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Dwyer vs Miami Central Thread

Dwyer vs Miami Central Thread

Tito Benach
Here live at the game

Dwyer getting stretched out right now.

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Some numbers to watch


#2 S Calvin Brewton (2015 highly rated recruit)
#3 RB Joseph Yearby (Miami commit)
#4 RB Dalvin Cook (UF commit, Miami target)
#5 WR D'Vante Phillips (2015 UF commit, Miami target)
#18 DE Fermin Silva (2015 recruit who fared well at Miami camp)
#44 LB Donovan Thompson (2016 recruit, Coach Smith speaks very highly of him)
#51 C Raul Diaz (high D-1 caliber recruit)
#73 Trevor Darling (Miami commit)

#1 WR Johnnie Dixon (one of Miami's top targets at receiver)
#3 WR Clint Stephens (good slot prospect)
Central just looks like a beast team, this team is going to be scary I have them by 17 honestly
Opening kick goes out of bounds, Dwyer starts off with ball.
Dwyer three and out on first drive. Punt shanked and ball starts on Dwyers 30 yardline.