D$'s Post-Season Top Senior Prospects in Dade/Broward- 30-26

D$'s Post-Season Top Senior Prospects in Dade/Broward- 30-26

Over the past three years, I’ve been lucky enough to see Dade and Broward’s best compete on the gridiron, at camps and at 7-on-7s. The list below is my personal opinion, and I don’t speak for Peter, Tito, Cam or Nash. All forty times are verified by SPARQ. This list only includes seniors from Dade and Broward County.

30. Quincy Wilson, DB, University- 6’1, 196 pounds, 4.6 (Florida)

Is Wilson versatile, or is he a tweener? That’s the question. Physically, he has it all. Big (6’1), fast (4.60 laser-timed) and coordinated. Wilson was even athletic enough to break into the Suns’ deep receiving corps. But he may not have the quickness for corner, and he may not have the mindset for safety. Booker T and their small receivers provided the perfect test for Wilson, and he struggled. His tackling needs work and he takes poor angles. If he devotes himself to safety, he can be very good. He’s a football guy with all the tools.


29. Lamar Parker, WR, Booker T, 5’8, 160 pounds, 4.44 (West Virginia)

The Tornadoes have a fleet of tiny speedsters, and Parker is the most explosive of the group. Parker is both quick and fast, and he is tough enough to be an effective slot receiver. He will also contribute as a returner. A terrific fit in Dana Holgorsen’s offense. Caught 42 passes for 739 yards and 9 TDs as a senior.


28. Khairi Clark, DT, Chaminade, 6’1.5, 329 pounds, 5.46 (Florida)

Clark came into high school with enormous expectations. He may not be the next Vince Wilfork, as initially billed, but he is still a powerful, explosive player who takes football seriously. After struggling to stay on the field as a junior, Clark took a step forward as a senior and even played some offense. He still needs to get leaner and develop some moves, but he is a bull going straight-ahead.


27. Nigel Bethel, CB, Booker T, 5’9.5, 172 pounds, 4.61 (Texas Tech)

Bethel is only 5’9, but he carries himself like he’s 7’2. Feisty player that’s not afraid to get in the face of his opponents. Even though he isn’t long, he plays big with the strong-lower body of a sprinter. His 21.13 200M speed was on display when he hawked down Artie Burns as a junior. First-team All-State.


26. Deatrick Nichols, CB, 5’9, 175 pounds (South Florida)

Nobody in South Florida plants his foot and drives on the ball better than Nichols. He is the classic South Florida DB-undersized, tough and instinctual. Nichols practiced every day against two of the best receivers in Dade County (2015 studs Da’Vante Phillips and Tavius Brown, Jr.) and is fiercely competitive. Very good in run support.


The list so far:

26. Deatrick Nichols
27. Nigel Bethel
28. Khairi Clark
29. Lamar Parker
30. Quincy Wilson
31. Chris Taylor
32. Chris Lammons
33. JoJo Robinson
34. Edgar Cerenord
35. A’lique Terry


Osband Thompson
Tevin Evans
Reginald Bain
Kahlil Render
Frank Newman

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Huge fan of Nichols. Has been Central's best defensive player the last two seasons.
Surprise Clark is that high. Nicholas goes against top talent every week as well
batting .000 on the list so far is depressing.
Now that we lost Bethel and looks like JC we should offer up Nichols. We gotta add a corner or two in this class.
Pete if we hired telly would we have gotten cook. I know a lot of people don't wanna hear about him just thinking about decisions made by coach
Wilson is a tweener in the negative sense, like a more athletic version of Kacy Rodgers, imo. Playing DB is all about competitiveness, technique, eye discipline, etc. which is why the Wilson types bust while smaller, less athletic guys like Tracy Howard can thrive (as long as they have short-area quickness to transition out of breaks).
I figured that is there any chance we somehow hire ice as our defensive coordinator i really think he would help sweep up these miami kids
What happened with our DB recruiting this season is shameful. It's like we have learned nothing from the past decade.

If your system says that all these stud DBs are too small to play in it...change your system.
As far as another corner in this class, do we still have a shot with Kendall Randolph, or has that train already passed us by? His highlights are pretty impressive, as well as his offer sheet. Plus, it would feel a little better taking a guy from up north, even though we wouldn't be competing with FSU and UF for him haha.
Always been impressed by Nichols ever since I saw him make those plays against Booker T his junior year.
Your critique of Wilson pretty much sums up Vaughn Telemaque.
I'm glad we passed.
What happened with our DB recruiting this season is shameful. It's like we have learned nothing from the past decade.

If your system says that all these stud DBs are too small to play in it...change your system.

Thank you!