DT commit Jenkins forming bond with Kaaya

DT commit Jenkins forming bond with Kaaya

Peter Ariz
De Paul Catholic (NJ) DT Courtel Jenkins has been a Miami commit for about a month, but that hasn’t stopped other schools from trying to recruit him.

“Some schools still do, but I just ignore it all and focus because I’m done with recruiting. I just want to focus on the season and getting better,” said Jenkins.

The 315-lb DT has been working hard to increase his quickness over the summer.

“I’m focusing on getting faster and sharpening up my skills. I’m losing some weight and mostly running.”

Jenkins has been very active on twitter (@TheRealCourtelJ) to reach out to his future teammates.

“I want to get to know my teammates before we get down to Miami so that we can have a relationship and we can just get down there and get to work. I want to be comfortable with them.”

Someone that Jenkins has hit it off with is QB commit Brad Kaaya, who has led the charge amongst all Miami recruits.

“I’ve been talking the most with Brad Kaaya. I know most of the other guys’ names too. Brad is a good dude; he is very humble and outgoing. He actually spoke to me about starting a Facebook or Twitter page with all of the Miami commits so we can exchange numbers and have a relationship. He’s really playing that quarterback role.”

Jenkins has been on top of Miami’s recruiting efforts, and he is pleased with what he has seen.

“I pay a lot of attention to it because I just want to see who’s new to the family and greet them the way people greeted me. I think we’re killing it and we lead the ACC in commits so far. I know we got a lot of defensive ends. Mike Smith is a beast and Demetrius Jackson from Booker T just started playing football. We have only two DTs, which I like (laughs). Our class is looking nice, but the more the merrier.”

Although he likes what he sees so far, he knows the class needs to finish strong at his position.

“I’m going down there to put in work. Me saying I’m happy there’s only two DTs committed is selfish of me to say because I know we will need more than what we have now. A lot of guys offer something different from the next guy. I know we really need D-Tackles.”

Defensive coordinator Mark D’Onofrio has a plan for how he will use Jenkins.

“They really want me to play the 1-techinque and nose guard to rush the passer and close the pocket, but also stop the run. From what I know right now, they’re running a 4-3 defense and they want me to play over the center.”

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Great Stuff. kid sounds like a worker, those types always do well. Its some time away but looking forward to seeing him in Orange and Green
"We have only two DTs, which I like (laughs)"

courtel jenkins looks pretty good from his highlight
This thread title confused me , I thought Kayaa and Jenkins were trying to clone Bond since the real one couldn't get in.
Reach out to DTs that aren't committed to us. ****.

We need 6 DTs this cycle. I'm not even joking.
Reach out to DTs that aren't committed to us. ****.

We need 6 DTs this cycle. I'm not even joking.

Joke ? I'd be shocked if we didn't bring in six especially with DI being gone. Two or three jucos for next year is a must.
Everything we've heard about Jenkins's attitude and motor has been positive. Refreshing for a DT.
Reach out to DTs that aren't committed to us. ****.

We need 6 DTs this cycle. I'm not even joking.


I wanna see at least 5, including at least 2 JUCOs.

What I'm hoping for is a JuCo DT gets in for 2013 (Derosier, Corey Johnson or Cambell).

Then I want one more JuCo DT for 2014 along with Stuckey.

I really would like 2 more HS DTs to come in along with Jenkins. Our depth will be atrocious after this season.
Great stuff. Looks like he is getting ready for serious business. Like Kaaya, has shut down his recruitment. Could be the alpha dog we need for D. Most of our latest comitts have been low and no stars, but all seem determined, hngry,and happy to be CANES. Couple more DTs to go with what looks like the rebirth of QB U, unbelievable OLine(current and coming), fantasitc skill players has that certain feel to it. Now, we just need some nasty to salt the mix.
Kaaya needs to reach out to Lamont Gaillard and Micheal Sawyer landing those two prep monsters would do wonders for the defense and they are both workmen type NT's which just what UM needs at the 1-Tech spot. Those who have seen Gaillrd say he is going to better then Louis Nix, because he is further along in his development at this point.

Go Canes