Emerging QB prospect Rosier has 'Canes up top

Emerging QB prospect Rosier has 'Canes up top

Peter Ariz
Miami’s search for a quarterback to pair with Alin Edouard in the 2014 class continues. One of the newest names on the radar is 6’3”, 210-lb Malik Rosier of Faith Academy in Mobile, Alabama. Hurricanes’ offensive coordinator James Coley stopped by Rosier’s school last week to get an up-close look at the dual-threat quarterback.

“He told me he was coming out there. He messaged me on Facebook and I went berserk. I called all my coaches and said ‘Did anybody know Miami was calling me?’ and a guy named David Morris knows Coach Coley from his FSU days and he told Coach Coley there was a kid he wanted him to see. He liked me a lot, but I won’t know anything official until tomorrow when I talk to the coach. I’ll be down on June 1st to throw for the head coach,” said Rosier.

The 6’3” QB got a good vibe from Coley.

“He videotaped me throwing and periodically he would be like, ‘nice throw, nice ball, nice feet’ so I think he actually liked me. I really like the guy because he’s really adamant about picking the right quarterback so I know that if I get offered by Miami that it really means something because they’re not just giving out scholarships.”

Rosier says he grew up a Miami fan and it seems like the gunslinger still has love for the program.

“They’ve always had a huge winning tradition and I grew up a Miami fan. It’s been one of my dreams to play for Miami. Me and my cousin, who is actually a walk-on at Florida, grew up huge Miami fans. Every Saturday, we would sit in front of the TV and just go crazy.”

Unlike some recruits who just claim to be “fans” of a school growing up, Rosier gave more background on his Miami fanhood.

“I was born in Tallahassee and that’s where my dad lives. When Miami plays Florida State in Tallahassee, I’m there every time. I have grandparents that live in Sarasota and they are die-hard Florida State fans with four season tickets, so they know when Miami is in town they have to get extra tickets. Me and my dad are die-hard Miami fans. My grandparents and us can’t sit by each other because we have such a huge rivalry with it. It’s a great thing to be a Miami fan and I love the culture down there. It’s very diverse and there’s never a dull moment.”

Rosier holds two offers right now from Southern Miss and Furman, and it looks likes he’s on the verge of more.

“Southern Miss and Duke came down on the same day that Coach Coley watched me throw. The day after those three came, Alabama called and Auburn called the next day and they’ll be down Wednesday. My coach told me that Georgia called today about me.”

Something that Rosier believes is to his advantage for the college game is his mental ability.

“We run a very complex offense. We have four plays in one, like the way we’re doing it is he will give me a run call so then it will be like ‘zone left’ and then on my right side I’ll have an out-left and on my right I might have a streak. So if he uses a pass call, then I have to break down the defense to see the coverage they’re running and relay it to my receivers because they will run different routes depending on the coverage.”

Rosier has been running a spread offense at his school for one season. Faith Academy had previously used the Wing-T. The dual-threat described what separates him from a physical standpoint.

“I think it’s a mixture of my arm and my mobility because when I came out of the Wing-T and got to the spread, everybody just thought he’s just gonna run for a whole bunch of yards because he’s African-American. I kinda surprised people by throwing for 2,000-plus yards, so I think it’s really a mixture. You can’t drop back a bunch of people on me because then I’ll run it, but if you bring pressure, then I’ll throw it.”

If he lands the Miami offer, Rosier says it would be difficult not to commit on the spot.

“It would be hard for me not to commit, but me and my mom talked and she’s one of those people that doesn’t want me to commit until the season because she wants me to see places so she’s not gonna let me commit until actually right before the season starts. Me and Coach Coley talked and I already told him it’s gonna be hard not to take that opportunity. Right now, Miami is my number one so it will be a dream come true if they offer.”

**Rosier also plays baseball and is a catcher for his school's team. He is an emerging prospect and hopes to be given the opportunity to play at whichever school he chooses for football.

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Great interview, hope dude gets the offer.

Sound like a smart kid too.
I hope if does get the offer and commit, he doesn't play baseball here. Looks like Kaaya, Alin, Jalan McClendon, and Rosier are at the top of our board. We are looking good to land 2 out of the 4.
I like this kid alot and he talks really strongly about UM like he's dying for the offer
recently, i feel like there are about 20 QBs we are pursuing.
Lulz Coley shows up to work the kid out and the next day Bama auburn and Georgia are calling lol
Well Coley saw this guy throw and then offered the QB from N.C. 2014 Jalen McClendon, so that says a lot. I like his interview, but sounds like Coley is looking elsewhere an could revisit him later as did all the other schools that came to see him. I wish the young men luck in his pursuit of a scholarship.

Go Canes
So guess you could say,Coley putting in some work.

According to Paranos we need Dorsey to come in and fix it.

Want this kid if Kaaya stays West coast. I never knew he was a Canes fan so its cool to hear a guy from Mobile is being recruited by Miami.
Anyone know what type of competition Faith Academy plays against?
Actually Williamson didn't have a great season but I've always remembered them as a good team.
Talking to my brother who's big on Bama recruiting said Faith doesn't really like Alabama so there kids usually favor schools out of Florida(FSU) or in state Aubarn.
Check Out what the kid can do.

2,238 yards passing and 20 TD's
1,002 yards rushing and 12 TD's
4.64 forty 3.33 weighted GPA and ACT 19