Dwyer vs Miami Central Observations

Dwyer vs Miami Central Observations

Tito Benach
This will not only update you on both teams but also give you a little bit of a recruiting update as well.

-This game was an absolute nightmare for Dwyer as their offense couldn't really get anything going. Central completely dominated the line of scrimmage and shut down their run game. It didn't stop there as whenever Dwyer would drop back to pass, the defense would be mauling the QB by the time he gets the chance to look for a receiver.

-When watching Dixon, I noticed a few things that I like. First, his route running is very smooth and crisp. There's no wasted movement and he's in an out of his cuts very easily. He was matched up with Detrick Nichols the whole night and was beating him early but couldn't get the ball due to either a poor throw from the QB or not being able to throw the ball at all. Also, Dixon's size is very impressive for being in high school, you can see the muscle tone and he has very thick build to him. Lastly, I feel that Dixon's speed is his best ability; the very first play of the game Dixon pulled a quick move and blew by Nichols for what would have been about an 80 yard touchdown had it not been overthrown. Dixon is definitely one of the top receivers in South Florida and can surely contribute right away to any college.

-Central was dominant in literally every phase of the game except penalties, which was really annoying but that besides the point.

-Offensively, they showed how versatile they are in both the passing game and rushing game. The very first touchdown was a bomb to Da'Vante Phillips. Dwyer continuously tried stacking the box to stuff the run, but Central found ways to get around it by beating them over the top. Then when the defense would sit back, the Rockets would let Joe Yearby and Dalvin Cook do their magic. This is going to be one of the best if not the best offense in Florida this year.

-I watched Yearby today and I've come to this somewhat obvious conclusion on him. He's a 5 Star running back and one that can lead a team to a championship. Yearby is a pure running back and there's no other better description. His cuts and moves are so smooth it's very difficult to simply wrap him up, as he was dancing all around Dwyer and making it hard to bring him down. The only possible way you can see a flaw in Yearby is that his speed isn't amazing but even with that, he's one of the best running backs to ever come out of Dade and the possible combination of him and Duke Johnson is something Hurricane fans shouldn't be able to sleep about.

-Cook had a good game with a punt return for a TD right before halftime and then a rushing TD at the end of the game. Cook's a ridiculous athlete and one that's too explosive with the ball in his hands to be put on defense. His speed is second to none and his cutting ability and vision is ridiculous. Cook also displayed his receiver abilities when he caught a screen out wide as a receiver and ran it in for a TD before it was called back for clipping.

-I focused in on Trevor Darling today and I''m going to make a comment that I most likely will receive heat for, but I'm pretty confident when I say I believe he is our best Offensive line commit over K.c McDermott. Darlings strength is one of the most impressive traits he has and I've never seen it used before like him. On running plays, Darling almost destroys his defender and does everything in his power to knock him out. In pass block he is very good with his feet and has good movement, what will seal the deal for me is if I can see Darling go up against those lean 3-4 pass rushers like a Mike Smith or Demetrius Jackson. Darling should not be taken for granted in this class because he will be an All-American in college with the skills he has.

-Deatrick Nichols is veyr impressive, impressive to the point where if I'm Miami, I'm doing all I can to see if I can get him to flip. He's a smart corner with good speed and amazing cover skills. Nichols goes up against the best of the best in Dade country and has proved himself countless times.

-Calvin Brewton made his debut as a Central Rocket today and he did a solid job, Brewton was locked off on a receiver for Dwyer for the majority of the First half and didn't allow a catch. It's interesting to see him playing corner being that his true position is safety but his hips are very fluid and he can be very physical.

Recruiting Tidbits

I got a couple notes about a couple Miami targets and I figured I would share them

-As time continues to pass, my original stance on Dalvin Cook is beginning to change. The source I spoke with back in July was one of the closest people to Cook and I took it for what it was worth, but I'm beginning to sense that Cook doesn't really care for Miami. I asked someone where he thought Cook would end up and he told me believed he will stay with Florida, but there's he smallest percentage he could end up at Texas or USC. I then asked about Miami and he said, "At this point, it's going to take a miracle." Miami will continue to recruit Cook very hard as planned, but it seems like his commitment to the Gators is stronger then it appears.

-As far as Johhnie Dixon goes, Miami still seems to be the favorite with Alabama and Ohio State trailing. Dixon will most likely commit once he finishes all his visits and talks it out with his Mom. He's still unsure whether he will take a Miami visit considering he''s been there so many times, but one sure thing is the staff will push him to use an OV for Miami.

-I spoke to somebody regarding Darling, and he hinted towards the fact that UF is still recruiting and he could flip. I personally doubt that it would amount to anything but it's something to monitor.

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From Sigma on ITU


Just drives home how **** good our OL class is. Can't wait to get Yearby here.
Yearby had 12 carries for 99 yds and 1 TD according to ITU.

Cook scheduled his OV to Texas according to Luke Stampini.
Darling = Cane. Dont fall for the banana in the tailpipe.
The **** fans think Darling is going to flip. I dont believe it, this guy has been comited for a while now.