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Dwayne Lawson Senior Highlights

Dwayne Lawson Senior Highlights

When I first saw Dwayne Lawson's junior highlights, I wasn't that impressed. After putting together his senior highlights, I'm fully on the bandwagon.

James Coley has done it again.


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Coley can recruit some damn qb's. That's for sure.
How serious will he be pushing Kaaya for the job?
also, UGK was a great choice.

educate these young high school kids on old school hip hop and values.
I think most of our fans are sleeping on Lawson and his potential. By the time he's a redshirt sophomore, it's gonna be his spot to lose. Then throw Allison in the mix, that'll *should* make the team better.
all's I know is that it sure beats Marve > Harris > Morris > Olsen/Williams transition.
How serious will he be pushing Kaaya for the job?

dont think he will unseat Kayaa at all but he will be next up as a Junior when Kayaa leaves after his 3rd year.

He should be a soph redshirt barring injury going against allision for the starting job.

its going to be hard to redshirt him when we literally dont have a good QB behind Kayaa. Rosier is not the answer. we will see though.
Those feet are elite... The way he studders through traffic just shows how crazy good his agility is.
Been watching him live since he beat Armwood his soph. year. Kid is the real deal.

This kid should be rated higher than Gibson. Gibson sucks as a Q but his potential at wr is unreal but still dont get why hes rated so low this kid has it all
Hard to believe there are that many other QBs with that combo of arm and legs. Seems legit.