Darling, "I'm 100% Committed"

Darling, "I'm 100% Committed"

Tito Benach
Miami Central 2014 Offensive Lineman Trevor Darling helped his team score four rushing touchdowns on Friday night to lead them to a 28-17 win over Columbus.

“I thought we played a great game, we started off slow in the beginning but we ended up picking it up throughout the game and kept fighting.”

Darling led the way for his running backs as he helped Dalvin Cook score three touchdowns and Joseph Yearby with one. Darling spoke on his performance and the offensive line’s performance.

“It meant the O-line was blocking, we created running lanes for the running backs and the running backs hit them.”

While Darling is looking forward to competing with the team to get back to the state championship, he spoke a little bit about his commitment status.

“Yeah, I’m a hundred percent to Miami,”

The 2014 Linemen speaks with Miami Coaches and has high remarks for them

“I mainly talk to coach Barrow and (Art) Kehoe” and “They’re good guys, I like them”

The Miami Central product doesn’t have any visits planned at the moment, but is planning to make a visit to Miami soon and is looking to attend The N-C State game.

Darling has taken notice of the Canes recent play and shed light on it.

“Their play has been really kind of explosive and they have been fighting hard.”

Darling does like the fact that Freshman Ereck Flowers has been getting a lot of snaps as a true freshman.

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the other 2014 commit, rudolph was at the game as well. saw him at the student section