Freshman Cornerback Damari Brown Reflects on First College Start and Upcoming Challenges

Freshman Cornerback Damari Brown Reflects on First College Start and Upcoming Challenges

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz

Damari Brown, the promising freshman cornerback for the Miami Hurricanes, made his first college start last weekend at Florida State, an experience that he describes as a significant step in his football career. Brown's composure and skill were on full display, showcasing his potential as a key player for the Hurricanes.

In an interview with media today, Brown shared his thoughts on stepping into this new role. "It felt pretty good to know my name was being called. I had to step up, next man up mentality," he stated. His calm approach to a high-pressure situation highlights his maturity and readiness for college football's demands.

Facing Keon Coleman, one of the nation's best receivers, in his first start was a formidable task. Brown evaluated his performance critically, "I could get better at some things. I left some plays out there but overall, he didn’t do too much on me," he reflected.

Brown's presence in the game against Florida State, along with other freshmen, speaks volumes about the team's future. "It shows and speaks a lot. We're so versatile at all these positions," Brown commented, highlighting the depth and talent of his class.

His brother, a significant influence in his life, offered words of encouragement. "Big bro was just in my ear... saying, ‘You’ve been doing this your whole life. Your name is called, show them what we do.’" This familial support has been a cornerstone in Brown's journey.

Looking ahead, Brown discussed the upcoming game against Louisville, acknowledging the challenge posed by their top-ranked offense and defense. "We just have to be prepared and ready to attack this game plan," he said.

The upcoming game is also significant as it honors the seniors in their last game at Hard Rock Stadium. Brown expressed his motivation to perform well for them. "They've been role models... I'm going to give a little more boost to go out and put it on the line for them too," he shared, showing his respect and admiration for his senior teammates.

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Thank Howard this kid looks legit

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