Film Review of Toledo Game

Film Review of Toledo Game

I do want to start by giving a disclaimer that this post is quite long and gets into the nuts and bolts of why things happened in the Toledo game. I use game stills rather than gifs, which can be harder for some to read. These posts take a very long time for me to put together, so if you enjoy them, I'd love a follow [MENTION=5374]HurricaneVision[/MENTION] on Twitter. Thank you

First play Toledo comes out with three wide and we play base 4-3. The DL does an excellent job of controlling the offensive line, setting the edge to the strongside, DT takes away the cutback, McCloud flows down to his gap with an OL to worry about and makes a form tackle in the hole. Notice every Miami defender on their side of LOS. Perfect.

This is a 4-wide look at that Toledo ran against us where we are way off the slot WR on both sides. We are not pressing the boundaries either. Both outside corners are playing inside technique as you should. We are lining up Quarterman over a slot WR and walking the FS down on field side of coverage. The Edge LB’s are there to take away the slant and to create confusion on which, if either, comes off the edge.

I truly hate this defense. We dropped Chad Thomas into coverage, who predictably doesn’t really know what to do and all he really does is get in the way of Quarterman, who is set to take the flats, while the DE takes no one in particular. You see the clean pocket the QB has as well, so it didn’t even provide pressure.

I’d prefer not to give up the first down from formation before the play even starts, but that’s what happens on the 3rd and 1 play. Our LB’s are a full five yards off the LOS and we only have three down lineman and an Edge to the strong side of the formation. This is a numbers game where they simply had five players to the defense’ four. Result was a six yard on the inside give. The QB reads the edge and if he goes to the A gap he simply pulls it and runs outside for the first down. He went outside, so he gave it up the middle.

As an OC I know they’re in zone because their defender is 14 yards off my slot WR here (though he is actually the WR on the line to make the formation legal). If this were man, they’d just run double slants and the second WR would be wide open every single time unless they just happened to drop the DE into that spot. It would also mean that the field corner doesn’t have safety help if this were man and he’s way too far off to stop any comeback or out routes. This is a zone defense designed to stop any big plays. It ended up being a six yard run as they motioned a back into the backfield when they saw this look.

Cover-1, press but no jam on the outside. This is play down the sideline that was dropped by WR.

Ran nickel on 3rd and 10. With Bandy playing nickel.

But, it may be something that made the defensive coaches pause with the nickel, as he missed the tackle for the 1st down. He comes in with his base off-balance rather than having his weight under him. This just cannot happen for a 1st down. After this they immediately brought in Charles Perry to play over slot.

On this play we blitz Pinckney into the B gap. They run an RPO and we have it defended with the blitz. Pink simply has to play under control here and not let this play go right through his gap.

He goes for the QB and lets the RB go right by him. This puts our LB 1-on-1 with their RB in space. Look, you have to give some credit them as well, their staff got some matchups they liked against our defense. Our staff had the players in position, but they also needed to make some plays. This is not a great play by Pink, as he got eager. If Whiteside keeps this, Harris has the edge set and Pink has the gap filled with Quarterman behind him. Note that Quarterman stopped this play for only a yard and a half so excellent read by him.

On this play Perry is slow to recognize pass, then he turns to run to get down the seam as he should. The offense has an in-cut past the sticks and Perry has to recover. The ball is perfect over his shoulder but the WR drops it. Perry didn’t play it well, but it was a really good playcall for that defense. The corner has outside the numbers in this zone and the FS has the deep seam. I believe Perry’s first step should’ve been to get deeper and not rounded like this. He doesn’t have anyone threatening his zone in front of him.

Went nickel and pressed on 3rd down here and McIntosh sacks Whiteside.

Miami was tired of getting gashed in a passive defense, as they played three down linemen and then blitzed both LB’s into the A gap and blitzed their SS Jaquan Johnson. Played cover-1 with Bandy in the nickel, they ran a curl, a deep route, a deep comeback, and had a checkdown from the near-side slot.

1st down run here for Walton. Everybody gets out and gets on their blocks except for McDermott (he could’ve been called for holding). If he gets his block it might be a TD because his LB cut off the reverse lane to beat the S and the LB made the tackle from the side 14 yards downfield. McDermott slapped his hands together after the play because he knew he prevented a good play from being a great one. Subtle thing you’ll notice is Rosier running out the play and making the strongside LB have to stay home just in case he kept the ball here.

This is good stuff from Harley against press coverage. CB is playing inside technique to prevent him from crossing his face and getting the skinny post. Harley takes a hard jab step outside to force the CB to react.

That allows him the space to beat the press and get back inside on-time and make the catch. That is a true freshman running a route like a veteran.

This is how a Miami OL is supposed to treat Toledo. Look at Donaldson mauling a guy. Our C/LG push down on the nose and McDermott has his guy locked up. This leaves Walton will two lanes and a LB stuck in no-man’s land. Whichever gap he takes, Walton will take the other.

Walton only scores on this play because of the blocking of Jeff Thomas out front (well, that, and he’s awesome). Excellent job, young freshman. Mullins loses his block on the edge, but held it long enough to allow Walton to get the seam and outrun everyone.

On Toledo’s next possession we went with a nickel on 3rd & 7 and they had a delay. We went nickel again on 3rd & 12 and they ran the ball and had to punt. In the nickel they have stopped them on 3rd down three out of four tries. Base defense they have stopped them one out of three times. Something I’m interested in tracking the rest of the game.

Here is Walton’s 82-yard run from behind. The OL does a nice job of getting on their blocks and Dayall Haris does an adequate job of flowing the down the line to get to the side of the defender and get just enough to not allow him to make the play.

This play was not good. Gaynor really just clogged the lane and didn’t block anyone. The real problem was that Irvin got absolutely destroyed by the DE. He was pushed all the way down the line, effectively killing the play completely. Though Homer did miss a cutback to his right off the shoulder of St. Louis.

Moten just dominates his man and pushes the pocket right into the QB’s face. People love speed edge rushers, but if you have DT’s who own the middle and get pressure in the QB’s face, you will have a tough defense. The best part of this play? The fact that Moten rushed in his gap. Notice his outside shoulder is outside of the QB’s shoulder. This prevents the QB from running into the lane you see here. If he rushes from the other side and his shoulder is inside the QB, the QB rushes through that lane and gets good yardage. Well done, Mr. Moten. Trent Harris gets pressure off the edge and puts the QB down. Toledo did a great job using motion in this game to understand alignment. On this play they motioned their RB to the boundary, which caused Mike Smith to follow him out there and be 1-on-1 on the boundary. QB looks to other side, no RB to help against pressure, and a sack.

We did run quite a bit of 3-3-5 on third and long alignments in this game. What’s interesting about this play is again the fact that Toledo used alignments to know what we were doing on defense. Here, we have three wide to the field side (larger area of the field). You see a single-high safety. We have a defender over the slot that looks to be an edge defender. Why did the QB choose to align his RB to the boundary side? Because we couldn’t be sending the edge to the field side or we’d be way short on numbers to that side and it’d be an easy conversion, or a screen with a numbers advantage to the large part of the field. The QB knows this edge defender isn’t blitzing unless they run a DE out in a zone blitz. This information is key to knowing where the football should go, as well as understanding protections.

Sure enough, we rotate out our safety into a cover-4 look move the edge out and off the slot. The QB already knew what was going to happen before this switch if he was paying attention. It’s inexplicable that we allow the lone WR to the boundary side to run a square-in and catch this ball between three defenders for a 1st down. There was no one threatening your zone! How the defenders didn’t cut this off and turn the defense into essentially cover-6 I have no idea. I still have yet to see a play where we jammed the WR. We pressed on some plays, but we haven’t jammed. This WR should’ve had to beat a jam in this alignment to get off the line and into his route.

Most of our corners did not grow up playing zone. You can see we are thinking out there and stepping gingerly. On this route, the cornerback fell down, but he never should’ve allowed him such as an easy route in my view. This just can’t happen with a one WR route to that side and three defenders set to stop it.

Another situation where our footwork gets out of control while chasing a ball carrier. Love ya, Shaq, but you have to make this play as a free blitzer.

Teams will pick on this if we don’t find a way to tighten up a bit. There are nine yards of separation right off the snap as our slot is already into his backpedal before the WR is into his route. An easy seven-yard stop route would’ve picked up the first down if the WR doesn’t drop it.

This play is probably the one I had the most issue with thus far. They went five-wide. We stayed in base. Notice to the top of the screen that Joe Jackson is covering the slot. Charles Perry is covering the slot to the bottom of the screen. No. No, Manny, no.

Predictably, the WR is wide-open. Never play this defense again. You take your best pass-rusher and ask him to do something he’s the worst at.

The next play is one of the miscommunication where Jackson was running cover-2 zone, while the FS was playing man. At least the DL dominated the series and made a goal line stand.

The next play was the kickoff and I wanted to highlight one of the reasons we are having so many issues with special teams. There are four defenders and five blockers, yet they don’t even block the guy running right down the middle of the wedge. This cannot happen.

He runs right through and makes the tackle on Jeff Thomas, who admittedly was tackled rather easily.

They’ve got it on this play. They’ve got a huge gainer around the edge. Look at how they have opened a lane and the play is setup correctly.

The issue is that Donaldson allows his man to beat him to the wrong shoulder and he gets upfield to turn the RB back inside. I believe this is the second time Homer has shown poor vision and missed an opportunity to cut outside to a bigger gain, but Donaldson lost his block to the wrong shoulder and ruined it. If he allows the pressure off the other should to the inside, Homer easily has a convoy around the edge and might actually score on this play if the downfield blocking is good.

Instead, Homer cuts it inside into the defense and gets nothing. My guess is he’s taught to do that. To turn it back inside and minimize the loss and get to the next play rather than trying to outrun the defender to the edge and make it a four or five-yard loss. I think he still has it though as St. Louis is pushing things back inside. We punted two plays later after going deep on the next play (though it was a dime from Rosier and Mullins flat dropped it). This is the type of series that drives me nuts because it was there on both plays and you have to take advantage of it.

We played quite a bit of press-bail in this game. Look at Young already turning and running before the QB even has the ball.

Results in an easy catch on the out route after Young slips trying to come back to the ball. He wouldn’t have stopped this play anyway. It’s why I just can’t agree with the grading that College Football Focus did where Young didn’t allow a catch because he did.

This play is flat brutalizing our LB’s as the slot TE runs upfield into an attempted jam, then runs a crosser as the LB cannot recover at all. What’s worse is the RB is completely uncovered at the top of the screen, so Whiteside had an easy 3rd down conversion with either player. Wish our DT would get his hands up in this situation if you aren’t going to get pressure and you see the QB ready to throw.

Sometimes when you stunt your DT’s if they do not get there it creates huge lanes for the QB to step up and run. Especially when you get caught in man behind it. If it were up to me, we wouldn’t stunt our DT’s when playing man behind the stunt. The QB could’ve thrown this to the WR on the crosser, but it’s higher risk of a drop or bad pass than just picking up the 1st down with your legs.

I think Malek is our best corner, but he has to learn to find the ball. This is the second time he hasn’t turned to find the ball in the air. This is just a flat drop for a TD over the top of Young. You can see why Diaz is nervous to play press man, because our corners have gotten roasted over the top and all three dropped on perfect throws. This QB has been truly impressive.

Defense is there. Scheme is fine. You have the man in the hole for no-gain and you just have to read your keys, get into your gap, wrap-up, get the man on the ground. Mike Smith does not do that here and it goes for 14.

Next play we were lucky they had a delay of game, because they got us into a situation where Shaq Quarterman was our boundary corner against a RB. It was going to be an easy TD as the QB recognized it and threw as soon as he got the ball to a wide-open receiver. Luckily, it was delay of game beforehand.

Next play Jonathan Garvin showed his impressive skills by getting around the edge. Unfortunately, he grabbed the facemask as well as QB.

Trent Harris is so good. Playside DE is unblocked on purpose, being held by the Read, but they actually are trying to block Harris here. I hope our fans realize how good he is at so many things.

Hard to stop them on short passes when you’re this far off. Knowles’ lack of foot speed gets him here.

This is the TD in the first half for Toledo. No idea what Dee Delaney is doing here. The coaches can defend him, but he honestly appeared to have been benched on this drive. Trajan Bandy was playing outside and he got injured on the long run on the play before this and had to come out. Delaney is completely flat footed. Even if he believed he was in a zone here, he should’ve still been retreating to stay deeper than slot WR who is entering into his zone here. The outside WR he needs to carry further down the sideline and then come off that route and cover the underneath if he thought he was in a different coverage. If he knew the defensive call and was playing what he was supposed to, he still shouldn’t be caught peeking into the backfield and being flat footed like this. Receiver runs right by him for the TD.

This play irks me because it’s bad situational awareness from Charles Perry. It’s 3rd and 8. Do not go for the fake on this. You want them handing that off there. Instead, he doesn’t get out to cover his zone because he was peeking. Picked up for a first down and drive alive. He takes this pass to midfield, all because Perry didn’t understand the situation.

Next play they picked on Charles Perry again, who again took the cheese and let the slot run right behind him and get a pick-up of 18. I sure hope they address this in the second half. He needs to take a seat for a nickel corner.

This is just another problem for Delaney. He’s playing inside technique on the boundary. For some reason he purposefully gets between the WR and the sideline. Why? The sideline is your friend. He gets spun around so badly he falls and puts his hands down on the ground.

My goodness, Dee. This is just an easy throw and you’re getting spun like a top by a Toledo WR. It’s not a great angle, but top of the screen you can see him now up against the sideline and with his hand down. At least he defended that foot of grass between himself and the sideline here.

Next play Delaney is again playing an inside technique on the boundary and for some reason keeps jumping outside of the WR when he’s on the boundary. Why is he doing this? He’s giving away his leverage immediately. You can’t win this way as the WR has a free release and is able to cross your face. Delaney jumps inside, the WR crosses his face, Delaney is forced to try and recover and it’s an easy arrow route to the sideline for a 1st down.

I hate picking on the guy, but he needs to go to the bench until he proves he can play this technique.

If you read my breakdown of the Manny Diaz defense when he took over here, you’ll remember that the honey spot is right in the middle of the field between the LB’s when they don’t get enough depth and in front of the S when they are protecting the sideline. You can see the S is forced to help Delaney over the top to the top of the screen because he is beaten again. That leaves the middle of the field wide open and it’s just luck that the WR drops this pass. Football is a game that is a sum of a number of parts, and when one of your corners is struggling, his teammates know it and start to try and compensate. The S is obviously shading to that direction for fear of needing to help Delaney and loses his own responsibility as a result. Miami played a cover-2 here and the LB’s didn’t even get close to enough depth and Whiteside did a great job of looking at the boundary WR to hold Johnson over there.

Another special teams blunder on the FG try allows them a second opportunity after Redwine jumped offsides. He made the second one. Halftime Miami is down 16-10. There is no way around the fact that Miami played horribly in this half. Miscommunication was an issue in the secondary. It was also just really poor technique by some of our players. I also wasn’t a fan of playing base defense against four wide. We defended them much better when we went to the nickel. Trajan Bandy needs to be playing a lot more than he is, though he missed a critical tackle on 3rd down to extend a drive.

We move to the third quarter and the first play McDermott oversets to the outside on an outside zone stretch play and allows his guy to get inside of him and get penetration. The mortal sin for a T on this play.

Herndon makes a couple of nice plays on the next two plays to get across midfield. Berrios is eating over the middle, but Rosier is inaccurate with both throws and on 3rd down he throws before Herndon is ready and high. Not sure if it’s on QB or Herndon. Punt time.

Next drive, Delaney just has no confidence and bails and leaves it open for the stop route. Quarterman misses a tackle on 1st down. Sack on second down is due to Delaney having nice coverage on the outside. First time he’s touched a WR on the outside all game. Let Delaney be physical with these guys.

Next play is just an awesome throw by the QB and Delaney again loses his technique early to get beat. Richt and Diaz can say what they want, but Delaney is getting destroyed. Plain and simple.

Stealing. It’s just stealing if Delaney is going to bail 10 yards on 1st down. Just stand up and throw it outside on a stop route all game if they want to. Toledo is currently playing the “where’s Delaney” offense. Want to know we have been struggling on 3rd down? Well, getting seven free yards on 1st down sure helps.

Next play is another miscommunication. Both defenders take the deep route and no one covers the outside receiver. Luckily, Toledo just missed this one. The last several times we’ve “stopped” them it has been because Toledo didn’t take advantage of an opportunity.

Thankfully, they tried to run it on 3rd down and our DL pushed back their OL and stops the RB. That’s Anthony Moten blowing this play up. Nice job young man.

Next possession and Travis Homer makes a bunch of guys miss on a swing pass and a screen (both throws were poor, by the way). He got better as the game went on. Even this throw to Irvin is off-the-mark. It needs to on the other shoulder so he can keep running upfield without having to adjust. At least it was a big play.

This is Rosier’s TD run and that is not holding in my mind, but they called McDermott.

This is the best throw I have ever seen Rosier make in a Miami uniform. It from one hash to the other, has to be on time and accurate, and it is. As others have pointed out- this throw is 36 yards in the air. NFL throw.

Next play, everyone has good blocks and Homer goes into the end zone. Braxton Berrios and Mike Harley made it happen with excellent blocks on the edge.

Next drive, Delaney is out and they start playing the “where’s Perry” offense as he can’t handle Cody Thompson over the middle. This next play shows why Bandy can and should be playing on the boundary instead of Delaney (or Jackson). Before the play you can see Bandy- a true freshman- yelling at Perry that the play is coming over there based on formation. I don’t really research recruit rankings and rather like to watch them myself. The very first time I watched Bandy he was committed to Oklahoma and I didn’t know he was from S. Florida. I just wrote that he was the best corner I had studied to that time. He is fantastic.

Delaney comes back in on 3rd down and Toledo goes immediately back to the Where’s Delaney and picks it up. Delaney is going to want this thread deleted.

Miami can’t play Malek Young because he’s too small on the edge to tackle, right? Three yard loss.

Not good fellas. This should’ve been three-yard gain, but our guys run right into each other instead of staying in their own “gap” (the fault on this one is actually on Perry, who came in way too flat and should’ve moved to the ballcarrier and stayed under control and then forced him back into the defense. Luckily, it was called back on a tripping penalty.

It’s hard to ask Perry to carry the WR this far downfield, but luckily they missed the pass because he was beat.

This play was not a penalty because the punter got outside of the tackle box, but what in the world is Jackson thinking on 4th and 20? You have to make your target out front of the punter, where the ball will be, not directly into his body. Lucky, here.

Darling beat on the slow-developing route. Gives up the sack.

Next play Braxton Berrios made an excellent play. I didn’t realize he had the kind of burst to get that huge play. He needs to be utilized more. Next play is excellent touch to Dayall Harris. Maybe could’ve been another yard further, but that’s picking nits. Touchdown.

Next possession and you can tell we actually teach that bail technique, as Young is 12 yards off the WR. Luckily, he just flat dropped it or it’d be another nice 1st down gain. Again, we really aren’t stopping them on defense, they are missing chances.

Perry is late to cover his zone, and luckily Toledo drops it again. We aren’t stopping them. They are.

Finally got some pressure on 3rd and long. A side benefit to 3rd and long is that the QB cannot just get the ball out so quickly and the defense has time to get there. The QB steps up nicely, but just loses the ball and we recover. We didn’t stop Toledo. Toledo stopped Toledo.

Next possession is Walton’s first carry of second half. Immediately he makes a guy miss and goes for 18. He’s great. Berrios just completely tracked the ball, found it, spun around and caught the ball in one motion. Good coverage. Good throw. Great catch.

First play and Malek Young covers nicely. A tip almost intercepted. Next play, we continue the trend of allowing them easy money. What is our slot going to do in this situation against this route? He’s flat-footed. The WR can go either direction with that much space. It’s an easy short slant for eight yards on 2nd and 10. This is how teams convert so many 3rd downs on you.

I’m excited any time they run the ball on 3rd down. We stop them with a great play by McIntosh. Punt time.

Great run on 1st down for a 1st. Walton is good. Next play, the MLB reads it and doesn’t go for PA. Tips pass away from an open Lawrence Cager. 2nd down and Gray has a lot of green grass. I’d like to see him break this tackle. He lets this man take him down though.

Mullins ran a great route, Rosier got to his second read, and made a good throw. First down after the dive picked up the 3rd down on previous play. Cager makes a nice play over the middle and picks up another 1st down. Then they go to him down the sideline and he draws the pass interference. Next play is a play action to Herndon for the TD. The offense played pretty well in the second half.

Here is another example of Toledo using their formation to defeat the defense. We are playing base defense against four-wide. I do not understand why. At least we have Perry positioned to take away the slant or skinny post if he gets depth from his OLB spot. Toledo uses motion to bring a man over to the side Perry is on to threaten the flat. This means Perry has the flat, slant, and needs to get depth to take away the stop route or comeback if the S covering the slot is going to be so far off you can’t see him in the screen. I’ve been critical of Perry in this post, but think about what you’re asking Perry to do, and then ask if that’s putting him in a position to win.

Perry steps up to take the flat, the slot runs right by him, easy catch for a 1st down. Perry needs to stay deeper and come up and make a tackle if they checkdown. Manny, please stop doing this against spread teams. It isn’t going to work consistently.

Make a tackle Mike Smith! He misses this and it’s another 1st down. Something I want you to note is #96 Jon Ford (he’s the one standing on the 40-yard line). He retreats from his DT position and runs all the way downfield and helps get in on this tackle at the opposite 45. That’s a motor on a young DT. Ford then makes the tackle on the next run play without any break and Toledo going quick.

Make a tackle Mike Smith! He misses this tackle again. The RB slips and doesn’t make the 1st down, but this is unacceptable. Smith slammed his hand down on the turf in frustration after falling to the ground.
Mike Smith.jpg

Officials missed a false start on the play Carter is called for pass interference. It was PI, but Carter is facing a guy with a running start before the ball was snapped (look at slot at top of screen). Carter completely stopped his feet and was toasted if he didn’t grab him though. Look at his feet squared up on a WR already with him. That is not how you teach it. Probably don’t want Carter covering speedy slot WR’s in the future.

Toledo gets the TD on a great catch. Michael Jackson actually contested the pass and Johnson still caught it. Redwine got called for targeting on a brutal call here. Luckily, they overruled it on review. McIntosh then makes a nice play on the 2-pt conversion. McIntosh has played exceptionally well in this game.

Next possession Toledo intercepts Rosier and I have no idea what they were doing. Him and Jeff Thomas were not on the same page. Based on Richt’s reaction, it was on Rosier and not Jeff Thomas.

I’m not sure this is the best use of Chad Thomas’ skill set, as he is in coverage on the sideline, virtually covering no one. It was a dime by the QB, right over his hands and into a WR, but still not what I want Thomas doing.

Malek Young is roasted on the 2-pt conversion.

Miami’s WR’s really blocked in this game. Credit to each of them for putting in the work to help their team. Braxton Berrios needs to be used more. Dude looks explosive out there.

Malik Rosier gets the TD a few plays later. He really played a solid game. I think he can be better with his accuracy. I think he could read a little quicker, but for how inexperienced he is, he has grown a ton since the last time I saw him play.

Next possession Delaney returns to the game and they immediately find him on the first play for a 1st down. You can read coaches quotes, but I am telling you right now, Toledo targeted Delaney mercilessly once he was in the game. It was identified as a plus matchup for them they took it every chance they could. Note: the next play we actually doubled Delaney’s man.

Toledo ran the same formation where the nickel has to cover the flat, middle, and deep. This time it was Bandy playing it and he stayed deeper in his zone. The extra depth caused the QB to have to throw over him to get his deeper option in the seam and the pass off-target and incomplete. Still there though. It’s not just personnel. There are some schematic issues as well. Next play was the bad snap that Garvin got the sack on.

We get the ball and Walton again shows his incredible vision and cutback ability. That dude really is as good as you hear. Next couple of plays are runs. Homer scores and ices it. Toledo puts in a new QB and we run out backups as well. Game Over.

Final thoughts:
Our DL is really good. Most of the reason we couldn’t get pressure on Woodside is they had us outgunned formation-wise to where they could get the ball out quick.

The OL played very well. McDermott was beaten inside twice which blew up plays and that needs to be cleaned up. Darling is still average-to-below. The right side of the OL played great and St. Louis was the OL of the game.

Walton and Homer are both fantastic. Herndon played very well and hopefully we target him and Berrios more often. Harley and Thomas both are going to be good players here. Cager was solid.

Perry should not be playing anywhere near the number of snaps he is playing. Most likely he’s happy Delaney is on the team to take attention away from his play this game. Mike Smith played really poorly and his missed tackles are unacceptable for the role he is asked to play. We need a different backup Mike.

Bandy and Young should be starting, but Malek Young was beaten several times and Bandy missed a key tackle.

Dee Delaney should not play unless he is going to be allowed to jam the WR and then maybe only if he has help over the top. He was absolutely terrorized in this game to the point that he was benched. They won’t call it that, but he was. Bandy got nicked up and first play they went right at Delaney and scored a TD.

This game was a close game, in all reality. The differences were our RB’s were just far superior talents, and a couple of mistakes that Toledo made. Without those, this would’ve been a much closer contest on the scoreboard. Manny Diaz needs to scrap the bend-don’t-break mindset on the outside that is scared to death of giving up big plays, and instead allow the players to get physical with their hands at the LOS and into the route. We will give up some big plays at times, and we will get called for some holds and PI’s, but it’s better than the death by a thousand cuts we saw in this game. Tackling needs to be better and personnel decisions need to be made. This team is very talented, but this game also gave some pause as to issues they have defending four-wide spread offenses.

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Impressive. Good job.
Please keep these up vision.

edit with thoughts:

Mike Smith and Charles Perry have been massive liabilities that have accounted for a massive amount of toledo first downs. Not even going to comment on Delaney

Dugan's emphasis of "if you don't block you don't play" has payed off big with the WRs

If manny drops Chad or Joe Jackson in coverage again i'll kill myself
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This is the best throw I have ever seen Rosier make in a Miami uniform. It from one hash to the other, has to be on time and accurate, and it is. If you figure he releases the ball from the 38 yard line, two yards inside the hash, that’s 25 yards horizontal and 26 yards vertical. Or 51 yards of surface area to throw. NFL throw.

Good information in your writeup. Just couldn't let this math error go. To get the distance of the throw, you don't just add the horizontal and vertical but use the Pythagorean Theorem a^2 + b^2 = c^2. So 25^2 + 26^2 = c^2 and then c = 36. The throw was for 36 yds still a long throw but not 51 yds.
This was great Bro! Seriously, I knew Dee was playing like ****, but now I'm starting to question how in the hell did he get a starting job. You're just showing stills, I could imagine seeing this on film. My god!
This is the best throw I have ever seen Rosier make in a Miami uniform. It from one hash to the other, has to be on time and accurate, and it is. If you figure he releases the ball from the 38 yard line, two yards inside the hash, that’s 25 yards horizontal and 26 yards vertical. Or 51 yards of surface area to throw. NFL throw.

Good information in your writeup. Just couldn't let this math error go. To get the distance of the throw, you don't just add the horizontal and vertical but use the Pythagorean Theorem a^2 + b^2 = c^2. So 25^2 + 26^2 = c^2 and then c = 36. The throw was for 36 yds still a long throw but not 51 yds.

Archimedes over here.
While I can appreciate the work and effort...and in no way want to minimize the insght....I hope you are getting as much ass as the time you spent on this
Great job. Please do it again. Pete will send you a t-shirt or something. Seriously, it was a great read. Thanks.
This guy needs to post way more and EricDoucheNavarro fired.
Haven't read this yet but this "improvement" we've been hearing about our backup LB, poppycock. Any player w/ a number in the 30's should be banned from the field unless it special teams.

I've re-watched both games including a handful of games from last year plenty of times and these are things even a causal fan has noticed.
- WAAAAYYY to much subs ESPECIALLY at LB. Something has got to be wrong when you see Smith and Perry are on the field for enough 3rd downs to the point you notice it. Both are not only slow but horrid in pass coverage and terrible tacklers. I have seen Smith whiff at least 5 tackles on check down passes w/ the angle to. McCloud and Pickney are not great in pass coverage either but at least they have sideline to sideline speed to make up for it (Same with Joe Jackson being subbed out to much at DE). Solution: Cut the subs at LB to a 80/20 Split like it was Last year. I don't remember seeing That much of Perry or Smith last year so lets keep it that way.
- Our alignment is terrible. Just Torrible. I'm starting to think it is the players and Diaz now. Check this out.. Like I said earlier I watched our games from last year on defense and I've seen a lot of the same alignment but the only difference I saw was Jenkins and Carter would line up about 7-8 yards away from the LOS but with relatively slow players they are playing 10 or even 12 yards off maybe because the players or coaches don't have confidence in their speed? Maybe it still is on the coaches but something is telling me Johnson and Redwine are scared of getting beat deep which is still happening anyways (So they might as well play closer). I could be wrong but I find it hard to believe that last year our safety were lining up 7-8 yards away from the LOS last year to lining up 10-13 yards this year. Go see for yourself.
- Delaney is ASS. How bad does Dean have to be to not even sniff a meaningless snap this year against interior teams? We need to stop taking in these jags after we get rid of em.. Got rid of Mayes and Henley and then replace them with Mayes and Henley. Unbelievable...
- Can we open up the playbook earlier? It feels like we run 4 vertical every play in the first half. It either a check down to a RB or a deep ball to a slow WR and it starting to get irritating. Why does it seem like we have no drag routes in our playbook? At time it feels like we're running a a 1992 offense with a dab of read option and more bubble screen throws. IDK.

Edit: Just finished Reading. I got teary because there was so many FACTS in here. Mike Smith, Charles Perry, and Dee Delaney will be the death of our defense.
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Thanks OP, appreciate the work. I'm not one that always gets what's going on from still shots, but the descriptions were on point.

I've heard Diaz say that they had to play a simple defense last year as everybody was learning and the LBs were all freshmen, but with experience he was going to be able to do some more things. Do you think that some/all of our issues on D have to do with Diaz trying to get fancy? I'm not trying to bash the guy, but sometimes coaches think that more complicated is better and that's not always true. If that's what's going on (or part of it) and the guys don't seem to be improving, I hope Diaz won't be afraid to go back to simple and fast over complicated and slow.
Thanks OP, appreciate the work. I'm not one that always gets what's going on from still shots, but the descriptions were on point.

I've heard Diaz say that they had to play a simple defense last year as everybody was learning and the LBs were all freshmen, but with experience he was going to be able to do some more things. Do you think that some/all of our issues on D have to do with Diaz trying to get fancy? I'm not trying to bash the guy, but sometimes coaches think that more complicated is better and that's not always true. If that's what's going on (or part of it) and the guys don't seem to be improving, I hope Diaz won't be afraid to go back to simple and fast over complicated and slow.

I thought the same. When you ask these kids to spend more time thinking, teams like Toledo take advantage.
Great work, I agree that we were very fortunate this game wasn't much closer. This post has me real concerned how teams will attack us the rest of the year and how Manny will try to defend.
Great stuff Vision. A new follower coming your way.

Go Canes!
For the 2 or 3 jizzbags who were fighting with me in the other thread claiming that our defense made adjustments in the 2nd half that stopped Toledo, you can officially suck my assh0le. Like I told you cumbuzzards, we didn't stop them; they stopped themselves.

Now, go post your stupid drive charts that show nothing.
Please keep these up vision.

edit with thoughts:

Mike Smith and Charles Perry have been massive liabilities that have accounted for a massive amount of toledo first downs. Not even going to comment on Delaney

Dugan's emphasis of "if you don't block you don't play" has payed off big with the WRs

If manny drops Chad or Joe Jackson in coverage again i'll kill myself

I've been trying to tell guys that Smith isn't a UM level LB. They kept telling me how much better he is this year.

Shaq better get himself in better shape so he doesn't have to keep subbing out. If Shaq's not tapping his hat to come out, and iaz is deciding to play Smith and Perry so much just because he thinks they can play, then he's a bozo.
Wow, man! Much respect for your time and effort putting this piece together. ...would be great if coaches could be lurkers and read.

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