** and high water.

These plays have worked for 30 years? Yes. They have. But you cannot just run a handful of those plays with a complete oblivion to the rest of the college world. From the Perch last week I warned our community that some self scouting needed to be done. I think we come to the realization now why I was adamant about that. Once the predictability starts to pile up, this staff has promptly equivocated that into two four game losing streaks in their tenure here.

Anemic offense has always been the catalyst in any of the losses in the Mark Richt era. Miami has the number one total defense in the land. That is elite championship caliber defense. It is so sad that we are wasting it. It really is. If you simply would have a meeting with coach Diaz and ask him, "What can I do to make you not sleep at night as an offense?" I think Miami could reemerge as a dominant offensive player in college again. The defense adapted. Why can't the offense?

If the offense does not evolve, this will be the reality. The reality that we are on the precipice of futility because two and half years have proven we do not have a championship caliber pedigree on that side of the ball. Personally I do not even think it is close to the level needed to beat the big boys. They do not dominate in one single area on that side of the ball. Until they can do so, championship level defenses will be wasted.

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You’re making me want to jump from the perch. A high perch.

Sad that it is clear as day the problem is the offense design and playcalling.
Roman will be the oc for cheap. Hire him richt!

Thanks for another solid breakdown. One of my favorite writeups offered by cis!
You’re making me want to jump from the perch. A high perch.

Sad that it is clear as day the problem is the offense design and playcalling.

Sorry. Not the intention. You have to take the good with the bad. That was the bad. Hopefully the staff gets their head on straight. They are primed for another losing streak which has been customary in the Mark Richt era. Let's get ahead of it this time shall we.
CMR coaches from the porch....u see what I did there? Lol. Corch. Mork. Porst.
Richt isn't changing, that is why some of us didn't like the hire in the first place. Richt brings nothing elite to the table. Maybe he's an elite nice guy but that doesn't win you football games or build NC contenders.
Jesus that was rough I just don’t get why we can’t elove on offense. It’s sad we are wasting such a great defense. Great write up tho keep them coming.
They were who we thought they were
Probably your best work to date to be honest

All your content is fantastic but to do this after you’ve been taking shots of bleach takes some dedication
Roman the sad thing is I have no faith our QB coach knows how to teach our QB,s the correct way to do anything.
I’ll have to wait a few days before looking at this. I tried but started to get nauseous. This Sunday already sucks pretty bad after that abismal loss to VA, looking at this O in detail is just making me feel ill.
Roman the sad thing is I have no faith our QB coach knows how to teach our QB,s the correct way to do anything.

I honestly think Perry does some really good quarterbacking things. He moves defenders, nice compact stroke. He got the hook a little to prematurely for my liking. He had his first road start. He stared down a seam after having success the last few weeks on it. And UVA got him on a perfectly good call to the boundary. He will learn from both.

He is a freshman. He will make mistakes. Rosier is who he is. He is bad mechanically. Stares down receivers. No way he gives you a better chance to win. Take your lumps at this point. Not like you were making the championship game anyways. So plan for the future. See what you have with Perry.