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  • PODCAST: The Bottom ft. DMoney

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    DMoney joins the show.

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    1. MotoSniper's Avatar
      MotoSniper -
      Ah Yeeeeeeahhhhhh!!!!! I was waiting for this! Let me go grab my Cuba Libre and, lose the pants (Thx Cribby), and get to it!
    1. MExtraMon9y's Avatar
      MExtraMon9y -
      Epic intro
    1. reg's Avatar
      reg -
      I was about to go to sleep but I will gladly stay up another 32 minutes 42 seconds to hear DMoney rip Notre Fukin Dame a new one!
    1. druwski's Avatar
      druwski -
      that laugh @11:16
    1. FloppyBootStomp's Avatar
      FloppyBootStomp -
      Football aside for a second, the Lizzy Seeburg story slipped my mind up til now. A story doesn't get anymore ****ed up than that.

      But guys Willis McGahee got a free suit for the Heisman ceremony in 2002.
    1. Just-W2's Avatar
      Just-W2 -
      Peter, we know you really want to play The Poison Clan's "The B---h That I Hate" for Finebaum's comment.

      Still a good intro, good podcast.
    1. RiDLer80's Avatar
      RiDLer80 -
      Love when DMoney talks that ****.
    1. RepTheGables's Avatar
      RepTheGables -
      @DMoney is a national treasure.
    1. bobbydigius's Avatar
      bobbydigius -
      Even Mant’i Teo couldn’t imagine a girl that fine
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    1. Tetragrammaton Cane's Avatar
      Tetragrammaton C... -
      Thanks @DMoney for schooling folks on what the t-shirts and phrases really mean and the national fear/hate at the Fiesta Bowl.

      Miami didn’t need any one team to be linked to greatness; Miami created history with every major program. Miami made games big; not the “rivals”.

      This program ain’t for the pinky-raised, latte swilling, “Art House/Indy” film crowd. Soldiers and Savages.

      “The bottom”? LOL. I see you.
    1. jruiz's Avatar
      jruiz -
      @DMoney just gets me going mane...great podcast
    1. cubin10's Avatar
      cubin10 -
      Perfect way to start the day-- Java, Peter and D$ thanks guys for all that you do for us Canes fans. GO CANES!
    1. gabedm's Avatar
      gabedm -
      @DMoney brought it again, I was flippin birds in traffic again
    1. SinCityCane's Avatar
      SinCityCane -
      @DMoney gets me more fired up than anyone, ever.
    1. RVACane's Avatar
      RVACane -
      That @DMoney opening monologue got me riled up.
    1. gatorsSUCK!'s Avatar
      gatorsSUCK! -
      Great show!! Pete And DMoney swinging the sickle in the clover field!!!
    1. g8rh8rMD's Avatar
      g8rh8rMD -
      Prayers answered. Thanks DMoney and Pete.

      Leeeeeeeettttssssssss GGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
    1. DancingBear's Avatar
      DancingBear -
      Podcast exposes the Fake News of Paul Finebaum and national media.I could not stop laughing when you compared Finebaum looks to a sperm cell that never matured to a human.Great image!Well done Peter and DMoney keep up the good work.
    1. BeastMode's Avatar
      BeastMode -
      Miami has more talent across the board. This is on the players to execute the game plan on both sides of the ball. I hope our kids are focused on the game instead of all the hype from the media and game day being in town.
    1. timmytbagz's Avatar
      timmytbagz -
      Thanks Pete for getting us our D$ fix before the big game. That dude gets everyone fired up. Ready to run through a wall right now. It's funny I was just talking with a co worker about how I hate what Notre Dame stands for and he didn't understand. I tried to explain but it wasn't clicking. I think I will have him listen to the first few minutes of this podcast to get my point across. They are evil and I hated them as a kid in the 80's and I still hate them now. Thank you Pete and D$.