FAU Game Day - Week 1

FAU Game Day - Week 1

Dan E. Dangerously
Dan E. Dangerously
It's here....game day. The offseason is now a thing of the past. Time to get hyped. It's time to boot the hoot.


Hey guys, remember the Miami Hurricanes? It's been so long since they played in a game that it's hard to remember anything about them, so I looked them up on the interwebz:

Wikipedia said:
The Miami Hurricanes football team represents the University of Miami in the sport of American football. The Hurricanes compete in the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the Coastal Division of the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC). The program began in 1926 and has won five AP national championships (1983, 1987, 1989, 1991, 2001).[3]Miami is ranked fourth on the list of All-time Associated Press National Poll Championships, tied withSouthern California and behind Notre Dame, Oklahoma and Alabama.[4]

They sound good, but you can't really trust what Wikipedia says so take it with a grain of salt. Anyways the point is, is that College Football is finally back. W00t! Now there is a reason to breathe air again. Now life has meaning. Now everyone can stop pretending they care about baseball, and get back to the sport that matters. Now is the time to get lit and act stupid at a game. Now is the time for creating new heroes and new memories. Now is the time for this team to pull itself out of perpetual mediocrity and seize the opportunity that is staring them in the face, An ACC Championship.


Where: Joe Robbie/Pro Player/Dolphins/Dolphin/LandShark/Sun Life Stadium

Who: Florida Atlantic Owls (0-0) v. Miami Hurricanes (0-0)

When: 8:00 pm/et


4 storylines for UM in this game:

1. Is the defense still bad?
2. Is the offense as dominant as we think it can be?
3. Can we please start using our OL's size to our advantage?
4. Can all of our good players avoid getting injured and missing the Florida game?

I think it's fair to say that #1 is something everyone is anxious to see. We all expect big things from the offense, but there's a new O.C. in James Coley. He's been an O.C. for years, but had only 1 season at FIU (2007) where he got to call the shots. So lets see how it runs with someone else dialing up plays.

Wanna know how big our OL is? Our OL averages 6-6 and 320 lbs., compared to FAU's DL which averages 6-3 and 248 lbs. across the board. That's a difference of 3 inches and 72 pounds on average. That 32 point spread isn't going to cover itself, so lets ram it down their throats and make them suck wind in the 4th quarter. Just don't let anyone get hurt in the process.

Last time they met:


We should've started playing these jokes forever ago. No clue why we have to return a game, but oh well. Easy W. Best thing about it is that Howard isn't there anymore. That way I can ridicule them without feeling bad. Speaking of Howard, UM is honoring him and the 1983 Championship team. Over 50 players are confirmed to be in attendance so go and pay tribute (as if seeing Duke, Morris, and the rest of this team wasn't worth the price of admission already). It's fitting that he's being honored tonight given that he's coached at both places. FAU fans are apparently upset that we still claim him:

The Owl's Nest @TheOwlsNest_ITB
#Canes are touting #BeatFAU emblems on social media with a photo of Schnellenberger. #Clueless. pic.twitter.com/sq1gxIQepA


by Republicane

Not sure if serious...I mean...did I miss something? Are we not honoring the '83 team? Did he not coach the '83 team to a national title? Isn't it their 30th anniversary? The only people that know Howard coached at FAU are their fans. ****, Louisville has more right to claim him than these guys.

Know your enemy: Owl Access

What they're saying:

Chuck King said:
History indicates that Miami running back Duke Johnson and quarterback Stephen Morris will be able to make their share of big plays against the Owls. Last season FAU allowed an average of one touchdown covering 25 or more yards per game, with Alabama and Georgia combining to score five long range touchdowns. Owls coaches will point out those games were played early in a season during which the defense was still learning a new scheme.

According to that post I linked, FAU will rotate up to 8 defensive lineman tonight. That's something they couldn't do last year. We should still be able to out tough these guys in "the trenches".

Miami Notes

1. Miami's defense was bad last year. They hope they are good this year.
2. Tracy Howard wants to live up to expectations.
3. Golden uses his psychology background to help his kickers.



1. Pelini says LeBlanc is FAU's most important player.
2. Owls' AD praises Pelini for changing the culture of the program.
3. FAU players are butt-hurt that they aren't Miami players.


Favorite FAU related Image, Photoshop, Video or Gif:


I had no idea this was a real thing until about a month ago. I just thought Keith Bryant was foolin' about. Turns out someone thought this would be a good idea. Yikes. And to top it off, some marketing guy actually got paid by FAU to come up with it. So embarrassing for them.

Miami Roster Stuff

2 Deep Depth Chart

08/15/13OLDanny IsidoraFootout indefinitely
08/15/13OLHunter KnightonShoulderout for season

FAU Roster Stuff

2 Deep Depth Chart

Florida Atlantic

Game Day Character:

This will be the first time (in a long time) that the Hurricanes will play a home game without Chris Johnson (Cmar) in attendance. I can't think of anything or anyone better to represent our fanbase today. Part-time podcast cohost and poster Tano made a giant friggin banner with CMar on it. He also made a couple of Fat-Heads of his face too so take pictures of that **** if you're there.

The Doctor said:
Some people live more in 20 years than others do in 80. It's not the time that matters. It's the person.




Feel free to post your favorite image/photoshop/gif of Cmar in this thread as well.


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WOW sun Life Stadium looks nice when not empty.

The defense will look good because we're playing FAU.

The defense will look bad because it will be very vanilla because we're playing FAU right before UF.

This message board will be unhappy with our 40 point win.

That is all.
Prediction: bomb makes smarmy, condescending comment about forum users.
From the wEz:

Prediction: bomb makes smarmy, condescending comment about forum users.

Hey, thanks. But I'm not interested in your e-fight bait. There are better things to do with our time, no? Good luck, and go Canes.
Nice touch with the Cmar shout. I luld hard @ the hom/home series meme. Great work
The CMar **** is an awesome touch, Dan. Nicely done.
Lovin it Dan these segments are just a cherry on top to the season starting
FAU Football Depth Chart
August 29, 2013|By Dieter Kurtenbach, Sun Sentinel
Florida Atlantic Two Deep (August 29, 2013)

#63 - DeAndre Williams, R-Sr, 6-5, 290
#65 - Vinny Davino, R-So, 6-5, 260 or #61 - Eric Minemyer, R-Jr, 6-4, 250

#56 – Isaac Edwards, R-Fr, 6-4, 280
#66 - Dillon DeBoer, R-Fr, 6-5, 245

#58 - Mustafa Johnson, Sr, 6-3, 295
#55 – Karl James, R-Jr, 6-1, 285 or #54 – Shane Blair, So, 6-2, 300

#73 - Mikingson Marsaille, R-So, 6-6, 320
#78 - Derek Butcher, So, 6-4, 295 or
#60 - Shane Blair, So, 6-2, 300

#75 - Branden Lyons, Jr, 6-5, 295
#71 - Chris Chappell, R-Sr, 6-9, 320

#80 - Darion Howard, R-Sr, 6-3, 260 (Suspended)
#9 - Nexon Dorvilus, R-Sr, 6-4, 230 or #84 - Alex Deleon, R-Jr, 6-4, 210

#2 – DeAndre Richardson, R-Sr, 6-2, 180
#88 - Jenson Stoshak, So, 6-1, 176

#8 - Daniel McKinney, Sr, 6-0, 205 (Suspended)
#1 - Lucky Whitehead, Jr, 5-10, 163 or #20 - Robert Lohnes, So, 5-6, 140

#19 - William Dukes, Jr, 6-4, 190
#7 - Melvin German, Sr, 6-2, 210

#27 - Jonathan Wallace, Sr, 6-1, 210
#5 – Martese Jackson, Sr, 5-6, 178 or #25 - Jay Warren, Fr, 6-0, 195

#12 - Jaquez Johnson, So, 6-1, 225 or #6 - Greg Hankerson, Fr, 6-0, 172
#3 - Juste, Fr, 6-2, 180

#5 - Martin Wright, R-Sr, 6-4, 250
#19 - Trey Hendrickson, Fr, 6-4, 222
#59 – Robinson Eugene, R-So, 6-5, 263

#11 - Trevon Coley, So, 6-2, 225
#96 - Lance Burlingame, Fr, 6-4, 280 (Suspended)
#95 – Kayvon Sherrill, Sr, 6-3, 279

#2 - Brandin Bryant, R-So, 6-2, 260
#92 Joe Henry, Jr, 6-3, 230
#90 - Shalom Ogbonda, R-Fr, 6-4, 245

#31 - Cory Henry, Sr, 6-3, 238
#94 – Andrew Stryffeler, R-Sr, 6-5, 260

#15 - Randell Johnson, R-Sr, 6-4, 230
#37 - David Lozandier, Jr, 6-0, 210

#45 - Andrae Kirk, Jr, 6-2, 225
#43 - Robert Relf, Fr, 6-3, 220

#4 - Adarius Glanton, Sr, 6-1, 215
#34 – Freedom Whitfield, So, 6-2, 200

#3 - Keith Reaser, R-Sr, 6-0, 190
#29 – Sharrod Neasman, So, 6-0, 190
#6 - Reggie Brown, Fr, 5-11, 170

#17 - Damian Parms, Jr, 6-2, 195
#8 - Marc Mauro, Jr, 6-1, 195

#23 - Winfred Strickland, R-Sr, 6-0, 185 (Injuried)
#26 - Jeremy McKnight, R-Sr, 5-10, 180

#21 - D’Joun Smith, Jr, 5-11, 175
#18 - Christian Milstead, R-Sr, 5-10, 170

#7 - Cre’von LeBlanc, So, 5-11, 175
#24 - Lester Thomas, Fr, 5-10, 165

Special Teams
#16 - Sean Kelly, Fr, 5-10, 186

#42 - Mitch Anderson, R-Jr, 5-11, 186

#16 - Sean Kelly, Fr, 5-10, 186
#49 - Joe Fischer, , So, 6-0, 210

#3 - Keith Reaser, R-Jr, 6-0, 190
#7 - Cre’von LeBlanc, Fr, 5-11, 175
#8 - Marc Mauro, Jr, 6-1, 195
#21 - D’Joun Smith, Jr, 5-11, 175
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QB #12 - Jaquez Johnson, So, 6-1, 225 or #6 - Greg Hankerson, Fr, 6-0, 172
#3 - Juste, Fr, 6-2, 180

#11 - Trevon Coley, So, 6-2, 225
#96 - Lance Burlingame, Fr, 6-4, 280 (Suspended)
#95 – Kayvon Sherrill, Sr, 6-3, 279

#2 - Brandin Bryant, R-So, 6-2, 260
#92 Joe Henry, Jr, 6-3, 230
#90 - Shalom Ogbonda, R-Fr, 6-4, 245

Our Oline needs to dominate their DTs and our Dline needs put pressure on whoever is behind center.
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