Duke Gameday - Week 5

Duke Gameday - Week 5

Dan E. Dangerously
Dan E. Dangerously
Miami gets back into ACC play with the Duke Blue Devils coming to town tonight. Get hyped.


I'm still not over last year's loss to Duke. All we had to do was beat them and we'd have the division locked up. The 2014 version of the Canes are saying all the right things about wanting some revenge. I can't believe I just typed that. This was the scene in the final minutes of the game.


Shortly after that Cutcliffe got a well deserved Gatorade bath. Look at Duke's other coaches slapping hi-fives and exchanging crooked smirks. It's like they can't believe how easy it was. Unreal.​

Where: Joe Robbie/Pro Player/Dolphins/Dolphin/Land Shark/Sun Life Stadium

Who: #23 Duke Blue Devils (4-0) vs. Miami Hurricanes (2-2)

When: 7:30 pm/et


Official message for this game: Avenge this poor man's honor.


My God. So many stunned faces here. I could make a whole post about it breaking down everyone's individual reactions. The big guy in the middle was seriously regretting his choice of wardrobe at that moment. No one cares who invented what when it's the Duke Blue Devils who are running a train on your favorite team. Having been to several UM games in Durham I can tell what he's fixated on. Shaq Powell had just shaken Rayshawn Jenkins out of his jock on the way to a 33 yard TD run. So this poor soul is staring daggers at the 25 inch video screen on the South endzone's scoreboard. Seeing the play unfold in real time obviously wasn't depressing enough for him so he wants to really soak in the pain. The least Miami could do for this guy is win today's game so he can try and convince himself that he'll never see UM lose to Duke again.

History Tracker:



Before this year Graig Cooper and Javarris James were 5th and 7th respectively all-time. I did not know that. Duke has yet to have a 100 yard day this season, but he's still averaging 92.5 per game. At his current pace (assuming we go to a bowl game) he'll finish with ~1,200 yards for the year, a personal best. That would give him over 3,000 for his career and put him into 2nd place all-time in UM history. Not bad.

Last time they met: November 16, 2013

What we said in our recap:
Duke Wins 48-30

Me said:
...Talent isn't the issue with this team. And yet we are 2 last minute touchdowns against UNC and Wake Forest from being 5-5. We were 5-5 at this point last year. Every game is one statistical embarrassment after another. I'm not going to waste my time screaming for heads to roll. Mainly because I know it's not going to happen. But there needs to be a significant change, be it schematically, philosophically, the implementation of ****, or SOMETHING on the defensive side of the ball. Einstein's definition of insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, and expecting different results. It's hard to remain optimistic about the direction of the program when it's losing to Duke in year 3...

It would be impossible if it were to happen for the 2nd year in a row.

Know your enemy: Duke Chronicle

What they're saying:

Seth Johnson said:
...Through four games this season, Miami true freshman quarterback Brad Kaaya has struggled with consistency, thrown seven interceptions—with at least one in every game—and been sacked eight times. Cash is poised to step up and take advantage of the inexperience on the other side of the line of scrimmage to produce big plays for the defense. If the Blue Devils want to prove that their nonconference results will be indicative of ACC play this season, the secondary will have to keep Kaaya in check and help a young linebacking corp shore up the run defense against the dangerous Duke Johnson...

Now that he has 4 games under his belt, opposing coaches have plenty of film to try and see if they can figure out the book on Brad Kaaya. I'd be surprised if Duke's staff is the group to do it.

Miami Notes

1. As a true fresman, Kaaya is already on pace to break single season passing records.
2. The McDermott's are brothers and they play football.
3. Brad Kaaya's mom is awesome, so she went on Keith Olbermann's show the other night.

Duke Notes

1. Anthony Boone keeps winning football games.
2. Duke's recent success is 8 years in the making.
3. Gigantic state school and diploma mill, has approved plans to renovate Wallace Wade Stadium.


Favorite Duke related Image, Photoshop, Video or Gif:


**** shame this play didn't count.

Miami Roster Stuff

Two-deep depth chart (never released one)


Duke Roster Stuff

Two-deep depth chart


Game Day Character:



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This game is a no win situation. Lose, and we should seriously consider making football an intramural sport only.
Win, and who cares? It's freaking Duke! The fact that this is a revenge game stinks to high heaven!
This game is a no win situation. Lose, and we should seriously consider making football an intramural sport only.
Win, and who cares? It's freaking Duke! The fact that this is a revenge game stinks to high heaven!

As a historian I applaud your gameday character. Excellent work again, Dan

Pete Carroll is in town. He went to a HS game last night with Brennan

I pray to God he had a sit down with the defensive coaches.
Anyone know Duke's fight song? Asking for a friend for after the game.
we got dis

Is it too much to ask for our defensive ranking to at least match our academic ranking? It's a modest goal


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Since when is Duke a giant state school diploma mill? Wtf!

Just kidding. In before someone else lol.