DE Williams: "Miami is out ahead"

DE Williams: "Miami is out ahead"

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
Taking prospects out of LSU’s backyard is not easy. As a matter of fact, it’s nearly impossible. Luckily for Miami, it looks like they have put themselves in a position to land two players from Louisiana. DE Tim Williams is considered the #2 prospect in the state of Louisiana by, but he says the national attention isn’t something he worries about.

“I don’t really pay attention to all those rankings. For me, it’s all about school and football. I don’t look at the Rivals100 or ESPN150 or any stuff like that. I just go out there and play football the best way I can and make sure nobody works harder than me. I don’t play for the glory, I do it for the love.”

With tight end Standish Dobard already committed, Williams is the next target in Louisiana that Miami has their sights on landing.

“Miami, LSU, Florida, Florida State, and Alabama are the five for me right now. They’re all talking to me a lot and giving me perspective on what would happen if I go there and what I would get out of it. LSU, Florida, FSU, and Alabama are pretty even, but like I’ve said before Miami is out ahead because they’re communicating me more and showing me a lot of different things.”

What is sticking out about the ‘Canes for him?

“I love the staff and coaches and how they go about doing things. It just shows a lot of love on their part. I like how I can come in and play early because I can come in and make an immediate impact with my work ethic and the coaches can just take me to a whole different level. It’s a big opportunity for me.”

While there have been rumors that his family wants him to stay in-state for school, Williams says that isn’t the case whatsoever.

“My family tells me just to do whatever is best for me. They don’t have a big LSU background and they’re not big LSU fans. They grew up watching SWAC football, which is Southern and Grambling and schools like that. My family just started getting familiar with LSU when they started recruiting me. They tell me that whatever decision I make is the one I want to make and make sure my heart is into it. They are behind me with any school I choose, whether it’s out of state or whatever.”

LSU fans have been sending negative messages to Williams on twitter about Miami, but he says it doesn’t affect him.

“I just tell them it’s my decision. A lot these people didn’t even know me ‘till last year. I really don’t understand people on my twitter saying all that stuff because that’s between me and my family, but I really don’t let it bother me.”

The pass-rushing specialist has a good idea of when he will be making his choice.

“I’m gonna make my decision right after I take my officials. I’m not gonna wait till the Under Armour game. I’ll make my decision before the game, but then make it public there.”

Standish Dobard has been doing a heavy recruiting job on Williams.

“He tells me to come, that me and him are both from Louisiana and we can be roommates. I look at it as I can go there and do something different. Here at LSU, they’re going all the way almost every year, but it would be cool to bring something different to Miami that they haven’t done in a while. I like the idea of being different.”

Williams says he is currently weighing 235 pounds.

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First time I felt like a kid was going to commit during an interview lol
If he's truly 235 now, he could easily be 250 lbs by the start of 2013.
Kid has been pretty consistent about Miami being out in front. We need to get him on campus and close the deal. Nice to see the comments about his family not pushing him to LSU.
I'd be stunned to get him over LSU

actually FSU mayb our biggest comp...

I guess you didn't see the part where he said, "LSU, Florida, FSU, and Alabama are pretty even, but like I’ve said before Miami is out ahead because they’re communicating me more and showing me a lot of different things,”

The garnet and gold glasses are blinding you.
Refuse to get excited about this until I see him suited out on our sideline.
This feels eerily similar to the Jelani Hamilton situation. Everyone though he was a going to go to FSU for a while. The same can be said about McCord going elsewhere, but McCord actually made visits here.
Love the part about his family being SWAC fans and not LSU fans. That gave me hope.

Now if we can just get him on campus...