Fall Practice Summary- Day 16

Fall Practice Summary- Day 16

The quarterbacks were working on the far side of the field, so we did not get to see much today. From what I was able to see, it seemed like N’Kosi Perry received most of the second-team reps during the media period. Tate Martell was at practice today.

I did not see Derrick Smith or Bubba Bolden working with the safeties. It seems that Derrick Smith was attending to a personal matter while Bubba Bolden was participating in orientation, along with Avery Huff.

Amari Carter has always shines brightest when coming on the blitz, and after watching the drills, it seems as if he has only improved in that aspect of his game.

Manny Diaz spent some time working hands-on with the safeties.

Al Blades hit 20 MPH.

The offense and defense were running a drill today simulating a blitzing defender and the offensive player picking up the blitz. Here are some results from that drill.

Mike Pinckney beat Deejay Dallas
Realus George beat Zach McCloud
Amari Carter beat Brevin Jordan
Deejay Dallas beat Shaq Quarterman
Cam Harris beat Romeo Finley
Larry Hodges beat Zach McCloud
Realus George beat Amari Carter
Brevin Jordan beat Shaq Quarterman
Mike Pinckney beat Brian Polendey
Sam Brooks beat Michael Parrott

We did not see much of the receivers and corners going at it in 1v1s since it was on the far side of the field, but we were able to see Trajan Bandy beat KJ Osborn and Mike Harley beat Robert Knowles.

There will be no media viewing at practice tomorrow.

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dunno if i should be happy or mad that the majority of our O players stoped the "blitzer" on one hand our OL is the weakest link and will need help, on the other hand our defenders can't beat skill position players....
Going to have to politely ask you guys to stop citing players who hit 20 MPH. Next thing you know, for every high school player mentioned in the recruiting board we are going to see comments like “does he hit 20 MPH though?”
The only post worth reading on this thread. On the other hand I’m happy the coaches are keeping things under wrap before the gator.