Freshman Friday Welcomes Nesta Silvera

Freshman Friday Welcomes Nesta Silvera

Cory Grimes
Freshman Friday
There’s no doubt the departures in the D-line room, including its coach, left the biggest hole to fill for the Hurricanes as we roll into 2018. New coach Jess Simpson, who has already made his presence felt in his early months, must regroup quickly, and he will most certainly have to rely on the youthful bunch to grow up in a hurry. The talent on the d-line is undeniable, but as a whole, depth and experience are lacking. Manny Diaz and the defense will have to look to some freshmen to bolster the defensive front if it wants to improve on a solid showing in 2018. So in today’s second version of Freshman Friday, I welcome a future menace on the interior of the Hurricanes defense whose infectious attitude excites teammates and strikes fear in opponents. Miami Hurricanes family, meet your new favorite player Nesta Jade Silvera.

Scouting Report
The first word that comes to mind when I look at the 6’2, 300 pound defensive tackle is disruptive. Silvera burst onto the scene his senior year with a whopping 107 total tackles, 31 TFL, 12 sacks and an impressive 57 yard TD scamper on a fumble recovery in the state championship game to help seal another title for American Heritage. Production like that is unprecedented from an interior lineman and speaks to Silvera’s relentless motor. He has a never-ending mean streak and is in non-stop pursuit of the football, at times making tackles 10 yards downfield or well outside the hashes. There are numerous sequences when he would single handedly wreck an opposing offense by repeatedly blowing plays up before they even start. While he does show the strength to take on double teams and hold his ground, he is not the kind of d tackle who is looking to plant his feet in the ground and plug holes. He is an attacking style player who can contribute to the pass rush and has an overall nose for the football. With his compact build, Nesta combines his low center of gravity with his tremendous get-off to wreak havoc in the middle of the defense.

Silvera’s go to move was the bull rush as he used his strength and quick first step to push overmatched offensive linemen on their heels and many of times, on their back. However, at the next level he is going to meet competition who he will not be able to overwhelm with a simple bull rush. While Nesta is incredibly quick with his hands and shows nimble feet for someone of that size, he struggled at times when his initial move was halted, which is extremely common in young d-lineman. He will need to use that quickness to improve his hand usage as well as provide some variety to his pass rush ****nal. Jade also finds himself at bay to his own ferocity at times as he may over penetrate or fail to recognize blocking schemes. The man is always on go, which is something no coach would ever complain about. But as he continues to grow and learn the nuances of the game, he will be able to couple that intensity with an understanding of opposing offenses to become a dominant force for the Miami defense.

2018 Predictions
Nesta has already made his impact on the overall culture at Miami before he even set foot on campus with the phrase “make the crib great”. He is the kind of guy that can affect the attitude of an entire locker room, and I mean that in the best way. His passion for the game can’t be questioned, and he has a no nonsense, almost bully like attitude that rubs off on teammates. He’s the kind of kid I’d love to coach and play with but absolutely hate to play against. The big fella brings a nastiness to the team that is much needed. The future fan favorite looks to immediately take a leading role, even as a freshman, in this next generation of Miami Hurricanes on and off the field.

Nesta was an absolute necessity for the Storm 18 recruiting class not only because of his irrefutable talent and personality but also due to the fact that defensive tackle is paper thin on the depth chart. Nesta, along with fellow first year d-linemen like Gregory Rousseau (who I will get to on another Friday), are going to get thrown into battle from day 1, but I am sure this is not news to anyone. I can’t see it any other way. He will be a regular face in the rotation with the likes of Willis, Ford and Bethel. People will learn Nesta Silvera’s name sooner rather than later. I do think Silvera will be able to be effective as a freshman. Fresh out of high school, I believe he is powerful enough to hold his own right now, but as I said earlier, he will not able to simply over power opposing lineman anymore. I don’t know any 18-19 year old interior lineman coming and overwhelming anyone with their strength in their freshman year. Nesta’s quick start off the ball translates well and will increase his effectiveness early on. We are also going to see him make plays solely off his unending effort. However, he is going to have to rely on his technique more than he ever has. Silvera is in great hands with coach Jess Simpson, who is extremely detail oriented. I am excited to see how Simpson takes Silvera and the rest of the d-line’s game to the next level. Silvera will provide more than just a breather for his fellow defensive tackles. He will make some eye-opening plays at times this year, but I think he has some work to do before he turns into the every down monster we expect to see. When it’s all said and done, I see Silvera as Warren Sapp esque in more ways than one. All the good ways, of course. Nesta Silvera has all the tools to be an anchor on this defense. The technique hasn’t quite caught up with the impressive skillset just yet, but when it does, offensive linemen, this is your warning. There’s a mad man on the loose, and he’s dressed in green and orange.

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I can't wait to see the fire he brought to the all American game. His personality is exactly what we need on defense.

Didn't he basically get into a fight with an opponent during practice for the all American game?
I can't wait to see the fire he brought to the all American game. His personality is exactly what we need on defense.

Didn't he basically get into a fight with an opponent during practice for the all American game?

That was during his "come one, come all week". Same week he got into a fight at the opening, he dunked on a little kid. Lol Nesta doesn't care if they're 6'7 or 4'7, he's going through them.
Love his skills, love his attitude even more!

Nesta will bring the kind of "beast quotient" we need on the DL along with Willis
Any word on how he's progressing in the S&C program since arriving at UM??
Productive is the word I'm using to summarize Nesta's freshman year.. Miami has big expectations for him "no doubt", but I think long as he's productive on the DEFENSE he will be setting hisself for a nice career here at Miami..
Ready to crown him. Cannot wait to see him blow up a play on 9/1.

Excellent point here , what drives your opponent nuts is most players once the play passes them or is out of reach they start jogging going through the motions, while above video is us till whistle blows smashing knocking people OUT while racing towards the play as it cuts back towards us BOOOOOM.

This how we need to play never ever idle or cruse control we go full throttle plus we rotate the same type of player that came out OMG.


excellent post here.

LOL, no. There has never been a freshmen defensive lineman as dominant as Ed Oliver was his frosh year.
THIS, Oliver was a fuggin BEAST Day 1, if he's anywhere near that I'm a happy man