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Demetrius Jackson update

Demetrius Jackson update

Peter Ariz
Booker T. Washington OLB Demetrius Jackson (Miami commit) sent this tweet tonight: "I'm committed to my teammates and Booker t Washington ... that's ... will focus on college after the season .. decision time after season"

I asked him about the meaning behind the tweet and he told me that he is still committed to Miami.

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So he backed out.... seems like more people started to recruit him then he expected....
So, I guess he decommitted. Wonder who got in his ear
Bye. Could care less. He can go to arky. Much better prospects left out there. Move on. No time for this crap. Get on train or get left behind!
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Alright I officially never want to hear another fucking word from Ice fucking Harris about how we recruit again. Between Thomas and kirkland's bullshit last year and what seems like another class full of trolls, one cross word from him and I would blacklist his school and tell him to go **** himself with a pinecone.
Not sure why people are so quick to jump on the kid. He practically said he may have made a mistake and wasn't used to this. It doesn't mean he's gone.
He didnt expect to blow up.

Now if he has a monster senior season what are the chances he sticks. I think slim but hey. You mean to tell me other schools have offered him?
Explains why we sent out the Berrios offer. Ice was pulling some NONSENSE again.
Calm down. Its his loss if he backs out, We will fill hi spot in short order
This kid is Denver Kirklands cousin. I guess it runs in the family
Didn't this kid say that he was loyal to arky and then switched to us and then said he was gonna be loyal to us
Every time Al try to put a fence up around South Florida, these South Florida recruits cut a big ass hole in it...lol!
And the foolishness starts, sounds like he wants the spot lights same as Chad Thomas of going on trips and being on TV. He must have found out there is a huge media biased against UM Recruits and those not considering $EC schools. Between this kid wanting to play the recruiting game and Kevin Bronson mr. I am going to commit on the spot of getting my UM offer an visiting campus to now all my schools are equal. These kids are something else.

I am hoping staff can settle this kid down.

Go Canes
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